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Ginetta G10

Ginetta G10 £10,250   SOLD!

This Ginetta has a well documented history.  It started life as one of the G11s that Russell Madden bought from Ginetta and assembled. Click for larger pic  It appears in a number of period articles and books.  It is featured with several pictures in Ginetta - The Illustrated History by John Rose and pictured in Ginetta - The Inside Story by Bob Walklett.

The car has had a full chassis restoration and is in the process of being converted to G10 specification.  As such the package offered includes a period Ford 289 engine, T10 top-loader gearbox, new rear chassis section to accommodate the Jaguar IRS of the original, the Jag IRS, all new suspension wishbones and necessary brackets, and a new hard top come with the project.

The real one, when it was still in the UK

This is a very rare car indeed.  We have the histories of all the similar cars and it is a thin file indeed.  The car could be returned to G11 MGB specification if required as the original axle etc are available.

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