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Framlingham in 2014

mo 29 Dec

'Flooding Possible' in FramlinghamIn the early hours of Saturday and Framlingham the River Ore approached Flooding Possible.

su 28 Dec

The Lee on the Solent HSBC bank closed at the end of November and though like Framlingham  there's a cash dispenser on the Co-op unlike Framlingham there isn't another bank.

sa 20 Dec

The old Framlingham police stationThe old Framlingham police station by the Badingham Road is looking rather sorry for itself, boarded up, the police sign gone and grass growing in the gutters.

tu 16 Dec

Down New Road Framlingham where it turns right at the end of the college playing fields there's a green cabinet by the bridge over what is still the river Ore.  The cabinet supports a sensor under the bridge monitoring the river level and you can have it tweet you.

fr 12 Dec

The signs around Framlingham saying the B1116 is closed are misinformed though there has been work around the bridge by Fairfield Road junction.

fr 21 Nov

What goes round definitely comes round, this BT hole in the ground near Fairfield Road Framlingham  has been there for at least two years.

tu 11 Nov

Dr Dan has written about The Future of Framlingham  ... he wasn't at Thursday's town council meeting.

fr 7 Nov

Detectorists is getting a second series, that'll please Framlingham town councilMackenzie Crook writer and star of Detectorists they'll probably commission a commemorative tea towel ... and we were wrong about Andy moving to Benhall ... surprisingly ...

th 6 Nov

Mackenzie Crook writer and star of DetectoristsLast episode of Detectorists 10pm tonight BBC4, we reckon in a bizarre plot twist Andy moves to Benhall and joins a covers band.

mo 3 Nov

It's not just Framlingham that has a chippy called Rumbles, there's one in Ely looking very similar except it has just one door.

su 5 Oct

Just got to watch Detectorists on iPlayer and it's a gentle affectionate comedy and you get to see Emma Thompson's sister Sophie in a blond wig, Framlingham's Double Street, Panorama, St Mike's Rooms and the Castle Inn method acting as the Two Brewers (well it was a brewery once) but the opening scene is clearly east of the A12, episode two 10pm Thursday BBC4.

Anorak Alert 6:  A Victorian penny would have been legal tender up to 1971 so unlikely it would been in the ground for 150 years ... but then is that the way Andy would think?

sa 20 Sep

Ladies in tutusSince we last saw Mouth to Mouth's production of the French farce Sganarelle it has inevitably moved on.  Dean Sore's mobile and maniacal washing up maid is still maniacal but now the scenery is mostly three ladies in tutus nobly holding things up.  Last night's show at the back of the Framlingham Station (luvvies' special pizza and Peroni £10) was free and kept the generous audience's attention despite the Peroni.

fr 12 Sep

Ed Sheeran in Earl Soham and 2006... no sightings of Ed Sheeran in Framlingham for months now ... won't last.

we 10 Sep

You can tell Lady KRJ is from that there large town because she asked where the world food section is in the Framlingham  Co-op ... Suffolk eh?

su 7 Sep

No cashback today at the Framlingham  Co-op ... again.

mo 25 Aug
cash dispensers

2:58pm: In Framlingham the Barclays cash dispenser is out of order, earlier the Coop cash dispenser ran out of money but has been topped up but that has left the supermarket short of cash so for the time being no cashback ... HSBC where are you?

sa 23 Aug

On Framlingham market Darren has broken his leg but is still fishmongering.

we 13 Aug

A distinctive but non-running Honda three wheeler OYT 514 Y stolen from a garage in Pageant Place Framlingham in the early hours of Monday.

tu 5 Aug

It's flying in the face of nature!  No more posties on Framlingham posties Phil and Leighton bicycles!  From yesterday in Framlingham at least Phil, Leighton and Another are using a van and shopping trolleys to deliver final demands and special offers ... makes the Singing Postman seem even more anachronistic.

tu 15 Jul

Bastille Day on the Market Hill Framlingham yesterday.

sa 19 Jul

Fish's ashes were scattered on the River Blyth at Southwold on Tuesday 15 July.

tu 1 Jul

Toby Jones and Mackenzie Crook7:30am Saturday morning actors Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones are outside the Framlingham Crown with their bags.  Simon the cheese and pie man has unloaded his van and is driving it off the hill but stops outside the Crown because a No Entry sign is in the way.  Mackenzie Crook moves the sign and puts it back after Simon ... the thesps have been location filming Detectorists a new BBC4 sitcom due to air in October.

sa 28 Jun

Brandeston summer fete 2:30pm this afternoon at the Queen's and that Framlingham sitcom (no, not the council) will be broadcast in October on BBC4.

fr 13 Jun
Friday the 13th

A Framlingham hareA Framlingham full time job with an apprentice considered, a one bedroom flat TO LET on the Market Hill, and another Framlingham hare this one understandably more shy than the last one.

tu 27 May
The annual Framlingham Gala.
sa 17 May

The gentleman's facility in Crown and Anchor Alley Framlingham observed.

th 17 Apr
Rubbish Thursday ... the day before Good Friday

Framlingham feels like bird city at the mo'.  We saw three separate and enormous broods of Mallard duckling in The Knoll and a lucky couple have grabbed the luxury penthouse flat at the top of the crane on Mills Meadow ... the footpath down the side of the telephone exchange is finally open again, don't know why they had to close it in the first place.

su 6 Apr

Anthea Hall in 2010 Perhaps prompted by recent happenings in nearby Framlingham   chairman of Stackton Tressel town council Dame Celia Baumhugger yesterday donated many of her clothes to the town's Tree Protection League charity shop.  Some of the clothes were worn at a council meeting attended by Suffolk county council ex-chief executive Anthea Hall seen on the right.

tu 1 Apr
April Fool

This man feels ... epic 

This man is wearing Ed Sheeran's underpants and he feels ... epic.

All those sirens in Framlingham this afternoon were for a fire at Hill Farm.  It seems three fire tenders on scene ensured the fire never really got going but still potentially serious.

sa 22 Mar

There's commitment for you, Sport Relief in Bridge Street Framlingham.

mo 3 Mar

The constabulary have arrested a Framlingham man for the recent unpleasantnesses in St Mike's.

we 26 Feb

PC TipsIt may say Fibre broadband is here outside Framlingham College but no sign of it here in Stately Terrace ... mind you on the BT web site we have moved from Not Currently in rollout plans to Coming Soon.

fr 14 Feb
Valentine's Day

obvious reasonsA free concert at the Eye community centre this noon, tonight a Valentine's disco in Saxmundham and free sports for youngsters in Leiston but sadly tonight will also be Chelsea's last (for obvious reasons) dispensing liquid therapy at the Framlingham Station.

th 13 Feb

A year since the chip van stopped calling outside the Framlingham Station on Thursday nights ... still miss it.

tu 11 Feb

Levi HildenThe worrying thing about Levi Hilden who has received five years for last year ram raiding Potters Framlingham and four other offences is he looks a nice enough fella ... or at least has a sense of irony.

th 16 Jan

That's a big lump of oak (a lot bigger than the lump five years ago) that's fallen off in the Fen Meadow ... and as you know trees are the sap that binds the community together in Framlingham ...

sa11 Jan

The gritting lorry's out in Framlingham.

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