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Framlingham in 2015

fr 4 Dec

We've added author and journalist India Knight on the Market Hill Framlingham to peeps in Suffolk.

mo 16 Nov

Unlike the BT hole in the ground the hit by a large vehicle (for the second time) bus shelter in Station Road Framlingham has gone ... did that take a year?

we 11 Nov

The police helicopter bobbing up and down around Framlingham  yesterday.

su 8 Nov

We've made photos of the Remembrance Sunday parade in Framlingham before but today we stayed for the ceremony and foolishly hadn't worked out that the St Michael's clock would strike eleven ... very moving.

we 28 Oct

Series two of Detectorists is back on BBC4 10pm tonight and judging by the camera crew in Double Street Framlingham  Lance is still in that rather nice flat and we've seen his yellow TR7 about Fram.  If you think Mrs Brown's Boys is pee makingly funny you probably won't like Detectorists.

tu 27 Oct

We didn't anticipate much from Saturday's Zumbathon in Framlingham  butZumbathon! with Terri Cave what a misjudgment terrific fun.  It's dance exercise to very danceable Latin beats, all the leaders have their owns styles and sell it BIG.  We particularly liked the pirate dress code of the minimalist (no dancers) Never Ready Samba School who prompted further dancing.  We were told the event aspired to raising £1,400 for local hospices but actually achieved a very impressive £2,160.76!  Congrats to all and hope they do it again.

tu 6 Oct

This morning in Framlingham we picked up our first conker of the year, aren't they lovely when they're all shiny and newly hatched ...

su 30 Aug

Imogen Sheeran jewelleryYesterday in the EACH charity shop Framlingham  we said to Imogen Sheeran that we were surprised to see her witty liquorice allsorts bracelets on young men.  Oh no she replied I made the first one for Edward ... our mum only called us Nearthecoast when we'd done something wrong ...

sa 29 Aug

Today's wedding in FramlinghamThe recent flurry of Framlingham weddings plus we have wedding pix from the past nine years has prompted us to start a Framlingham weddings album on that there Facepack ... it includes today's wedding of course.

tu 25 Aug

At Saturday's Framlingham wedding the very attractive flower arrangements by St Michael's porch we heard were made by the bride's mother.  The couple left in a beautifully restored (if rubber bumpered) MGB roadster ... we were quite jealous.

sa 15 Aug

Today's St Michael's Framlingham  bride. Today's Framlingham bride

fr 24 Jul

That BT hole in the groundThat British Telecom hole in the ground by Fairfield Road Framlingham  is still there and we reckon it's been there at least three years ... mind you the actual hole is slowly evaporating.

th 23 Jul

What was/will be the Framlingham bakery on the corner of New Road seems to be getting outside decking and at the Framlingham Station their 10th annual beer festival starts tonight.

sa18 Jul

Bad News:  Someone's nicked our wheelie bin.  (In Framlingham ?!)

Good News:  If we get a crime number Suffolk Coastal replace it for free.

we 15 Jul
St Swithin's Day

Ed Sheeran in Earl Soham and 2006The tenth (is it really ten?) annual Framlingham  Station beer festival starts tomorrow week with pizza and over the weekend hog roast and live music.  Artist Maggi Hambling and actors Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones dined Monday night and last night Ed Sheeran with chum Nicole Scherzinger not to mention James Blunt at a Station catered event in Great Glemham ... phew!

su 5 Jul

A red tutu for the Dunwich Dynamo at the Gentleman Plumber's pop-up café near Framlingham, more Dun Run pix later but now a flat footing class with Stompin' Dave Allen at Maverick ...

fr 3 Jul

Around lunchtime it was pretty soggy in Fairfield Road Framlingham, it was coming off the Mills Meadow site but easing up when we re-passed later.

th 18 Jun

Run this fantastic pub businessAround Church Street Framlingham  the rubbish on the Castle Meadow has been cleaned up, what was the HSBC cash dispenser been fully bricked in, the Castle Inn is still going to change hands and not in Church Street the Dancing Goat is looking for staff.

su 14 Jun

3:15pm:  Temporary traffic lights in Station Road Framlingham .

