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sa 31 Dec

... and let us be absolutely clear when we say Happy New Year we mean Happy New Year... see you on the other side ...

tu 27 Dec

Detectorists Christmas SpecialChristmas tv included a Norwegian Bob and Paul festive special, Ted the dog appearing was so heavily signposted it was hardly a surprise.  Considerably more subtle in Detectorists was Professor Alice Roberts' slightly out of focus and unremarked appearance (around 1:04:24) on the steps of the British Museum.  Already nostalgic to see the now gone Framlingham St Michael's Rooms.

fr 23 Dec

Have a good one, see you on the other side ...

tu 13 Dec

Our thanks to the more than one digest reader who have pointed out the new drop dead date for swapping stamps is effectively 31 July.  See What happens if I use a non-barcoded stamp after 31 January way down the Royal Mail page.

Prompted by the arrival of our exchange postage stamps and a bought book ofSwapped stamps second class we've done maybe half of our Christmas cards.  The book of second class was cheaper than we anticipated but then it only contained eight not a dozen stamps.  Remember send in your non-digital non-pictorial stamps by 31 January, download the form here.

sa 22 Oct

The East African Daily Times has recalled its Ukrainian reporter VenutiaEast African Daily Times Cratpole because in six months she hasn't filed anything about ITFC or that there Ed Sheraton.  Venutia is due back Tuesday and will be reassigned as the EADT's Co-op and Posh Boys correspondent.

th 8 Sep

Elizabeth II  1926-2022.

fr 29 Jul

As predicted we now have a tv and radio page.

sa 9 Jul

Eleven years since we lost Fish, still missed.

fr 24 Jun

People are always interested in house prices and near the coast is noHouse sales around near the coast different and though it's not news it's new to us that the Poachers Pocket changed hands last year ... been a while.

we 15 Jun

We're fifteen today which in Internet years is about 180. Happy Birthday to us

su 29 May

The Hermit of Treig posting a letterRecently BBC 4 has broadcast documentaries that are minimalist, charming and don't have a celebrity(ish) presenter mouthing like they know about the subject plus  by happenstance are Scottish, try Prince of Muck and/or The Hermit of Treig,.  The Hermit opens with Ken Smith (the hermit) walking 54 miles round trip to ... more here

sa 21 May

nearthecoast.com on Facebook How to tell if a photograph is Art.

fr 6 May

Buy us a coffeeOur very grateful thanks to supporter Peter for buying us a trio of coffees.  He points out that at the end of the month the Torch Relay manages to swerve around Bredfield.

sa 9 Apr

L♥VE this, geographically not near the coast but we've had looks exactly like it.

su 27 Mar

The clocks go forwardEchoing Pancakes and St David doubling up at the month's beginning today is Mothering Sunday and the clocks have gone forward.

sa 26 Mar

Crikey!  Wednesday's digest is being surprisingly popular in Sweden, order your free copy here.

sa 5 Mar

Norwich Devils WomenCrikey!  The Norwich Devils Women have bought us a whole handful of coffeesBuy us a coffee, how very kind.  Their season starts in May and they host a four team tournament in Norwich and July.

tu 1 Mar

St David's Day  St David's and Pancake Day are double teaming today.

sa 29 Jan

A witch ducking this year?Planning a witch ducking this spring?  No longer a legal obligation to wear a mask plus you're welcome to promote your event on here.

mo 17 Jan
Blue Monday

SRN NearthecoastSRN Nearthecoast is in, fiddling with her tick list, pen and prescribing guidelines, hoping there'll be enough PPE but still listening (apparently) at ntc@nearthecoast.com or text 07970 865730

we 12 Jan

Your bippy (sweet or other wise) is your bum, who knew?

sa 1 Jan

Happy New Year ... it's gotta be better than the last one eh!

fr 31 Dec

Looking back at 2021:

Temporary traffic lights in FairfieldRoad FramlinghamIn January temporary traffic lights arrived in Fairfield Road Framlingham ... they're still there.  In March the Stackton Tressel town council discussed buying a lectern like the government's one.  In May missing dog Griff returned windblown to his Brandeston home.  In August there was a road fatality at Halesworth.  In October the Badingham Cafe had a Clocks Back Brunch and earlier this month the Rendham Mummers engaged Dracula for the winter solstice.

sa 18 Dec

Second Class Christmas stamp 2021 BE WARNED  Last posting for Christmas second class is TODAY, Tuesday first class and internationally you've missed all of the planet as last chance was Thursday for Western Europe.

tu 14 Sep

Clarke & Simpson - FramlinghamWelcome return of ntc supporter Peasenhall resident and very talented artist John Bawtree.  He  recently completed a commission of Clarke and Simpson's offices in Well Close Square Framlingham

Slightly disappointing that last night's Alma's Not Normal was a repeat of the pilot but new episode next Monday 10pm BBC 2.

