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loco and Lanman

Framlingham on Ingrave summit in 1929Framlingham the Locomotive shown here on the left climbing Ingrave Summit in 1929 is LNER locomotive Post nationalisation Framlingham possibly in Colchester number 2803 Framlingham.  She was B17 Sandringham class and built in December 1928 but in October 1946 she was rebuilt as B2 Thompson class and her LNER number changed to 1603.  After nationalisation her British Rail number was 61603 and she was finally taken out of service in September 1958.  No Sandringham or Thompson class locos have survived and as Framlingham station was always at the end of a spur it seems unlikely that Framlingham ever visited Framlingham?

13th August 1949 at Romford Framlingham as a B17 on a 1 shilling jigsaw


1945 train ticket to IpswichEven though you couldn't be pulled by the Framlingham locomotive when Fram still had a stationThomas Edmondson how much was a ticket to Ipswich?  Iin 1945 a single third class fare was 3/6d (17.5p) {sounds a lot? Single to Wickham Market 1952}, seven years later the single fare to Wickham was 1/1d (5.5p).  The ticket style is known as edmondson after Thomas Edmondson who created the universally adopted style.

An untypically quiet moment in the Lanman

The Lanman Museum was founded in 1978 but has its origins in the 1930s when the late Harold Lanman (1893-1979) started Harold Lanman  1893-1979 collecting local artefacts.  Initially housed in the Old Library the museum is now found on the first floor of Framlingham Castle.  The original collection covered the late Victorian to Edwardian periods but it has since grown backwards to medieval times and forward to World War II.  We are always looking to expand the collection – history is an ongoing process!

The collection policy is that all artefacts come from an area within a five mile radius of The Framlingham Weekly News Framlingham and notably the collection includes the entire Framlingham Weekly News which was published every Saturday from 1859 to 1938.  The edition on display is changed weekly to that of a 100 years ago.  The adverts in particular make fascinating reading as many of the shops are still in the town.

Utilising grants from the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Headley Trust we have recently purchased medieval gold jewellery found locally which is now displayed in the castle's Enjoying themselves in the museumGreat Hall.  The museum houses two impressive Faberge objects given to Sir Henry Thompson, surgeon to Queen Victoria.  The dinner guest list from one of the doctor's dinner parties is not only signed by George V but also by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the creator Sherlock Holmes.

Other interesting displays include a funeral bier, traps (for both humans and animals), old shop displays and tools relating to trades in Framlingham that no longer exist such as shoe making.  We are building up a clock collection as clock making was once a major business in Fram and any information about this would be most welcome.  The photograph collection is vast, including a set of local pictures taken by John Self on glass.  The glass plates cannot be displayed for conservation reasons but copies show town life at the turn of the last century.  It is great fun trying to identify both people and places and many people have identified their relatives.

Over the summer period the museum is stewarded by local volunteers but we are always on the look out for anybody who can spare a few hours to help.

Curator:  Alison Pickup

Curator Alison Pickup

Parade on the Market HillFairy ChainJohn Self was an active photographer around Framlingham at the start of the twentieth century and his collection is kept at the Lanman Museum.  The shoe shop in Albert Place Framlingham still carried his name until 2016.Framlingham Horse Show 1908Military Parade on the Market HillGypsies

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