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Framlingham in 2017

fr 15 Dec

Alice in the Cuckoo's NestWe hadn't worked out that last night's Alice in the Cuckoo's Nest in Framlingham library was as in One Flew Over the but it still had some jokes.  As so often with small theatre companies the four handed Librarian Theatre were brilliantly creative in dealing with their smallness.  Impressive how so much had been shoe horned into a restricted place and though librarian Lesley said it had been hard work moving the bookshelves they would certainly do it again.

th 14 Dec

The unresolved ending of gold coins falling from that magnificent oak tree in last night's final episode of Detectorists as well as enjoyably unexpected surely leaves the door open for another series ... Tree preservation orders don't just ... materialise.

sa 2 Dec

Nativity Market Hill FramlinghamDespite the cold a very decent turnout for Framlingham Late Night bloody Christmas ... eh?Shopping last night.  Daddy Christmas was meeting and greeting in Huntingfield Estates, never too soon to get on the property ladder, and the living nativity was charming as expected.

we 22 Nov

Dr Dan Poulter MP for much of near the coast has deleted his Twitter account.

mo 20 Nov

 FOR SALE  In Framlingham  a fish tank with all the bits including fish it would seem.

fr 17 Nov

So far the only footpath diversion around the Taylor-Wimpey development in Fairfield Road Framlingham is minor and near Fairfield Road.

we 8 Nov

Detectorists series 3 - pic BBCDetectorists is back 10pm tonight BBC4 for a third series.  Last Saturday saw a man with a metal detector posing outside Panorama Framlingham  for a pic on his lady companion's phone ... perhaps he thought Ed Sheeran was born there.

fr 3 Nov

The road closure near the allotments in New Road Framlingham  should re-open sometime today and this footpath diversion by Fairfield Road (the map doesn't make much sense) may not be popular with dog walkers.

th 2 Nov

Good value sunset around Framlingham  last night.

mo 30 Oct

 FOR SALE  In Framlingham  a Chicco Echo twin buggy.

sa 28 Oct

Enterprising Hippy Jo Crampton Do you remember Hippy Jo who sold Fairtrade clothing on Framlingham  Market?  Some five years ago she left to open her shop Banyan in the Thoroughfare Halesworth.  We made an impromptu social visit last week to discover she wasn't there because these days she has staff ... now that is an Enterprising Hippy.

th 19 Oct

Edith Peck tells us that there's been at least three weddings at St Michael's Framlingham  this year and that she played at two of them.

th 12 Oct

Public meeting about Framlingham community centreLast night's public(ish) meeting about the proposed Framlingham  community centre was open to those members of the public prepared to give their name and postcode because of the fire regs ... mmm.  Despite this a full house of maybe 200 turned out in the college theatre, we don't know what happened next because after a few minutes we could feel our brain start to atrophy and left.  We did clarify that James Tanner has resigned from the town council not just as chairman and the proposed community centre so far is just proposed.

tu 3 Oct

 Annette Lee Ottoway and David ClarkeSo far this year we've noticed just one Framlingham  church wedding so we're interpreting Framlingham Weddings as Framlingham brides but not necessarily in Fram.  Somewhat after the fact we've added the wedding reception of Annette Lee Ottoway and David Clarke (hopefully got the surnames right) at Ufford Park.  (Very decent Adnams was being served.)

su 24 Sep

Jas' last day on Framlingham MarketYesterday was Jas' last at Over the Moon on Framlingham market.  So that's another generation of Gosia's young ladies who have grown up dealing with the adult world in a coffee van.  Jas(mine) will read architecture at Cambridge (we were told which college) but expect Hatty to be around for another year of Saturdays.

mo 18 Sep

We've added Detectorist Mackenzie Crook to peeps in Suffolk.

fr 8 Sep

Here's someone using his given name of Kevin you might remember from the Framlingham Crown.

su 27 Aug

Framlingham bride Charlotte Girling et alYesterday Charlotte Girling married Daniel Jeffers at St Michael's Framlingham, the first wedding there this year to come to our attention ... a surprisingly long dry spell.  Over Over the Moon coffee the United Free/Methodist minister told us he'd been wedding free too.

th 17 Aug 2017

Technology in the Framlingham  Station last night.

th 10 Aug

The Framlingham  post office closed all day TODAY for IT upgrades.

we 2 Aug

The road closure for a sewer diversion(?) in New Road Framlingham  at what was the officers' club, more recently a vets and now Tudor Gardens is going to be there all month ... mind you it should be a peaceful walk the other side of it.

mo 31 Jul

The Market Hill in semi conscious Framlingham  last Saturday.

mo 24 Jul

Eve early on New Year's Day 2007The pic zoom is back, try Eve on New Year's Day 2007 (remember her behind the bar at the Framlingham  Station) or this same year misfortune at The Crown.  If the Gods of the Internet smile and the pic zoom doesn't go away again there are more Framlingham Ladies.

th 20 Jul

Throwback Thursday:  Nine years ago today there was a one off car show at theAll things will pass ... Framlingham  Sports Club to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of East Anglian Practical Classics.  As we recall some of the car owners were decidedly grumpy but it didn't spoil the day.

