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earlier in Orford

su 6 Jun

The Woodbridge and District safer neighbourhood team, the UK border agency and HM coastguard at Orford Quay from 8.30am today promoting boat safety and security on and off the water.

fr 4 Jun

Local weather (there's nothing for you here) on Ipswich ... Leiston, Lowestoft, Orford, Southwold ... and Lotus.

tu 1 Dec

Last Thursday in locations including Orford, Melton, Campsea Ashe and Ufford Woodbridge SNT handed out 15 warnings and 10 fixed penalties for speeding, and seized a vehicle.

fr 20 Nov

If at Orford quay you turn left and walk some 100 yards there's a cafe where tea is till served in a pot and there is quite an excellent view.

Looking out on the river

fr 6 Nov

PCSOs Trudy Sharman and Amy Cowan

A missing tarpaulinBy the time we got to Orford this morning PCSOs Trudy Sharman and Amy Cowan had already found two customers, Chris had lost a tarpaulin stolen from his boatyard and a second boatyard had lost cables (we suspect cables in the nautical sense).  The PCSOs were spending the day visiting Orford, Bawdsey, Ramsholt and Woodbridge to increase the awareness of Marine Watch because of recent crimes.

we 28 Oct

An outboard motor, tank and petrol stolen in Orford.

sa 28 Mar

Some of the Suffolk SingersThe Suffolk Singers celebrate the approaching Easter by presenting a very varied programme at St Bartholomew's, Orford tonight.

su 29 Jun

We took our lunch yesterday in Orford expecting to use that rather pleasant restaurant/cafe on the quay only to discover it's been a warehouse for the

Orford yesterday

oyster people for some years apparently.  So we walked back to the King's Head which despite being run by Hotel Inspector Ruth Watson was surprisingly unpretentious, the food excellent, not that expensive and very generous in quantity, and the Adnams Broadside (always a dodgy one that, in most pubs how long has it been in the pipes?) in perfect condition.  Gets a tick in our book.

fr 25 Apr

Stolen Roman duck broochPolice are appealing again about the Roman duck brooch stolen from Orford Castle at the end of last month.  Can't help but think that if it was an opportunist crime then the brooch could still be near the coast?

th 3 Apr

That's a pity, someone has pinched a Roman brooch from Orford Castle.

we 6 Feb

Cuckoo TeapotThe Eastern Angles take Cuckoo Teapot out on tour next week starting Wednesday and Thursday in Saxmundham.  Over the next three months venues will include Eye, Brandeston, Bredfield, Westleton, Hacheston, Woodbridge and Orford.  Take them in before the blue meanie Arts Council finish them off.

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