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earlier in Stradbroke

su 12 Aug

Lavender and Jude the wedding dress shop in Stradbroke has moved to Bungay, can't say that's a surprise.

su 29 Jul

The Stradbroke website has pointed out that the Spar shop's franchisee is changing and that could account for the shelves not bursting last weekend.

mo 23 Jul

Romeo and Juliet at the Wingfield BarnsWe first saw the Keeper's Daughter's Romeo or Juliet crikey seven years ago at Hartismere School Eye.  Like Dr Who it keeps regenerating and yesterday's afternoon show at the Wingfield Barns had a confident young cast who often played with the expectation of what a play should be, we particularly liked the audience joining in with the dancing.  No doubt RorJ will regenerate somewhere near you soonish ... on our way home the Stradbroke Spar had shelves that need to be filled.

mo 9 Jul

Sam and the Womp at Stradbroke♫ A very large tv screen kept the fifth Stradisphere in Stradbroke informed about the football, and Saturday night we got to see surprisingly mature well known trouble makers from Harleston Red Mecca.  In the tent Das Fenster and the Alibis were a very theatrical (we like that) rockabilly type trio with stand up bass followed by Sam and the Womp who had a million selling number one in 2012 (no, we hadn't heard of them either).  The Balkan influenced trumpet (yes, we know) of Sam etc prompted dancing and intriguingly entertained us.

su 3 Jun

 JOBS  The Stradbroke Ivy House has a Staff Required A-board outside.

fr 27 Apr

2:00pm Saturday:  CANCELLED  waterlogged pitch

The start of the Stradbroke Vikings' season when they play Haverhill Third XI at home tomorrow.

sa 7 Apr

18th Annual Stradbroke Horse Race EveningNext Saturday at Stradbroke Community Centre the eighteenth annual Horse Race Evening to raise funds for the cricket club.  Entrance eight quid which seems very fair as it include a fish and chip supper.

sa 31 Mar

The spaceman on the Market Hill Framlingham today was making a promotional vid for this year's Stradisphere. ♫

we 21 Mar

Badly Drawn Boy at Stradisphere♫ Now that's a real step forward in Stradbroke, instead of a tribute band (they have their place ... but C'mon Man!) headlining at Stradisphere this July is Badly Drawn Boy (not to be confused with Poorly Painted Pete). ♫ 

mo 11 Dec

Stroppy Snickers barWe find ourselves saying something is excitingly new to be told that everybody else has known about it for ages but when we bought this Snickers in the Stradbroke Spar both the checkout lady and the man having a nice chat with her were intrigued.

we 25 Oct

As you approach Hoxne from Stradbroke on the B1118 there's now traffic calming giving priority to traffic coming the other way.

su 23 Jul

Stradbroke T20 four years agoBack to back T20 (limited over) cricket in Stradbroke this afternoon with visitors Rumburgh and Saxmundham.

th 6 Jul

Stradisphere 2017♫ More muso pleasure coming tomorrow in Stradbroke with what we think is the fourth Stadisphere festival.  Opening the main stage this year the local and youthful Red Glass.

th 4 May
Star Wars Day

Nicola Farnon in StradbrokeThe Stradbroke Jazz Festival has had a break but it returns tomorrow and in Debenham.  Entertaining again are the delicious Nicola Farnon and her musicians (she's Robert Farnon's great niece). ♫

th 6 Apr

Kim and Wally on air at Radio Stradbroke last Sunday.

mo 3 Apr

Putting up the practice nets at Stradbroke Cricket ClubIt was Cricket Force day at Stradbroke CC yesterday when a good turn out started preparing the ground for the first match of the season on the 29thCricket Force is a cricket promotion involving NatWest and Jewsons which we didn't quite understand but we did get a very fine home made sausage roll.

fr 27 Jan

Radio StradbrokeRadio Stradbroke fund raiser tomorrow night in Syleham and Wingfield village hall (a new venue to us) with rock/indie/covers band Red Glass and a cheap bar ... sounds brilliant.

