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G15 tech guide

Ginetta G15 Tech Guide
ConstructionRear engine, rear wheel drive, all independent suspension, square tube/sheet steel frame, glass reinforced plastic body.  dimensions
Engine/transmissionAs Imp Sport
Front suspensionAs Triumph Spitfire save the following dimensions:
Front wheel alignmentParallel to 1/8" toe in.
Camber angle0 - 0.5 degree negative
(more for competition with adjustable top wishbones)
Castor7 degrees
King pin inclination9 degrees
Rear suspensionAs for Hillman Imp
Rear wheel alignmentParallel to 3/16" toe in.
Camber angle1.5-2 degrees negative. Some Ginetta replacement chassis give more, does not seem to be a problem.
steering3.7 turns lock to lock, 24ft turning circle.
Front brakesGirling disc: 9" diameter
14.5 sq. inches of lining operating on 197 square inches of disc.
Rear brakes8" diameter drum, 1.5" wide
38 square inches of lining operating on 75.4 square inches of drum.
Battery12v negative earth, 32 amp/hr capacity
Dynamo1 separate regulator/output
Alternator(see Alternator topic)
LampsLucas sealed beam headlamps.  Fit halogens and a relay if possible.
Wheels and tyres 
1Very early: 13 x 3.5" steel  Dunlop C41 Crossply 5.20-13
213 x 4" or 13 x 4.5" steel  13 x 4.5" alloy Cosmic Mk 1 or Mk II
Dunlop SP68 Radials 145-13
3Very late: Exacton alloy wheels  Dunlop SP68 155-13 radials
GH option13 x 5" Minilight style wheels  stick to 165/70 tyres for road use
Track - front49"
Track - rear48.75"
Weight1176lbs dry
Max load380lbs
Engine oil6 pints
Gearbox oil4.5 pints
Steering rack0.25 pints
 Coolant14 pints
 Fuel tank - early5.5 gallons
Fuel tank - late4.5 gallons

Performance (≈)


0-60mph12.5 seconds9 seconds
Standing quarter mile18.8 seconds17 seconds
50-70mph16.9 seconds?
Top speed100mph115mph
Fuel consumption50mpg40mpg

This guide was extracted from the database built up over many years of driving, racing, maintaining and restoring these cars.  It is provided here in good faith but with no guarantees.  It's up to you to check that any information or ideas are applicable and safe in your application.

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