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earlier in Earl Soham

th 8 Oct

The Street Earl Soham circa 1921-1935There's no date for this card of The Street Earl Soham  though the Pratts petrol pumps by the light car and what was The Falcon give a clue.  Pratts was the UK brand of the Anglo-American Oil Co and initially motor spirit was sold in cans.  Pumps started to appear in 1921 and the brand became Esso in 1935 so this card is somewhere in or around that window.

fr 14 Aug
Police Station Bridge Street Framlingham A CF Dowsing wedding party Earl Soham green in the 1960s?

When Bridge Street Framlingham had a police station and Earl Soham  had a shop opposite the green, a charming CF Dowsing wedding party, and a LNER organised Colchester-Woodbridge-Halesworth half day out.

fr 31 Jul

Earl Soham feteThat's the way to do it, free entry and free parking at tomorrow's Earl Soham village fete and also tomorrow the Thorpeness village fete is in the Dolphin Inn's garden with attractions including games, draws, prizes, stands with cakes, local vegetables, books, pies, and live music.

fr 5 Dec
Christmas trees at Walnes SeedsWednesday we visited Walnes Seeds at their new(ish) home on Moat Park Earl Soham.  They've donated two Christmas trees as charity raffle prizes plus a large tree for Earl Soham's green and in the enormous warehouse there are already trees with buyers' names on.  FREE delivery locally.
mo 24 Nov

The Earl Soham Falcon c1907Haven't done one of these for a while and this time it's Earl Soham; the Falcon pub which was certainly still open in the 1980s, Brundish Lodge and a 1933 cricket match between the village and the East Anglian Daily Times.

we 30 Jul

House sales around near the coastSome house sales in Framlingham, Earl Soham (including what was Thorolds the corner shop), Woodbridge, Saxmundham and Aldeburgh.

we 16 Jul
Hugh Creighton

Mr and Mrs Hugh Creighton have lived in Lacey Cottage on that nasty corner inMr and Mrs Hugh Creighton and daughters Earl Soham for 26 years.  Hugh has been and then not been a parish councilor.  They have raised three daughters, seen the Falcon, Thorolds the corner shop and the post office (after over a century) close, Tastebuds open become Eat Anglia and then close, and Earl Soham Brewery move from Maurice's chicken shed to the garage and then to Debenham.  We're surprised there hasn't been more change in 26 years ... at the end of the month they move to the south coast.

mo 10 Mar

The Earl Soham Victoria won this year's Fill Dyke race in Cretingham yesterday ... their mothers will be pleased.

su 28 Apr

Cambridge Tram ShedIn the late 1980s Earl Soham Brewery created a pub out of a derelict furniture repository in Cambridge, the building had been built to service the trams of a company that went bust before it had even started trading so ESB called the pub The Tram Depot.  Our first visit was last weekend for the Love Bout after party and drank a pint of Everards' Tiger in memory of track racing at Saffron Lane, Leicester.

fr 21 Dec
Winter Solstice - the shortest day

Earl Soham emptiesThe Earl Soham Brewery is moving to the Debenham Bloomfield Industrial Estate and right by the entrance are the breweries' (Cliff Quay are joining them) offices and what will be a very attractive shop.

th 13 Dec

The Earl Soham war memorial in the 1950s?, Framlingham Market Hill definitely

Earl Soham war memorialFramlingham Market Hill 1951Thorpeness water tower and windmillWickham Market water pump

in the 1950s, the Thorpeness House in the Clouds with a windmill next to it and Wickham Market Hill with a water pump.

tu 23 Oct

Dennington c1910 Earl Soham Slog Aldeburgh town steps c1905 Aldeburgh Town Steps 1950s

Dennington when it appeared to have at least two policemen of its own, the Earl Soham Slog which doesn't seem to have much to do with Earl Soham and the Aldeburgh town steps half a century apart.

su 2 Sep

An Eastern Counties bus outside the Dennington Queen's Head, CF Dowsing of

Eastern Counties bus in DenningtonCF Dowsing ~ FramlinghamThe Street Earl Soham Framlingham College hockey team

Double Street Framlingham, Earl Soham when you could walk down the middle of the road and with 1950s big hockey sticks a Framlingham College hockey team.

mo 26 Mar

A 14 year old girl was accosted in Earl Soham last night.

th 15 Mar

Earl Soham early last centuryNot sure where this turn of last century is in Earl Soham, Fore Street fire in Framlinghamthat lane behind the shop on the bend?  But Mrs Bridges thinks this is probably the 1905 five house fire in Fore Street Framlingham.

mo 12 Dec
The Falcon

The Earl Soham Falcon was certainly open in the early 1990s as I remember having playgroup meetings there when my two big ones were little and I was chairman!  Certainly made the evening go by much quicker and discussions more amicable.