mo 2 Jan

Gemma, Katie and Ellie have started a JustGiving page to fund bringing Stradbroke's two play areas up to standard.

tu 1 Nov

♫ Volunteer managers and creatives wanted for next year's Stradisphere.

sa 27 Aug

Free wedding open day at Butley Priory today 11am-3pm.and Free (the music not the beer) beer and music (sounds like a good combination) festival at the Hoxne Swan this bank holiday weekend. ♫

we 17 Aug

Radio Stradbroke on air 8pm tonight with Summer Music Nights.

sa 9 Jul

Bon Giovi at Stradisphere 2016♫ At Stradisphere last night in Stradbroke as so often at events it took darkness, the approaching show end and possibly Earl Soham Vic at £3.50/pint for the good sized crowd to fill in the empty space at the stage front.  Food, sweets and witty tie died babywear stalls and we much enjoyed three no bass player piece from Norwich The Signs.  The festival continues today with Oasis tribute Definitely Maybe topping tonight.

we 29 Jun

I love the 70s - pic contributed♫ The Stradisphere musical festival returns to Stradbroke the weekend after next with this year design stall I love the 70s.  DJ Huggy (and perhaps chums) on Radio Stradbroke tonight preview the festival.

we 11 May

Kim Bannon at Radio Stradbroke♫ Now that summer is here (on occasion) Radio Stradbroke broadcasts Wednesday evenings as well as Sunday mornings, tonight it's Kim Bannon.

th 21 Apr

Stradisphere July 2016Stradbroke's music festival Stradisphere this June has released 50 more early bird tickets.

fr 26 Feb

Radio Stradbroke fires 10:00am-01:00pm this Sunday with DJ Dave Mann.

th 7 Jan

Little Red Kings who played last year's Stradisphere are looking for a new drummer. ♫

th 17 Dec

Radio Stradbroke broadcast a Christmas six jock special this Sunday. bloody Christmas ... eh?

mo 30 Nov
St Andrew's day

On a Long Stratton corner opposite the Shell garage the smaller open all hours Co-op is now Funeral Services so on Sunday nights useful the Stradbroke Spar is open for travellers returning to near the coast.

su 22 Nov
St Cecilia's Day patron saint of musicians

Geoffrey Smith Stradbroke archiveNot only was the Saturday morning cafe in the Stradbroke Court House open yesterday but it was also the launch of the Geoffrey Smith archive.  Geoffrey Smith (not the gardener) was Stradbroke's John Self making photos of local life and people in the 1950s to 1980s and a good part of his massive archive is now online.

we 12 Aug

Stradbroke has a new parish clerk and half the village can now get fast fibre broadband.

sa 11 Jul

Youthful pizza throwing in StradbrokeThe two stages at this year's highly organised (as last year) Stradbroke Stadisphere face each other and run alternately.  Last night admirably OTT rock'n roll histrionics from Little Red Kings, interesting if confusing (to us) stuff from Alfie Snoggaa (what an unfortunate name) plus youthful and impressive pizza throwing, gates open at 11:30am today. ♫

tu 7 Jul

YES Yes yes, roller derby in Ipswich this Saturday ... we might faint ... and Friday and Saturday the second and very organised Stradisphere music festival though from the band list time runs backwards in Stradbroke ...

mo 29 Jun

We might have to review our opinion that everything is happening near the coast this Saturday the fourth, the Saturday after the 11th is getting pretty busy.  Cretingham fete is on the 11th though we're not sure where.  In Stradbroke Stradisphere is back with loads of local bands.  Last year it was extremely well organised, let's hope this year they're rewarded with a better turnout.

tu 9 Jun

The Stradbroke parish clerk has resigned, if this happenedFramlingham town council 2008 in Framlingham only the chairman would be left with permission to provide oral or written statements to the press .. mind you the remaining councillors would still be free to communicate by the medium of dance or mime ... can't wait to see their walking against the wind

th 7 May
Black Spot Day

10:17am  The Framlingham poll officer is already having to poke ballots in with a ruler, it does matter just bloody VOTE!