tu 10 Aug

Blackberry - old school smartphoneIf you're visiting on a desktop hopefully you've noticed there's been some changes to make smartphone visitors more welcome.  If you're on a smartphone welcome, we should be faster, notice the link bar above and superficially and initially Mr Google seems to approve.

mo 9 Aug

This week's Friday is the only the 13th this year. Friday the 13th

th 29 Jul

We've actually remembered to update our YouTube Reasons To Be Cheerful playlist.

mo 25 Jul

We've always l♥ved Elvira Mistress of the Dark's tasteful productions.

mo 12 Jul

In a previous life we were NaTCH Engineering making the NaTKiTNaTCH Engineering loudspeaker production test system.  To make our life a little easier we've moved the support web site on board here.  Still a load of tidying to do ...

th 8 Jul

nearthecoast on Twitter Pleased and very surprised we have 2,000+ Twitter followers ... if only just.

su 27 Jun

house sales around near the coastHouse sales around near the coast returns for the first time since the bulletin board closed.

we 16 Jun

Boadicea doing a bit of haranguing by John OpieIf the Tories had been in power when Boadicea/Boudica/Boudicca's mates decapitated a statue of Nero at Colchester they could have been looking at ten years.

tu 20 Apr

We couldn't be on Gogglebox because we're too jealous to watch Naked Attraction.

sa 17 Apr

A witch ducking this year?Planning a witch ducking at this difficult time?  Only the witch, the witchfinder and since Monday up to four other people including children but not carers, or two households can attend but you're still welcome to promote the ducking with us.

mo 5 Apr

We've reached eighteen hundred+ (if only just) Twitter followers which is nice. nearthecoast on Twitter

fr 2 Apr

Turkish National FlagTurkey has taken over from Germany as the third busiest country reading our digest ... Turkey?!

su 21 Mar
It's the ten yearly National Census today and for the first time you can do it online.
fr 12 Mar

 2 DAY WARNING  It's Mother's Day Sunday, it may be lockdown but she'll still expect a card and flowers.

sa 27 Feb

Still tidying ...

fr 26 Feb

After over 14 years the bulletin board has retired, here's why.  As an alternative you can post on our page on that there evil Facepack.  Lot's of tidying up to do now ...

mo 15 Feb
Pancake Day tomorrow!  We've already bought our lemon:)
fr 12 Feb
We thought that palindromic dates had ended for the time being when we moved in to a new decade but today could be shown as 12 02 2021.
th 14 Jan

Yesterday's Suffolkness digest is being surprisingly active in Germany ... didn't know there was a European Suffolk diaspora eh?

th 7 Jan

The bar at the 2019 Maverick FestivalThings to look forward to are Pancake Day next month, the race to the sun Paris-Nice happening in March and hopefully local old friend the Maverick Festival returning in July (with Terra Lightfoot) especially as there's been a parliamentary festival inquiry.

th 5 Nov

It's much easier to vote if you can read and write which is why Trump supporters avoid postal voting.

we 21 Oct

Perhaps it's time for the bulletin board to fade away, here's why ...

we 23 Sep

To be picky it's parking meters but two metres, it's not the meteric system.  While we're here it's less rain but fewer raindrops.

mo 21 Sep

Andy HamiltonSaturday morning we finally got to hear all of the Pirates Sketch prioritise objectives damn your eyes.

fr 28 Aug

We've renamed the roller derby section rolling to make it more inclusive.

tu 4 Aug

BBC Radio 3 mixtapeLast night's Radio 3 seven o'clock mixtape was just unaccompanied singing and included classical, doowop, and world music ... just brilliant!

mo 15 Jun

We're thirteen today, our face has suddenly broken out in spots.

we 22 Apr

St George's DayTomorrow is St George's Day, patron saint of England ... Georgia, Ethiopia, Catalonia, Balearic Islands ...

tu 21 Apr

I was under strict instructions to go straight home as Mummy was roasting an ox.

th 16 Apr

Past astonishers have their own page.

tu 31 Mar
world backup day

Recall our space exclamations rant?  Radio 3 presenter Petroc Trelawney is doing it.  The spaces between words show where the words start and end though this doesn't necessarily apply to Suffolk roadside signs FOR SALE  Bare Roothedging.  A full stop/exclamation shows where a sentence ends and by placing a space before it you're confusing things ... but we wouldn't break social distancing to argue this.

mo 6 Jan

Why do some peeps put a space between the last word in a sentence and question or exclamation marks ?!  You wouldn't do it with a full stop .

su 5 Jan

It's Twelfth Night so we've taken the fairy lights out of the front garden to be deployed later in the back garden and cleared the mantelpiece by binning those cards that aren't handmade.

The Church of England is so concerned about Brexit that they've issued a prophet warning ... sorry, we do apologise.

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