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Ginettas in 2009

22 de 2009

Hi Guys , Happy Holidays

Took me a while to get this info to you but better late th an never and Rob's lovely G4"good news" is always welcome.  My fellow G4 racer Rob Forbes won a very distinguished award this summer at the Monterey Historics

In his own words" Yes Phil I won the Rolex award for my Group:  Race Group 3B.  One car is awarded a Best Presentation and Performance award (a Stuben Crystal Eagle) for each Group.  It's a very nice memento and as I have been running Vintage Races since 1984 (and always in Ginettas) but have never before won an award of any kind. I was shocked.  It was also special in that this year was the year or the Porsche and it was not awarded to Porsche even though we had many 911's and several 904's in my race!  Hurray for the British".

14 de 2009

We are doing a batch of G4 style bonnets for the G4/4 and G27.  Let us know if you're interested.  They are £500 + VAT

There's a group of enthusiasts in France getting together on the bulletin board and Dave Randall's 2009 results are on the Motorsport section.

7 de 2009

Bueno! Bueno!Luigino has managed to get the G4 we sold him registered in Italy - Result!.

Steve's G15 is now painted and has gone back home. There are a couple of other G4s in the workshop and work starts in earnest on the G10 this week.

In the dark of Saturday night, a number of fellow Ginetta Owners' Club Committee members descended on the Black Barn and dumped all the GRS moulds and a G21 bodyshell with the roof chopped off.  None of us can quite work out why, it just seemed the right thing to do!

1 de 2009

G15 number one is having it's unique bib re-constructed. John's G4 now has it's roof fitted and aeroscreen done too.

There's an out of date G15 user guide on ebaY for £30!  Why bother when ours is up to date and free?!

That G32 below has been bought by friends and will be here soon.

23 oc 2009

The Stig had been doing his magic again.  This Some say he's never been out of Suffolk.... time it was on G15, chassis number 1, belonging to Paul Knapton. As usual, the results were well worth the effort.

he office is closed until Monday 2nd November. Work will continue on a round tube G4, a square tube G4 a Dare G4, a G15 and a G4 style bonnet mould to fit G27s and G4/4s.

15 oc 2009

Customer and friend Paul made Autosport Magazine today following a big one at Mallory Park and his G27 needs a little work too. Get well soon old chap!  John's G15 and Gerry's G15 have gone for paint, Alistair collected his G15 (which also needs paint) and we let Joel out of the body shop today to begin the strip down of G15, chassis number 1.

6 oc 2009

For an amazing performance by Jeff Kline in Ray Thompson's G4 take a look at this  Ray comes from the back of the grid to lead the race in three laps, trouncing Cobras, and Mustangs etc:

Phil's T shirt is heading for the full commercial laundry system that is no doubt fitted to his palacial motorhome!My car ran in a more conventional run group with lotus 26R's,Porsche 908's ,elvas,914 gts with slicks etc. I qualified 7th out of 45 in first session which was my first time on his course and for the pre crossflow 1500 VS the twin cams and I was also running the hoosier street td tires. During the qualifying race I lost the rear diff side pinion gears (from an old sprite) and had to come in.

The track was very bumpy being a well used airstrip and really loaded the axles in the corner from tarmac changes. I had to start in the back for the main event and passed about 30 cars in the first 6 laps.The track then went to full course yellow until the checker.

Phil USA  Ginetta Reporter


In Scotland there's a G33 in a breakers yard.  Email Bill if you want to save it or need any parts.

The original G10 has been repatriated to the UK.  It is being fully and sympathetically restored to period racing specification and we will be off to see it soon.

Geoff's G15 is in for a full respray and Steve's G15 is in primer and ready for him to choose a colour! The G4 has gone for paint and we're sending G15 and G4 parts all over the world.

29 se 2009

Goodwood Revival ITV4 8pm tonight!

Emile and Mark did well at Spa, posting a 3.10.  We didn't make it but hope to Quicker than last year in the Spa 6 hour hear more soon.