Brundish polling station03:23pm  We're hoping to see proxies (when a person nominates someone else to vote for them) of the emergency kind in use in Stradbroke.

06:50pm  Earlier we spoke to prospective parish councillor Richard Pierce-Saunderson outside the Stradbroke poll.  He was about to vote as an emergency proxy on some one else's behalf, we found it exciting.  There was a steady stream in out of the Stradbroke poll, very quiet in Wilby, quiet in Brundish and steady in Dennington.

08:21pm  Queue back to the door in Framlingham polling station.  You have to be in the queue by 10pm to get a ballot paper ... not long to go.

10:19pm  Too late now, Riverside Framlingham.

su 3 May
International Dawn Chorus Day

Difference of opinion between Dr Dan Poulter (MP for much of near the coast  and a Stradbroke councillor and a prospective Stradbroke councillor.

we 29 Apr

Radio Stradbroke 8-11pm tonight Kim Bannon admits We ♥ the 80s.

th 23 Apr
St George's Day

The AffairSaturday morning there will be a drive through scrap metal collection at Stradbroke High School, a girl guides' coffee morning and sale in the St Mike's Rooms Framlingham and in the evening comedy The Affair is at The Centre Bury St Edmunds.

mo 20 Apr

 JOBS  The A board outside the Stradbroke Ivy House is still advertising for staff.

sa 11 Apr

There are 122 parishes in Mid Suffolk and only nine will bother with an election this May.  Stradbroke looks particularly lively with 18 candidates for the 13 seats.  It's unclear what Stackton Tressel will do as they don't seem to come under either Central or Coastal Suffolk.  Stackton community leader Hamish McEdbanguh commented Sorry, I'm in a hurry.

mo 6 Apr

Radio Stradbroke12:00am:  Just firing up now and until 3pm the Radio Stradbroke with past live sessions and judging by the webcams its Huggy and Marty. ♫

tu 24 Mar

Framlingham town councilThis coming May Stradbroke will have a contested parish council election, around near the coast most places probably won't bother ... don't know about Stackton Tressel.  Surprisingly applications to be a parish/town councillor have to be delivered to the district council by hand, in Stradders the parish clerk will deliver it for you.

fr 20 Mar
Spring Equinox

Stradbroke library and post office Before High Ongar in Essex was bypassed we used to pass the newsagents and sub-post office at seven in the morning.  Though they were open to get to the papers delivered they'd sell you papers, sweets and cigarettes but they couldn't conduct post office business until nine because it would be unfair competition for the main post office in Chipping Ongar.  So we were very impressed to find that not only is the Stradbroke library open on a Sunday but so is their post office counter.  But big organisations like the Royal Mail have a genetic need to cock it up and in Yoxford are insisting that the shop can only have a post office counter if it does open on a Sunday.

mo 16 Mar

JOBS  There's an A board outside the Stradbroke Ivy House advertising for full and part time staff  01379 384634

sa 14 Mar

Barn blaze in Hoxne (thanks Bunty).

we 11 Mar

The East of England co-op has withdrawn it's planning application for what was the garage in Stradbroke.

su 15 Feb

Today we snapped in Stradbroke and Otley near Norwich but that can wait while we try and wrap up pleasing Mr Google.

we 18 Feb

Kim Bannon at Radio StradbrokeHaving been distracted by Stradbroke's community run library and post office being open on a Sunday we made it to Radio Stradbroke in time for the last fifteen minutes of Kim Bannon's show.  This Sunday 10am-1pm it's Richard and Huggy with another punk show.

mo 26 Jan
Australia Day

Life Skills 5:  If you find yourself in Long Stratton on a Sunday after 4pm the big Co-op is shut but the little one on the corner opposite the Shell/Lotus garage is open.  This knowledge is particularly valuable if you're travelling back to near the coast and haven't realised the new Spar in Stradbroke will be open.

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