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fr 5 Feb

The King and villagers

At Jack and the Beanstalk in Kettleburgh last night the producer was heckled even before the show had started indicating there was probably going to be some audience participation ... and there certainly was.  Fine traditional stuff with a traditionally feminine Jack, a very brave dame, four musicians in the pit, local jokes and a triumphantly popular Daisy the Cow.  The show runs till Saturday when there's a matinee too.

th 27 Aug

The Deben Brewery stood next to the Kettleburgh Chequers; in 1867 the brewery owner James Brighton Grant became the last man in England to be imprisoned for not paying church rates.

mo 13 Jul

Thursday morning in aid of Cats Protection Kay Lusted is having a coffee morning at Manley, Kettleburgh.

mo 18 May

A water tanker was stolen from a field in Kettleburgh some time earlier this month, a tea urn pinched in Blaxhall and substance abuse in Framlingham.

tu 10 Jun
Our first birthday

Daphne Aitken was born in Earl Soham but had lived in Kettleburgh for some years when she passed away two Saturdays ago.  To give her a good send off the

Helen Bolingbroke making up Kettleburgh Chequers landlady Debbie Germaine

Kettleburgh Chequers has already raised over a £1,000 and last night, tonight and tomorrow night you could and can be made up by Helen Bolingbroke to raise more ... don't even have to stop supping.

we 28 May

Kettleburgh Chequers last week  des' dinners 67

des' dinners at the Kettleburgh ChequersAs expected interesting beers, the landlord warned NaTCH off Piddle in the Cellar (at least that's what it seemed to be called) so Adnams' seasonal beer Regatta and something which might have been called Odyssey were enjoyed.  Other lunchers were Richard V and new playmate Paul N so inevitably much talk about loudspeakers and the much belated news (nearly three years late:) that the Beeb have abandoned Pebble Mill which was demolished in 2005 .  (In a previous life NaTCH worked at Radio WM then inside the Mill.)  The Brewer arrived later for just a drink and then there was much talk about brewing.  (last visit ↓ subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

mo 31 Dec

The view from a lower field at Church Farm

We haven't visited Church Farm, Kettleburgh since Lucie and Malcolm wintered there in a Winnebago thingy maybe four? five? years ago?  Since then the caravan park, well sort of a field actually, has become more populated and there was even someone fishing in the pond at this lovely location.

fr 29 Jun

What a perfect dressing room

On a summer's evening there was some pretty serious trooping going on at the bottom of the Kettleburgh Chequers' garden.  Not surprisingly with the recent continual and torrential downpours Fairies at the bottom of the gardenthe audience could have been larger, the thesp with a clipboard had joined at literally an hour's notice and the clipboard held his lines; and finally the cast was still short one person so a willing member of the audience was press ganged as Snug the Joiner.  Despite all this Mouth to Mouth Theatre entertained with a particularly fun production of Shakespeare's comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream in a perfect location by the photogenic river Deben (which surprisingly is some eight feet deep here so be careful kids).  We thought the costumes very creative and looked great against the lush Suffolk countryside.  There was lots of engagement with the audience, Puck giving ladies in the audience flowers ... that sort of thing and everyone had a good time.

That's Puck in the bowler

we 4 Sep

Kettleburgh Chequers  des' dinners 29

The Kettleburgh ChequersAt the rear of Kettleburgh Chequers is an enormous patio and an even more enormous garden with the River Deben looping through it and the Deben Brewery used to be next door.  Inside Malcolm, NaTCH, Lady KRJ, John B, and newbies Suzanna and Matt enjoyed very pleasant food, very acceptable Adnams, and Merlin, an impressive guest beer from South Wales brewery Buckley (Brains by another name).  Conversation included politics (but not art or religion), Suzanna's boiler, and why Malcolm is so important.  AfAR from Spadge (paying customer).  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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