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Ginetta G27

Classic Ginetta lines

Ginetta G27R  £SOLD

Road registered, MOT, taxed. Built in 1996 primarily for competition use.  Features a very special Zetec engine developed by the Walkletts which has given 250 bhp

OK so the exhaust needs some more wrap but the rest is great Excellent cage including door bars

@ 8500 rpm. Now with smaller chokes it has gained torque and gives 230 bhp. It has a Tranex Close ratio 5 speed gearbox, English Ford, LSD with 5.1 ratio. Vented front discs, solid rear discs.

Rust free chassis, vented discs  Very clean at the back too

Weight 700 kg. Roll Bar and door bar, tonneau, hood and sidescreens. We have valeted the car and given it a good check over. The road test will follow. It is Workmanlike interior but with passenger capacityhowever already apparent that this is a very high specification machine. It has been owned and developed by a most experienced and accomplished driver - John Lyon. who runs high performance driving courses.

All the mechanicals show signs of being well maintained by Peter Cook in Cambridgeshire. This is a huge amount of car for the money as the engine cost far more than the asking price. It is however, not a concours car! It has stress cracks and the paint is not perfect as various parts have been damaged and replaced during the colourful career of the car.

Times achieved in the car:

Shelsley Walsh 34.78

Goodwood 96.95

Prescot 50.62

Oulton Park 1.09.94

Brands Hatch Indy 56.79

Ginetta G27RGinetta G27R road registered £SOLD

This is an ex Race series car that completed only 2 seasons racing and is now benefiting from a full recommissioning in our workshop.  It has a V5 but will need lights and handbrake cables for an MOT.

New protech shocks all round. Fully replaced braking system-discs all round. Current fire extinguisher and harness. It should show about 150 bhp on the rolling road.

Zetec wet sump race engine, twin 45DCOEs, Tranex close ratio gearbox, Quaife LSD live axle. All rose joints and suspension arms have been checked and swapped, where necessary for better ones we had in stock.

There is a new hood with sidescreens that has not been fitted yet. i.e. it needs the fixings putting onto the bodywork.

Aluminium radiator and fuel tank. Dunlop Race Tyres. Spare rims and other tyres by negotiation depending on which series you want to run in.

The bodywork is very tidy indeed. A lightweight G4 Style bonnet is available for the car separately.

Eligible for track days, Sprinting and Hillclimbing with the Ginetta Owners Club or other national series, or racing with the factory Ginetta Challenge series, BARC Intermarque/Quaife, Castle Combe Sports & GT, SEMSEC SPorts and Saloon, South East Sports Racing Challenge, Intermediate Kit Car Challenge, Darlington and District Open Series (where it held the lap record at Knockhill).

More pictures: dashboard, near side, near side rear, off side, off side front, off side rear, off side rear and rear

Paint looks better in the pictures!Ginetta G27R £SOLD

This is an ex Race series car that was maintained at almost no-expense spared.

Eligible for track days, sprinting and hill climbing with the Ginetta Owners Club or other national series, or racing with the factory "Club Ginetta" Series.

Functional, high spec interiorWe have been told by the company that ran the car for the previous owner that it only did two further races after it had a new chassis fitted. The appearance of the chassis certainly bears this out.

The car had been standing for sometime when we bought it. It has now been cleaned up and the 1.8 Zetec engine on twin 45 DCOES  sounds great.  We have driven the car around the yard and everything including the brakes seem to work.

HOWEVER THE CAR NEEDS A FULL CHECK OVER BEFORE VENTURING OUT ONTO THE TRACK!  Things like the fire extinguisher, harness and hydraulic hand brake lever need replacing.

Broadly the specification of the car is:

  • wet sump Zetec race engine

  • twin 45 DCOEs

  • Quaife LSD

  • Tranex (to be confirmed) race gearbox plus race clutch with spare plates

  • Luminition ignition module with two spares

  • aluminium radiator

  • PI dash

  • Adjustable brake bias with dash gauge

  • aluminium fuel tank

  • adjustable shocks and suspension

  • a spare set of wheels with slicks plus two spare Dunlop race tyres

  • and the biggest rear view mirror you have ever seen!

It appears that the car has a full data logging system as part of the PI dash system and there is a very complicated looking box with Lander Lap Timer written on it that looks like it plugs into a lap top computer. There seems to be a timing beacon too.

This car has enjoyed an exciting race career and had battle scars to prove it. It would really benefit from some stress crack repairs and a respray.

Nice strong cage and door bar Unusual paint scheme!

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