All the best, Edith

th 24 Nov
The Falcon

The Earl Soham FalconNot sure when the Earl Soham Falcon (once upon a time a Lacon brewery pub) closed but this 1980s? advertising card gives the landlords as Paul and Lavina Algar (should that be Lavinia?).  In 2008 the pub sign decorated the back wall of what is now a private house and the post for the pub sign lives outside the Earl Soham brewery a little up the road.

tu 15 Nov

Hacheston post office in 1904, Earl Soham by the church, Wickham Market

Hacheston Post Office 1904Earl Soham near the churchWickham Market 1908-1909 John Self advertising card

football team 1908-1909 and a John Self advertising card from around the turn of last century.

we 4 May

Some elderly Earl Soham, Framlingham and Wickham Market postcards on our FaceBook page.

mo 14 Mar

A Woodbridge man has been arrested for drunken driving after a house was made unsafe when a Volkswagen collided with it, and Eat Anglia in Earl Soham is up FOR SALE.

fr 1 Oct

2pm:  Tree down half blocking A1120 at the top of Earl Soham hill near the business centre.  (Thanks Farctum)

we 9 Jun

Whitewater in 2006Christmas 2006 in Earl Soham with Whitewater and Ed Sheeran.

mo 3 May

Adam Wolley's final stitch count is 38.

su 2 May

Adam WolleySaxtead boy and Earl Soham Vic barman Adam Wolley is cycling from London to Capetown to support the Malaria Consortium.  In Rwanda he now has more than 20 stitches in his face and mouth after going through a car's rear windscreen.

fr 05 Mar

Malcolm and Lucie Walker ran Tastebuds in Earl Soham Malcolm and Lucie Walkerat the beginning of the decade and Malcolm would mildly irritate the keys of an electric piano, primarily on Sunday evenings in the Framlingham Station.  They were clearly attracted by a caravan lifestyle living for a while in a Winnebago lookalike at Kettleburgh and now on a barge in France.  Their blog is called Tillers and Tastebuds.

mo 7 Dec

House sales dead in Framlingham but seem to have perked up a little in Saxmundham and Aldeburgh, and did someone really make over £100 grand in couple of months in Earl Soham? House sales around near the coast

th 26 Nov

As part of the Blue Peter appeal Operation Smile children at Earl Soham school made 67 theatre gowns for Indian children having cleft lips and palettes treated.

we 6 May

Yellow mini-digger stolen in Earl Soham.

sa 2 May

Cransford church#socialsaturday near the coast; flower festival, ploughman's and cream teas at St Mary's, Worlingworth today, tomorrow and Monday, the 20th birthday this afternoon of the Cransford Christian Fellowship church destroyed in the 1987 hurricane, and a quiz with ploughman's and bar tonight at Earl Soham VH more info Jill Whittaker 01728 684802Marvellous!

fr 3 Apr

67 year old William Dyke was found dead today at his home in Earl Soham.  Police are asking for help tracing his next of kin.

tu 17 Mar
St Patricks's Day

Earl Soham Victoria  des' dinners 72

des' dinners @ the Earl Soham VicNew lunching chums were Amanda and her husband Ron, Eddie and Elspeth, now dd regulars Tony M and the Gentleman Plumber plus NaTCH and The Brewer who opined his veggie lunch could not have been bettered, indeed all the food was the Vic's usual honest cooking.  Conversation included why Agas won't run on gas, are Norwegian and Swedish really that different as languages and Elspeth's uncertainty about what to do with the unwanted Jotul wood stove in her garage.  (last visit subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

th 8 Jan
Be warned, there was an attempted distraction burglary in Earl Soham yesterday afternoon ...
th 4 Dec

The weekend before last a blue Fiat in Earl Soham was vandalised.

mo 24 Nov

Earl Soham Brewery are looking for staff pretty much right away at what was the Tolly Brewery Tap in Ipswich.

th 13 Nov

There has been an attempted burglary in Low Road Earl Soham.

fr 12 Sep

Malcolm Walker and The Brewer in 2001... and perhaps you remember Malcolm Walker?  Behind The Brewer in the pic?  With his wife Lucie ran Tastebuds in Earl Soham 2001-05?  We assume they are still cruising the canals of Europe and celebrating today his 67th birthday.

mo 21 Jul

Sign on what was the car parkOn Saturday Mr and Mrs Michael Fogg-Elliot opened their home for a coffee morning to raise funds for the Earl Soham village hall.  Their house used to be the Falcon pub which, when discussed, was thought to have closed around ten years ago.  The old pub signWe knew that post for the pub sign now lives outside Earl Soham Brewery and that the front garden used to be the car park but we were surprised to find there were petrol pumps to one side ... don't know why but we were, surprised.

we 30 Apr

... and cards from a handbag stolen in Earl Soham have been used to get cash.

sa 2 Feb

Earl Soham Lodge

Earl Soham Lodge is gorgeous!  It actually is a moated (farm?)house, that standing water goes all the way round it's not just a medieval fish farm, and we're told some of the cellar is Roman.  When we arrived around 11 this morning for Paddy and Scott's Coffee Morning Scott had already served 160 coffees (Paddy was on a sabbatical) and Scott reckoned the event would raise some £500-600 for the village hall.  As with all similar events one of the great pleasures is to blether with your neighbours and by the way this nipper was supping it might have been hot chocolate.

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