Our view of Framlingham  last year.

fr 23 Jun

An Ipswich man and a Martlesham man charged with the Framlingham  pet shop burglary.

we 21 Jun

In case you haven't seen it here's the Wimpey Taylor leaflet about the Fairfield Road development Framlingham  ... Anticipated completion of development 2021.

sa 17 Jun

440 entrants for last night's Framlingham  Flyers Friday Five.

fr 2 Jun

Mackenzie Crook outside the Framlingham Crown JOBS  Around near the coast The Detectorists have one day's paid work next month for bearded mechanic type aged 40-80, filming in Staverton Park Butley.  Jobs also going for removal/builder types , a milkman and two male mourners in Framlingham and lots more, scroll down here.

th 1 Jun

Taylor Wimpey Looks like the Taylor Wimpey development in Fairfield Road Framlingham  will be called Castle Keep ... very imaginative.

tu 30 May

The fire engine left for a call before yesterday's Framlingham  Gala parade.

sa 27 May

Soprano Claire WestonThe Framlingham  St Michael's Flower Festival started Thursday with an Ascension Day service and continues all weekend and includes tonight a recital from vivacious soprano Claire Weston.

fr 26 May

It's the Framlingham  Gala (pronounced Gayla) this holiday weekend.

fr 12 May

The Framlingham  Ladies Choir concert in St Clare's yesterday was well attended, very jolly and a free lunch.

th 11 May

A woman pedestrian in her 90s was seriously injured by a Black Ford Focus in Riverside Framlingham  yesterday afternoon.

mo 8 May

♫ Ladies Choir lunchtime concert at St Clare's Framlingham  12:30-1:30pm Wednesday, it was free the last time we went.

tu 2 May

Digger in Fairfield Road FramlinghamAh ... the digger in Fairfield Road Framlingham  is not the start of 160 new house but an archeological survey.  Daria told us that an 1880s map shows the site as pasture with a pond to water the livestock and though they've found the pond so far not much else ...

su 30 Apr

 JOB  It would seem Paddy and Scott's Framlingham  are still looking for a barista.

fr 28 Apr

Honey and the Bear - pic contributedSuffolk CAMRA's Big Nigel was in the Framlingham  Station last night and said CAMRA are helping out at Beer and Folk (featuring Honey and the Bear) on the Ipswich Waterfront starting today. ♫

we 19 Apr

The oil seed rape around Framlingham  is looking really rather good.

tu 11 Apr

The fish and chip van has only inquired about joining Framlingham  market not applied (thanks Eileen) ... still miss Thursday nights.

mo 10 Apr

The Market Hill on a sunny SaturdayA beautiful sunny day Saturday on the Market Hill Framlingham, Over the Moon coffee should be back for Tuesday's market tomorrow and we've been told a fish and chip van has applied to join the market.

su 9 Apr

♫ A mature Punk/New wave band in the Woodbridge/Framlingham/Ipswich axis is looking for a singer, they promise not to take requests.

we 29 Mar

Tonight at the Framlingham  Crown Cocktails and Cake raising funds for Laxfield Pre-School: free glass of fizz, gift bag, beauty treatments, stalls, fashion and a tarot reader.

tu 28 Mar

No Over the Moon coffee today on Framlingham  market or for the next three weeks, the van is having a new chassis fitted.

we 8 Mar
International Women's Day

A Guide to Framlingham ...Without, however, indulging exuberancy or wild freaks of fancy about the matter it can be said that Framlingham  in its history is virtually an epitome of the History of England ... .A Guide to Framlingham its Church and Castle with short memoirs of the once illustrious possessors of the domain.

sa 4 Mar

Flowering clematis armandii in FramlinghamIt says on the seed packet we could have been sowing radishes last month, daffs appearing (if not blooming) all over the place and definitely spring on a Dennington junction and in Stately Terrace Framlingham .

tu 28 Feb

Storm Doris tree damageHere's what Storm Doris did Thursday to half a large tree in the Rectory garden Framlingham .

fr 24 Feb

Jane Bloom recalls Framlingham  railway station and Simon Blackburn recalls the shop in Dennington.

Well howsaboutthat!  At the end of June (a ways off we know) Hollywood meets Heritage are showing Monty Python and the Holy Grail in Framlingham Castle!

th 23 Feb

Gift shop in Bridge Street Framlingham  Outside in has closed.

th 2 Feb

Suffolk Coastal District Council in Fairfield RoadReferendum day next Thursday for the Framlingham  Neighbourhood Plan which outlines what might happen over the next 15 years.  If in preparation you're expecting to read the plan now would be a good time to start ... it's 86 pages long.

tu 24 Jan

Canadian musician Dennis Ellsworth♫ Last night Canadian musician Dennis Ellsworth was in the Framlingham  Station socially with Maverick Festival ... makes a change from Ed Sheeran.

fr 20 Jan

 JOB  An experienced, flexible and approachable personal assistant needed in Framlingham  .

tu 17 Jan
Framlingham Post Office postally used 1920Framlingham  post office reopened today. Fairfield Road is still closed (and looks like it will be for a while) at the Fore Street end and and the College is recruiting a domestic assistant.
tu 10 Jan

Hole closing Fairfield Road Framlingham  gains handwritten sign.

sa 7 Jan

Fairfield Road Framlingham  CLOSED right at the Fore Street end.

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