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su 9 Mar

Crack Street car park Stackton TresselThere's an area bounded by Wickham Market, Debenham and Halesworth known near the coast as the Wickden Triangle within which either something in the water or incipient dementia prompts bizarre council behaviour such as this sign in the Stackton Tressel Crack Street car park.

th 27 Jun

Saturday 10-1pm it's free entry to Baby and Children's BIG second hand SALE at Debenham Community Centre.

we 20 Mar

Having lost their Debenham venue the Debenham Players will be presenting eight one act plays at Robert Hitcham's Framlingham Friday and Saturday night.

fr 21 Dec
Winter Solstice - the shortest day

Earl Soham emptiesThe Earl Soham Brewery is moving to the Debenham Bloomfield Industrial Estate and right by the entrance are the breweries' (Cliff Quay are joining them) offices and what will be a very attractive shop.

fr 7 Sep

The Debenham Players' three day run of Calendar Girls continues until tomorrow and your ticket includes cheese, wine and pud ... apparently the programme is a bit special too.

mo 23 Jul

What an nice change to have some half way decent weather yesterday for Mouth to Mouth's production of the musical Godspell in the Debenham Angel's garden.  As

Mouth to Mouth's Godspell in Debenham

always quirky, original and highly entertaining we were particularly pleased to see a ukulele move from the pit to centre stage.  Mouth to Mouth's garden tour continues this coming weekend at Hoxne, Framlingham, Orford and Laxfield.

th 3 May

Police Direct reporting flooded roads around Bredfield, Debenham, Helmingham, Melton, Otley, Stowmarket and Woodbridge ... bad enough that Victoria from the Framlingham Bookshop gave up try to get from Stowupland to Fram this morning.

fr 27 Apr

The Saxmundham IT Club was formed in February and has members from Framlingham, Leiston and Debenham, newbies always welcome.

th 14 Apr

We Love Our LibraryNice to see that like Leiston and Stradbroke Debenham are being activist about the possible closure of their library.

we 13 Apr

This Friday and Saturday the Debenham Players and Eyeswrite present 11 new one act plays by local writers in the Debenham Red Lion.

sa 29 Jan

Steve Smedley at Leiston LibraryBraving the cold, and it was cold outside Leiston Library this morning, Steve Smedley was leafleting borrowers to remind them about next Saturday's demo outside the library and that unless something gets sorted the library along with another 28 including Aldeburgh, Debenham, Framlingham, Saxmundham, Stradbroke and Wickham Market will close.

fr 14 Jan

Joan Bedford-Lane handing Sgt Mick Hart and Cairo a chequeMonday Debenham's Joan Bedford-Lane handing Sgt Mick Hart and Cairo a £520 cheque raised from a champagne tea for the Suffolk Constabulary's police dog comfort fund.  Suffolk has 11 general duties police dogs and three explosives search dogs highlighting perhaps that there aren't a lot of people in Suffolk but there are military air fields and a nuclear power station.

th 18 Nov

The Brandeston Queens Head is looking for an apprentice and the Debenham co-op an assistant manager.

fr 29 Oct

Stefan Drury and Alice Grace MottramLast night of The Keeper's Daughter's Dracula tour in Debenham tonight but it's likely to go out on the road around near the coast again ... they do do a fine job they do.  It was a slightly unsettling experience in the dressing room after the show in Wingfield last night seeing the cast out of make up, they're all younger than you think:)  More pix on that there FacePack.

sa 16 Oct

When we were in Debenham Thursday we noticed that the Cherry Tree is still closed, The Angel is open again and the Vanilla Bakehouse does a cooked breakfast.

fr 15 Oct

The dress rehearsal yesterday afternoon in Debenham of The Keeper's Daughter'sMark Finbow production of Dracula was very impressive.  Everything moved along at a good pace, jokes, pretty girls, scares (of course) and impressively the five handed cast manage their own tech too.  They are out on the road round nearthecoast this month and we highly recommend them.  More pix on that there FacePack.

we 28 Jul

Here's Blu-tack having a little something in Debenham when he returned (still wearing his collar) after nine days missing, perhaps one day per life?

su 18 Jul

The Hoo white terrier bitch is called Tilly and she's back with her owners and at 5:30am this morning after nine days Blu-tack came back through his Debenham cat flap feeling a bit peckish!

we 23 Jun

Debenham street fair ~ pic by DuncanThanks to Duncan (thank you Duncan) we can tell and show that Sunday's Debenham street fair was lively stuff, the Suffolk School of Samba were as always cracking and a bit loud, and the band had to set up in the road because the trailer stage hadn't turned up.

th 6 May

Nobody puts baby on the corner  Saxtead Road near Framlingham  Near Debenham

mo 26 Apr

Surely at constituency level you're selling yourself rather than Bhavna Joshi with school election candidatesthe party and this morning at Debenham High School Central Suffolk Labour candidate Bhavna Joshi (without her red handbag) told the school she's 32, the first person in her family to go to University and her grandmother is illiterate.

Head teacher Mike Crawshaw told us he hears continual election chatter in the corridors with the Lib-Dem's rocket ship impression the hot topic.  He must be gratified by the informed questions asked by the students after Bhavna's pitch.

th 19 Nov

Special Graham Durrant holding the tutorOur pic of Special Constable Graham Durrant on duty at a Framlingham Gala so appealed to a picture editor as an example of a British volunteer that it was used in an English language tutor for German speakers published earlier this year.  Nowdays Special Sergeant Durrant is stationed at Eye and Debenham.

we 10 Jun

Debenham Angel  des' dinners 73

Amanda, Ron, Tony M, the Gentleman Plumber, NaTCH and herwithabrainetc worryingly had a table reserved (it always seems like tempting fate) but things went very well in this comparatively recently new management pub.  Adnams beers with very good condition Broadside and excellent food with the ham of ham, egg and chips looking outstanding and the egg poached and poached without a poacher.  Conversation included Ron and Amanda attending the Cook Cup for the evening socialising, the resignation of parliament's speaker and that when Tony M was a town councilor he never took or received any expenses.  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

su 1 Feb

Debenham SquashWe've seen racketball at Essex University; it's played on a squash court with what looks a bit like a tennis ball and a short handled tennis racquet.  On the afternoons of the second Sunday in the month qualified coach Dennis Morley hosts at Debenham Leisure Centre an everybody-welcome-including-families-as-long-as-your-at-least-five-years-old session to try out racketball and squash.  Read the club newsletrer.

we 14 Aug

Debenham Cherry Tree  des' dinners 28

The Debenham Cherry Tree's pub signNew lunch club chum Richard V and NaTCH arrived together and inevitably there was much talk of loudspeakers and loudspeaker people.  Substantial, well presented meals were enjoyed along with well kept Adnams.  Thankfully the sound on the wide screen telly was off and it was our fault for sitting under the occasionally booming Wharfedale speaker.  John B arrived later for a drink and to tell us the new lad at the brewery plays in the Great Yarmouth brass band.  AfARs from Spadge (bloody customers again), Malcolm (too important), and Suzanna (taking son to airport).  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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