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mo 5 Apr

Wheelbarrow race at the Inter-village Bloodsports   Moto-X at Blaxhall   Cafe society on Crag Path, Aldeburgh

su 16 Aug

Motocross at BlaxhallMotocross at Blaxhall today (excellent day for it with no doubt the start dramatically enveloped in dust); and the Os gig next Saturday at the Fram Hoss has been cancelled.

fr 24 Jul

George Ewart EvansGeorge Ewart Evans compiled in the 1950s Ask The Fellows Who Cut The Hay an engaging and important account of Blaxhall in the then living memory.  To celebrate what would have been his 100th birthday there are multiple events in Blaxhall this weekend.

tu 9 Jun

Five hens and a bantam cock stolen off Blaxhall Common.

mo 18 May

A water tanker was stolen from a field in Kettleburgh some time earlier this month, a tea urn pinched in Blaxhall and substance abuse in Framlingham.

su 8 Jun

The Blaxhall~Campsea road flooded

The road out of Blaxhall is flooded again but this time for us it was the Campsea road, if you look carefully at the big pic you can see a silver car wussing out and turning round to go the other way.

sa 29 Mar

Blaxhall Ship last week  des' dinners 66

Matt and on the right unfinished steak and kidneyNew landlord and a major transformation, it's a good sign when a country pub has a dozen customers on a Tuesday lunchtime.  Six real ales (jolly good Timothy Taylor Landlord) and though NaTCH did serious damage to the home made steak and kidney he couldn't finish it.  Other lunchers were John B and Matt and inevitably most conversation was about Matt's imminent departure from the Earl Soham Brewery to start his own brewery in the last working iron ore mine in Europe.  The brewery is likely to be called the Red Man Brewery because the miners look red from the iron ore dust and the brewery's first beer is likely to be named Ol' Flo after the mine.  AfAR from Nick (in Hungary)  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

su 23 Mar

The Tesco at Martlesham has got a defibrillator, Hacheston has got a village hall but it's up for sale and the shop has been let, and there's a motocross next Sunday the 30th at Blaxhall.

we 19 Mar

The road flooded between Blaxhall and Tunstall

The rain was so heavy Saturday night it woke us up but we were still a bit surprised that the by road between Blaxhall and Tunstall was still flooded yesterday.  A lady driver stopped to tell us the road was always flooding.

tu 11 Mar

serious lump of tree ... and on the road between Campsea and Blaxhall a serious lump of tree has fallen off ...

mo 10 Dec

Wicketts RichardsonThis may be a rambling and disconnected account of pub singing around the Blaxhall Ship in the 1970s but it shows the importance of a magnificent obsession to give us a record now ... and it's getting lively on the board about fuel prices.

tu 25 Sep

Lots of dust at the start

Impressive jumpsOur first motocross this season and we arrived at Blaxhall to find the track is being run the other way round.  Shouldn't have been a problem except we Erhm ... interesting t-shirts seemed to keep standing in the wrong place and getting coated in dust!  Although the spectator facilities are about as basic as Snetterton (with Blaxhall having slightly more burger vans!) if you have the slightest suspicion you would enjoy the racing do go, it's a good day out ... and there might be some right smart arse t-shirts about.

su 1 Oct

We went to the motocross and like the riders, the marshals and everybody else got completely soaked!

Rain soaked marshals

su 7 Aug

Lots of flying dirt

Marshall multi-taskingJust follow the signs Big air! and there's a fun day out at Blaxhall motocross including national championships.  Keep  an eye on tinies as there's a lot of hurtling metal and get too close to the track and you might get sprayed with that sandy soil!  The usual routine is practice in the morning and racing in the afternoon all organised by the  Woodbridge and District Motor Cycle Club.

St John's doing what they so valuably do

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