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mo 16 Dec

 JOB  Wanted at Sizewell power station a Document Control Lead, initially a twelve month contract but with high potential for extention(sic).

we 12 Jun

 JOB  Technical Project Manager wanted at Sizewell power station at £35-£40/hour.

tu 27 Nov

EDF Energy at the Suffolk Skills Show - pic contributedIn case you haven't had one of these through your letter box EDF are taking a show about the proposed Sizewell C on the road at the start of January.  No show in Framlingham, nearest Hacheston Thursday 10 Jan but perhaps the most convenient for the working person Saturday 19th at the Riverside Centre Stratford St Mary.

mo 3 Aug

The Suffolk Community Foundation has grants from £500 to £20,000 available for local charities, community groups and social enterprises that are delivering work within the town council boundary of Leiston and Sizewell.  Applications to be in by the 28th.

mo 20 Jun

7:30pm at Sizewell sports and social tomorrow there's a public meeting about the proposed Leiston Tescos.

su 13 Feb

Our bulletin board contributed in a very small way to the creation of The Outlaws so regrettably poignant when the drummer Matt Hearnden decided it was time to move

The Outlaws at Sizewell

on, but last night in a SOLD OUT Sizewell sports & social we discovered that newbie (to us) Kevin Smith has made a very decent fist of occupying Matt's chair.  As always the O's reggae sequence filled the dance floor and in their whimsical way they've added surfing anthem Wipe Out to their set, wanna hear Little Old Lady From Pasadena next time bluds.

sa 20 Nov

Deano's sister in law has organised at the Sizewell sports and social tonight a fund raising disco for the children's hospice.

tu 17 Aug

Probably not a good idea to start a fire on Sizewell beach in the early hours.

tu 27 Apr

Man in the Hat and Australian admirersThe Outlaws at Sizewell Friday week SOLD OUT and Man in the Hat will be back at the Framlingham Crown this Friday ... wonder if those Aussie girls will be there again?

th 16 Apr

Helicopter taking off near Leiston - pic by TrevA large(ish) helicopter taking off from the Sizewell Social Club's sports field yesterday, don't know why?  We're told the club is maybe more Leiston than Sizewell.

su 24 Aug

Tub of flowers near Leiston

Leiston cum SizewellWe noticed earlier this summer that this t-junction between Leiston and Sizewell not only had an attractive tub of flowers but a whole boatful too !  Then yesterday we saw that entering Leiston from Theberton there's a tub of flowers and the south entrance to Saxmundham has a tub and a hanging basket.  Let's hope this charming idea spreads.

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