The Ginetta Owners' Club Speed Championship results are in. Congratulations to Mark Paterson in his G15 (thanks Rog!) who was 1st overall despite having one of the highest competition G15s we've seen! Nick Stephens was 2nd overall in his G12.  Rob Pallett was 3rd overall in his G33 (send us a pic. Rob!)

Les Czakow won Class 1 in his G15, Matt Eady won Class 3 in his G4, Geoff Stallard won Class 6 in his G12 and Steve Fidler won Class 7 in the G18.

21 se 2009

More pictures coming soon we hope...Goodwood was great!. Paul F's G4 was 5th in the highly competitive Fordwater Trophy.  His Throbnozzle engine and rather more set up time contributed to his beating Paul G's car by 6 places. Richard Dean did very well to qualify us in 15th despite a misfire and anti-roll bar problem and went on to finish a highly creditable 11th.

George Gould, one of the original owners of the green G4 was reunited with it at the meeting. Other highlights included meeting Nichola from Germany who wants to race a G4, the all-mini St Mary's Trophy on Sunday and the TT race on Sunday with some stunning Ferraris and Lightweight E types battling for an hour.

16 se 2009Once the aerscreen is finished, the hardtop will go on for the winter.We're off to Goodwood until Monday. John's G4 has a new diff and the aeroscreen is coming along.

The driveability of the long cockpit G4 was an eye-opener at the weekend when we went to cheer on the Ginetta LMP1 at Silverstone. Nigel spoke to us in the salubrious factory hospitality area and his comments about driving and positive reaction to the car were interesting.

We are really pleased to announce the imminent appointment of an exclusive agent in Japan. They  have excellent facilities and through them we will be providing a full range of cars, parts and accessories for the Japanese market. More details soon!

Alistair's G15 is just waiting for a road test.

7 au 2009

Phil's point is that his G33 was a bargain!There's a nice G4 article in the September issue of Motorsport.

Phil called for some advice on a G33 purchase, bought it and then turned up with it for a seal of approval and a new fan fuse.

Ian is nearing the end of a G15 restoration having just had a carpet kit. The car is a fabulous colour ...

The Stig has been over again working on G15 body shells.  Alistair's G15 is running with a new enlarged fuel tank fitted.

27 jn 2009

Paul "realised a long held ambition" on ThursdayWe took one of the Goodwood G4s testing on Thursday, only minor fettling was needed.

Ginetta Heritage Racers are invited to a couple of races with the Bentley Drivers Club at Silverstone 8/9th August.

7:30am Wednesday morning, the phone goes: "Ee op, it's Gary from Ginetta and I'm in your yard!"

A completely unexpected delivery of G33 and various other chassis jigs.

Four G12s recently competed together at Prescot Hill climb, a record perhaps?

26 jn 2009

We finally solved the problem we were having, which had gotten really bad.  The idle had gone all to hell, IBeachcomber Inn would lose power at speed, it ran way too rich, and of course the throttle was not very sensitive especially at low revs so upshifting was rough.  It took a one-hour phone call between my mechanic Frank Cerrone and me with Webcon guys Alan Collins and Peter White yesterday, from Frank's garage with the car near the phone.  It 
turns out the connections to the two water-temperature sensors were switched.  The one for the radiator fan and temp gauge was attached to the bottom sensor (left side of the engine); the one for the computer was attached to the top. Frank had done this when he installed the kit in 2004 because the top sensor jack and the wire he plugged into it were both blue, and the others were black.  Turns out he had to plug the black-hooded wire into the blue jack and vice versa.  Also Frank adjusted the TPs to the correct voltage.  Spadge, it's like a new car.  It purrs.  And the temp gauge works properly and the radiator fan goes on. I had basically stopped driving the car.  Now it's a dream.


18 jn 2009G'day mate!Joel and Ben got a G4/4 to play with.

