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Stradbroke 2010-07

tu 14 Sep

DraculaThis should brings some goths out.  Next month the Keeper's Daughter are taking Dracula on the road near the coast including Eye, Stradbroke and a double dose in Debenham.

su 15 Aug

Marty's Love Songs on Radio Stradbroke this morning and Suffolk Rare Breeds until 5pm today at Helmingham Hall.

we 11 Aug

Petty but nasty in Martlesham last month, keys found in Woodbridge, surreally a tin bath pinched in Framlingham and last chance to visit the mobile dentist in Stradbroke tomorrow.

fr 11 Jun

Private James Grigg ~ pic contributedFriday next week the Suffolk County First XI play the Stradbroke Vikings in memory of Private James Grigg, 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, killed in action last March.

we 12 May

Crikey, missing Stradbroke teenager Rachel Fisk has turned up in Aberdeen!

sa 8 May

Rachel FiskPolice are concerned for Stradbroke teenager Rachel Fisk who now has shoulder length blond streaked hair and has been missing since Wednesday.

fr 9 Apr

Suffolk Punches ploughing near Stradbroke

Two pairs of lovely and endangered Suffolk Punches (one pair each from Banham Zoo and Horkesley Park) were ploughing at Barne's Farm near Stradbroke in yesterday's very welcome sunshine.  As a Culture of the Countryside free event there were hot drinks, squash, home made biscuits, a charming spaniel who kept trying to trade his stick for a sandwich and unexpectedly the open top vintage Bentley of a spectator.  The Punches will be back later in the year to help harvest the potatoes that will be planted next week as another Culture of the Countryside event.

tu 6 Apr

Wally cueing up a recordSix jocks, 4,000 records and 48 hours of Internet broadcasting over the four days of Easter meant that Radio Stradbroke's bucket and PayPal account combined raised some £500 for the air ambulance and cricket club ... we just love their realness and the sound of vinyl despite Huggy <beep>ing well <beep>ing interviewing us on air!  They'll be broadcasting regularly one Sunday a month starting 16th May.  More pix on Facebook

The Hermitage EnsembleThese are four of the five Russian singers (one isn't well) who make up the Hermitage Ensemble after dining last night.  Tonight they will be presenting an acapella concert of Russian songs in the Stradbroke church.

fr 19 Mar

Private James Grigg  22/01/89-16/03/10The Stradbroke village website pays tribute to Private James Grigg killed in Afghanistan on Tuesday, he was just twenty one.

fr 12 Feb

Last night both the Stradbroke primary school and the business college were burgled.

sa 11 Jul

1pm:  Radio Stradbroke broadcasting live with webcam on President's Day at Stradbroke Cricket Club.

tu 9 Jun

Stradbroke village games postponed to next Sunday because of the rain.

tu 28 Apr

Owen and the cache - pic contributedGeocaching is using your satnav to locate a pair of co-ordinates logged on www.geocaching.com and then finding the hidden cache (there's one just over 400 yards from Stately Terrace).  Moohvy sought one out near Stradbroke recently and her son Owen thought it was the best game ever.  As honourable geocachers Moohvy and Owen took two items from the cache and replaced them with two new ones.  Tell us about your geocache hunts.

fr 17 Apr

Posh biscuits at the Stradbroke annual parish meeting.  (thanks Moohvy)

fr 10 Apr

Wes, Marty and Hugsy at Radio StradbrokeWhen we arrived today at Radio Stradbroke jocks Wes and Hugsy were swopping at the start of a four day 12 to 12 marathon in aid of the air ambulance and the cricket club.  They're vinyl ... lots of vinyl ... just a pound (and you can pay online) gets you two requests ... off you go ...

su 24 Aug

Those hit and run bandits Stradbroke Radio are on air today for their GoGo Summer Roadshow and playing vinyl, that's the way to do it fellas!

su 27 Jan

Nicky McDonald is setting up a First Responders in Stradbroke (sounds sensible to us) and obviously is looking for like minded people.

th 11 Oct

Punch Taverns The Stradbroke White Harthave certainly made an attractive proposition out of theBuilding work on Wilby Village Hall Stradbroke White Hart and it looks like Wilby Village Hall is getting one of those glamorous rooftop terrace cafés ... but then again maybe it isn't.

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