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mo 2 Nov

10,000?Thank You!  In the end we had a record 9,409 visitors last month, perhaps if you tell more of your friends about us (or if you're a property developer tell that bloke at the district council you take out for a drink) we'll get over 10,000 this month?

sa 31 Oct

tweet sockWe don't have even a 100 followers on Twitter, and some of those we do have are distinctly dodgy, but WeFollow reckons we're the fifth most influential tweeter in Suffolk ... mind you we've got a ways to go to catch up with Food Safari; and thank you everybody for a record 9,134 visitors in this month so far.

we 15 Jul

We love NearTheCoast, thanks for latest update, Rachel, Diss

sa 18 Apr

We can now tweet from our mobile phone ... if we could find it that is.

mo 10 Nov

Tomorrow's weather is cancelled.

th 23 Oct

You may think we're geeks but just imagine what the uber geeksW3C Markup Validation Service at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) must be like.  W3C specify standards and if your web site complies with the standards it makes the world a better place.  We spent a very long day yesterday replacing embeds with objects, includes with nested templates, nowraps with nowrap="nowrap"s and eventually we ended up with a wobbly looking home page but it did W3C validate ... just made a small change and it doesn't validate anymore, well see for yourself ... then we fixed it.

tu 14 Oct

Thanks to Karl Semple's conversion script the bulletin board is more or less back.  (PC Jeff Burt's wedding pics have gone missing but we can soon upload them again.)  God bless you Karl Semple.  May all your children be pension fund managers.

mo 13 Oct

11:00am  We seem to be sorted but have to wait for name server changes to spread to your service provider.

J Tarquin Browne on the beach near Salobrena01:30pm  Ah well, mother said there would be days like this.  The database software on the new host is a newer version than the old host and attempts to post on the board get an error message.  Working on it ... they're probably thinking about a siesta in Salobreña right now (it's 2:30 there) ... we would say "Apologies for any inconvenience" but we're not Icelandic and we don't have your money ...

sa 11 Oct

The bulletin board admins are putting up a team for Man in the Hat's Screen and Music quiz next Thursday at the Framlingham White Horse.

fr 25 Apr

Board mod Amanda Frost is on Weakest Link Monday night and yes, it was recorded weeks, if not months, ago.

tu 4 Mar

Last month on average someone visited this site every 2 minutes 37 seconds, which was nice.

tu 22 Jan

It's gone 1pm and we've sent out the first Near The Coast monthly digest.  If you don't want it just reply STOP and we will.

tu 11 Dec

Press Freedom IndexAmongst other things Reporters Without Borders maintains an annual worldwide press freedom index.  The UK comes in 24th behind Iceland and Norway equal first but ahead of USA (Land of the Free) in 48th position.

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