tu 9 Jun

The Stradbroke parish clerk has resigned, if this happened in Framlingham  only the chairman would be left with permission to provide oral or written statements to the press .. mind you the remaining councillors would still be free to communicate by the medium of dance or mime ... can't wait to see their walking against the wind

mo 8 Jun

Two Framlingham  brides added to Suffolk ladies.

we 3 Jun

Andy Tiernan on a Ner-A-Car model CAndy Tiernan's in what was the industrial south of Framlingham  always has something interesting.  Recently it was two 1940s War Department motorcycle combinations with driven sidecar wheel but no reverse and a 1925 Ner-A-Car Model C, one of perhaps just 50 examples in Europe.  Ner-A-Car motorbikes had a step through design and the model C an enormous front mudguard so you could ride to work in your everyday clothes.

fr 29 May

Bench in memory of Alistair DouglasIn Framlingham  at the junction of the footpaths from the Saxmundham Road and Infirmary Lane there's a bench in memory of veterinarian Alistair Douglas.  A lovely view and a charming memorial Laughter and friendship always welcome here.

fr 22 May

In Framlingham the front has come off the bakers, the dentists are recruiting an apprentice/trainee dental nurse and at Mills Meadow care and catering assistants needed.  JOBS

tu 19 May

Pix of Framlingham  guaranteed castle free. Castle Street Framlingham

th 7 May
Black Spot Day

10:17am  The Framlingham poll officer is already having to poke ballots in with a ruler, it does matter just bloody VOTE!

Brundish polling station03:23pm  We're hoping to see proxies (when a person nominates someone else to vote for them) of the emergency kind in use in Stradbroke.

06:50pm  Earlier we spoke to prospective parish councillor Richard Pierce-Saunderson outside the Stradbroke poll.  He was about to vote as an emergency proxy on some one else's behalf, we found it exciting.  There was a steady stream in out of the Stradbroke poll, very quiet in Wilby, quiet in Brundish and steady in Dennington.

08:21pm  Queue back to the door in Framlingham  polling station.  You have to be in the queue by 10pm to get a ballot paper ... not long to go.

10:19pm  Too late now, Riverside Framlingham .

we 6 May

Trying before buying a big red hat on Framlingham marketSometimes our cameras get lucky like this lady trying before buying a big red hat on Framlingham  market Saturday ... what's more we've finally got round to popping up pix, try clicking on the pic.

♫ At the Framlingham  Ladies Choir free lunchtime concert in St Clares today there was definitely a moment when in mid-song the accompanist's electric piano unilaterally became a drum machine.

fr 17 Apr

Hit and run driver in Mount Pleasant Framlingham  yesterday.  How long were those barriers there?  Over three months.

th 9 Apr

The Framlingham  St Elizabeth hospice shop needs volunteers.

th 2 Apr

Rubbish Thursday ... the day before Good FridayBurglaries in Framlingham  and Hacheston Tuesday morning, police want to speak to a man seen in Station Road, Framlingham.

tu 17 Mar
St Patricks's Day

Look out, Miss, Lord Framlingham has arrived!It was generally agreed that Michael Lord MP for Central Suffolk was an excellent constituency MP but it would seem his subsequent ennoblement to Lord Framlingham  has rather gone to his head.

th 12 Mar

Interesting driving in Framlingham .

mo 2 Feb

The concrete smashing in Station Road Framlingham  is taking longer than we thought it might.

mo 19 Jan

There were three PCSOs and two police vehicles in Fairfield Road this morning, aDistrict councillors by Fairfield Road Framlingham very decent turn out by the Framlingham  residents association objecting to the proposed 160 houses, and some visiting district councillors inspecting before deciding on the planning application.  As you might expect it was all very polite and to be fair the police were there to manage the traffic not in expectation of public disorder.  Don't know what happened afterwards at the proposed Mount Pleasant development but probably the same.

sa 10 Jan

Wind blows over stall on Framlingham MarketOn Framlingham  market this morning there were three people hanging on to Christian's gazebo to stop it blowing away.  Earlier in the pouring rain his stall offering Austrian wine and spirits had blown over but amazingly only three bottles smashed.  Whilst we're in Fram looks like the Crown is going to change hands ... The centre of London is a ninety minute drive away only if you're in an helicopter Greene King.

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