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  Ginetta 21

. G21Developed around the early seventies, the G21 was only ever sold as a complete car.  It was based on Rootes Group components after Ginetta's good experiences with the G15.  A very few cars were, however, sold with Ford V6 engines and, in fact, the G23/24, direct descendants of the G21 were based on all Ford components. These never went into production. One or two G21s have been converted to alternative power-plants. Rover V8, Cologne V6, Zetec and Pinto engines can all be found in these pretty cars.

Headroom for anyone of 5'10" or over can be a problem depending upon which seats are fitted to the car.  The G21 had a Hunter engine with twin Strombeg carbs. The G21S had the Holbay head and twin 40 DCOE webers that were specially made for Rootes.  This is seen as the more desirable version but we have driven sprightly versions of the non S version.  Most G21s had the overdrive gearbox although again, we have had one non overdrive G21 through our workshop The G21 at the Motor Show

The G21 was meant predominantly as a road car and therefore was Ginetta's most refined model to that time.  Many people believe it is Ginetta's best ever car.  Production ceased in 1973/1974 due to the oil crisis.  Only about 80 of these cars were made but very few are believed to have been completely destroyed.

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