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earlier in Leiston

sa 15 Mar

Catalytic convertor marking at Appleton's garage Leiston 10am-2pm today, we're reasonably certain it's free.

we 5 Mar

Surprising assault in Wickham Market Saturday afternoon and an internet safety evening at Alde Valley High School Leiston tomorrow evening.

fr 14 Feb
Valentine's Day

obvious reasonsA free concert at the Eye community centre this noon, tonight a Valentine's disco in Saxmundham and free sports for youngsters in Leiston but sadly tonight will also be Chelsea's last (for obvious reasons) dispensing liquid therapy at the Framlingham Station.

tu 4 Feb

WANTED in Leiston a CAD CAM operator by a company making trim for classic British cars.

fr 24 Jan

1950s cyclist in LeistonIn the first episode of Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads (1973) Bob and Terry (who has been away in the army for five years) bump into each on train and Bob mentions owning a car, Terry clearly doesn't really believe him.  Difficult to remember there was a time when it wasn't a statutory right to own a car.  We suspect this peloton are leaving Garrett & Sons Leiston, the cyclist in the middle is signalling, no hands to his right and a flat cap on the motorcyclist.

mo 6 Jan

Brian NunnConcern for 76 year old Brian Nunn who was last seen in the High Street/Cross Street area of Leiston at 8:15am this morning ... he isn't wearing a coat.

3:30pm:  Thankfully he's been found.

su 25 Aug

Leiston police station holds an engraved man's watch that was found on Aldeburgh beach August last year.  They suspect the watch may be of sentimental value and perhaps the loser is a visitor who has returned to the Suffolk coast this summer?

mo 3 Jun

Held at Leiston police station a man's wedding ring found in the town and a digital camera found in the Aldeburgh co-op.

th 14 Mar

BE WARNED the police will be speed checking in Valley Road Leiston, and North Warren and Leiston Rd in Aldeburgh.

fr 27 Apr

The Saxmundham IT Club was formed in February and has members from Framlingham, Leiston and Debenham, newbies always welcome.

fr 13 Apr
Andrea Honeywood

Andrea HoneywoodFive years ago Framlingham's last community copper Andrea Honeywood retired and was replaced by a Safer Neighbourhood Team.  Nowadays the Fram SNT (and we bet most people still don't know what that means) has merged withFriday the 13th Saxmundham and Aldeburgh and is commanded by a sergeant in Leiston ... he probably has a satnav.

su 1 Apr

A Leiston Chinese takeaway was robbed last night by a man with a knife.

mo 6 Feb

A man of no fixed abode has been arrested in connection with the burst of burglaries this weekend in Leiston.

sa 31 Dec

Midnight fireworks at Leiston sports club tonight.

tu 05 Jul

Well that's healthy eating; parsnips, lettuce, cabbage and broad beans stolen in Leiston.

mo 20 Jun

7:30pm at Sizewell sports and social tomorrow there's a public meeting about the proposed Leiston Tescos.

tu 26 Apr

Mobile phones pinched in Aldeburgh and Leiston.

tu 5 Apr

The Greener Garden Guy at workLeiston's Greener Garden Guy (he arrives on a bike with a trailer) now has his own facebook page.

th 31 Mar
world backup day

Tribute to Buddy HollyThis Sunday morning you could listen to Radio Stradbroke's Sunday Best with your mummy then take her to see the bunnies in Dennington in the afternoon and polish off a perfect day at Leiston cinema with Tribute to Buddy Holly.

th 24 Mar

Only nearthecoast: You're asleep in Leiston and at 2:40am a neighbour gets you up to say your washing's on fire.

su 27 Feb

7:30 tonight Suffolk's Got More Talent at the Leiston Cinema ... no, we've never been there but it sounds a bit like the Harwich Electric Palace.

sa 29 Jan

Steve Smedley at Leiston LibraryBraving the cold, and it was cold outside Leiston Library this morning, Steve Smedley was leafleting borrowers to remind them about next Saturday's demo outside the library and that unless something gets sorted the library along with another 28 including Aldeburgh, Debenham, Framlingham, Saxmundham, Stradbroke and Wickham Market will close.

fr 7 Jan

bird apple/fat ball feederWearing a different hat (it suits him) Leiston's Greener Garden Guy is recycling soft pallet wood to produce some amazing bird tables.  We particularly like the apple/fat ball feeder with a re-used bicycle spoke as the mounting.

mo 10 Jan

Three teenagers arrested after a burglary at Leiston High school last night.