The GRS got a new MOT and even some encouraging comments from the MOT man

Testing is booked and preparations for the two G4s racing at the Goodwood Revival in September are well under way.

15 jn 2009

Rainer came from Vienna and fell in love with the Suffolk coast and a G4.  He bought the G4

15 mr 2009

Sorry for the late update.  There's a beautiful G16 at Auction this weekend and we've been making a Cage for another one. Now, where did I put the polish?

Somewhere, in Wales there's a G15 lover getting ready for the Aberduff Concours d'Elegance!

Or he could take his blue one ... or the red one with the handy luggage rack!

We have two other G15s coming in for work shortly, we're already working on one and have a full restoration pending too.

Our G4 is hopefully now ready for our Race Series test day this coming Thursday. Pictures of Clive's G27 overtaking the G50 Zytek at the Ginetta Test day last Monday should be up here soon........

23 fe 2009

Blimey! This is one fast Limey!Ginetta G50 Cup regulars Tony Hughes and Richard Sykes will introduce the Ginetta G50 to America and race in The Sebring Endurance Challenge at Sebring, Florida over March 7th and 8th.

The Speedworks Motorsport team-mates will fly out with the Cheshire-based outfit and their two Ginetta G50s they raced in the G50 Cup last year.  The duo with their new-for-2009 wing equipped machines will participate in a number of races over the weekend including a 3-hour race and a night race.

Speedworks Motorsport team owner Christian Dick will also make the journey and will share a car with Hughes for the three-hour race and possibly the night race.

“I've looked at some in-car footage from Sebring and I must say, it does look quite daunting" said Hughes. “I am really looking forward to racing around this historic world famous circuit and would like to say that one of the reasons I took up motor racing in 2007 was to race at famous race tracks.

 “I've done all of the circuits in the UK and last year took the G50 to Spa in Belgium where we had a ball. Racing in America will be an experience I will remember for a very long time!"

The Sebring Endurance Challenge is organised by HSR (Historic Sportscar Racing) and the American Race and Travel company.  The cars will be racing in a “Slicks and Wings" class of the Historic GT races which mostly consists of ex Le Mans cars and similar. Technically only cars in production up to 2003 are eligible for the class. However because this will be the Ginetta G50's American debut, organisers have given special dispensation to allow them to race.

12 ja 2009

A packed Autosport show produced some great news for Ginetta Heritage Racing. We also had five new additions to our Heritage Racers' database which should mean full and fun grids.

We had many friends old and new, who came to talk Ginetta Heritage. The G50s looked fantastic and the G20 and G20 Juniors attracted much interest. It was the Ginetta - Zytek LMP 1 car that was  the star of  undoubtedly the busiest stand of the show. With Ginettas on many other stands it was mooted that there were 14 cars at the NEC - the most of any marque!

Other highlights of the gruelling four day show included the award by The MIIA to Ginetta for the Best Small Company of the Year ; working with the frighteningly young Ginetta driving star Nigel Moore; and meeting the delightful representative of the Ginetta Sponsored - Teenage Cancer Trust.We even had Ginetta chocolates!

A superbly organised, champagne reception and prize - giving  dinner in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust was enjoyed by all who attended which included Bart Simpson whose lady pleasing skills were applauded by the oldest swinger in town, in between his fantastic impressions of the Great Yarmouth Sea-life Centre singing goldfish.

6 ja 2009

Ginetta cuff linksOur favourite cards, thanks folks!The Christmas cards came down today, one present will be useful for the Ginetta Cars Award Night which is held while we are all up at the Autosport Show.

5 ja 2009

Happy New Year!  We are just catching up with stuff and getting back into the swing of working again, but in the meantime the new video of Dave Randall Racing a Ginetta G4 edited by nearthecoast is a cracker.  Although he is swamped at the start by the V8 TVRs and Morgans and some of the Lotus Elans, his 1500cc HSCC legal pushrod Ginetta G4 is eventually second.

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