we 29 Dec

Armed robbery in Leiston late yesterday afternoon.

mo 22 Nov

Part time but permanent job caring for a disabled person in Leiston.

fr 4 Jun

Local weather (there's nothing for you here) on Ipswich ... Leiston, Lowestoft, Orford, Southwold ... and Lotus.

sa 15 May

A case of 50 cds pinched in Leiston last night.

fr 14 May

Skimmers found this morning on cashpoints in Framlingham, Leiston and Aldeburgh ... so that's why a police car outside Barclays this am ... or not.

th 13 May

It's FREE Leiston Day at the Long Shop Museum this Sunday.

th 15 Apr

Four burglaries Tuesday night in Leiston.

th 4 Feb

A man has been charged with yesterday's attempted Leiston bank robbery.

we 3 Feb

Attempted bank robbery in Leiston this morning.

fr 8 Jan

Leiston in the snowThanks to Trevor Moore for attractive graphic evidence that like just about everywhere ntc Leiston is well snowed on.

mo 21 Dec

When you're 23 of course you're going to live for ever ... except ... fatal collision in Leiston.

sa 31 Oct
Framlingham Framlingham Leiston
mo 26 Oct
skate jam

Leiston skateparkSkaters and bmxers from mostly Saxmundham but Leiston as well (the young we assume Leiston person who asked us to sign the petition said he didn't really approve of Sax but was making an exception for the skatepark) and as far away as Beccles (Beccles' Smash Skate were sponsoring the day) gathered for a shoot out (or whatever you do on wheels) at Leiston Skatepark (which looks very well used) to raise money for the proposed (on that field by the A12 where the scouts hold boot sales) Sax Skatepark.  Serviced by a barbeque and an ice cream van there was the obligatory but goodSkate crash humoured teenage derision to the inevitable bailouts but some stunting did draw genuine applause.  We really hope we'll be snapping another skate park opening soon, we enjoyed the last one.  For more info try PCSO Thora Taylor.

tu 16 Jun

Leiston sunset - pic by Deano

This is Leiston last night and it's either a spectacular sunset or something seriously wrong at Sizewell B.  (Thanks Deano.)

th 16 Apr

Helicopter taking off near Leiston - pic by TrevA large(ish) helicopter taking off from the Sizewell Social Club's sports field yesterday, don't know why?  We're told the club is maybe more Leiston than Sizewell.

tu 31 mr
world backup day

Makiebien StappardThough the police are not treating the sudden death of 16 year old Makiebien Stappard in Leiston last month as suspicious they are having difficulty establishing his movements earlier in the day.

we 25 Mar

Charity shops St Elizabeth Hospiceare getting pretty picky about what they'll take these days but until Saturday the St Elizabeth Hospice has an amnesty on odd, broken or scrap jewellery at their ten shops including Felixstowe, Ipswich, Leiston, Sax and Woodbridge.

tu 17 Feb

A 16 year old Leiston boy was found unconscious Saturday night and pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.  Police are treating his death as unexplained.

tu 27 Jan

In Stonham Aspel last month police recovered more than 300 items stolen from the Leiston, Ipswich, Stratford St Mary and Essex areas over the past couple of years.  They include furniture, paintings, ornaments, silverware, jewellery, framed film posters, a folding bicycle, several old style gramophones, a CB radio and more.  To help identify the stolen goods there is the hotline 01986 835319 and they will be available to view by appointment early next month.

mo 19 Jan

The police want to contact the driver of a silver is there any other kind? Mercedes who stopped to let a police car through in Leiston Saturday afternoon.

mo 24 Nov

Framsden ~ pic by Amanda FrostThe snow has pretty much gone now but it certainly snowed yesterday in Framsden, Hacheston, Leiston and Fram.

Heavy snow in Leiston ~ pic by Deano

fr 10 Oct

Inspector Neil ReidThis is Inspector Neil Reid nobly wearing his hat because we asked him to.  Neil is now stationed at Leiston and newly commands the Aldeburgh, Framlingham, Leiston and Saxmundham Safer Neighbourhood Teams ... and he cycled to work today.

su 24 Aug

Tub of flowers near Leiston

Leiston cum SizewellWe noticed earlier this summer that this t-junction between Leiston and Sizewell not only had an attractive tub of flowers but a whole boatful too!  Then yesterday we saw that entering Leiston from Theberton there's a tub of flowers and the south entrance to Saxmundham has a tub and a hanging basket.  Let's hope this charming idea spreads.

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