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Halesworth 2010-07

th 9 Dec

Yet ANOTHER ring found in Woodbridge and a full time gardening job going in Halesworth.

fr 29 Oct

That 26 year old man in Halesworth wasn't stabbed last weekend.

we 2 Jun

Today Matthew we will be mostly localising the weather ... as always not as straight forward as it looks ... sorted, Woodbridge done ... Aldeburgh, Felixstowe, Halesworth ... that'll do for now.

sa 29 May

Broadsword fighting lessonsTwo rehearsals going on last night at the Halesworth Cut; downstairs Comedy of Errors rehearsal broadsword fighting (though rather like Dad's Army some were having to make do with sticks) for Henry V later this summer and upstairs Comedy of Errors for Mouth to Mouth's annual garden tour starting 17th next month at the Laxfield Low House.  More pix on Facebook

sa 22 May

Making shopping bags in Halesworth - pic contributedToday Halesworth in Transition are giving away in the Thoroughfare recycled shopping bags made by volunteers and Brampton Primary School; around midnight the ladies of the St Elizabeth Hospice's Midnight Walk will be departing from Ipswich Town Football Club.

we 7 Apr

Audience member greeted on arrivalAt the Halesworth Cut last night a sizeable audience sampled the real food in the foyer (we gave the olives and nuts some serious attention) and then watched the 15 minute film Diet, Media and Me made locally and including street interviews in Lowestoft.  Afterwards there was an open discussion (the average woman in the UK is size 14), more pixe.

The discussion afterwards

mo 22 Mar

Rural Myth 19:  Sex and the City is based on Halesworth.

sa 20 Feb

Mathew HorneEven if the Halesworth Cut's web site doesn't know about it yet Mathew Horne (the not fat one from Gavin and Stacey) has been added to the bill for Friday's Hope For Haiti.

tu 2 Feb

Guest celebrity at the Framlingham bungee jump actor (brilliant as David Blunkett in A Very Social Secretary) Bernard Hill will be hosting the first of two charity concerts for Haiti at the Halesworth Cut on the 26th February.

fr 29 Jan

LibDem Daisy CooperThe Lib Dems have chosen local girl (brought up in Walberswick, educated in Framlingham, Halesworth and Southwold) Daisy Cooper for the futile task of contesting John Gummer's seat ... maybe if she promised to re-legalise hunting?

mo 4  Jan

The finale of Five and the Mystery of Sherwood Forest

In Sibton on the way to the matinee of Five and the Mystery of Sherwood Forest a peacock (no, not a pheasant a peacock) tried to commit vehicular suicide.  In Halesworth an original (in both senses and including the music) Five was highly entertaining and the audience totally involved with much booing and hissing of the baddies by both kids and groanies ... one youthful voice advising those on stage to Look behind the middle tree!  We were particularly impressed with the youthful Woofy who stayed in character through out the show, can't wait for the expected Mouth to Mouth garden tour in the summer.

Mrs Barron being evilMr and Mrs BarronHarry and Julian

Afterwards we discovered that the fruit and veg in the Halesworth coop was possibly even more rubbish than the Framlingham coop and then drove home through falling snow.

th 3 Dec

The Halesworth branch of the Norwich and Peterborough Building Society (10th largest in the country) is to close.

sa 21 Nov

Suffolk people will be taking the Country Seat in Halesworth today.

tu 16 Jun

Some difference of opinion about Tescos in Halesworth.

sa 16 May

Wonder what the story is behind the smashed window and gold car in Halesworth?

tu 5 May

Some of the over 600 weaponsDuring March and April the weapons amnesty in Beccles, Bungay and Halesworth retrieved over 600 items, we find the ammo the scary bit ... well actually some of the knives are pretty scary too.

we 8 Oct

The circumstances of last night's fatal road accident on the Southwold road has sounded regrettable echoes of the recent fatal collision Halesworth way.

tu 5 Aug

There were eight arrests this weekend at the Halesworth Gig in the Park which is a bit surprising because when we passed Saturday afternoon the woman in the red safety jacket would have certainly frightened us off!

tu 29 Jul

You can schlep to Halesworth to see Geno Washington and the Maverick Festival is back on at Easton Farm Park but slimmed down to a thousand alt country enthusiasts.

th 12 Jun

Has your football team mislaid its strip?  Possibly near Halesworth?

fr 9 May

Police officers found Holly Goodchild safe and well last night.

th 8 May

Holly Goodchild, missing since Tuesday  

14 year old Holly Goodchild from Holton near Halesworth has been missing since Tuesday.

tu 29 Jan

We know this sounds highly unlikely but during last Tuesday night a conservatory, yes a conservatory, was stolen in Halesworth.

tu 8 Jan

Maurice HorhutJuke Joint/Barrelhouse pianist and new(ish) Dennington resident Maurice Horhut is doing his first local gig Saturday 26th at the Halesworth Cut.

sa 29 Dec

Jolly good sorts

Frau WotsänamenWhat a wheeze!  Get your people to warm up the Lagonda and then motor over to The Cut, Halesworth.  Five and the Aladdin Stone is a thundering yarn full of good eggs who we've seen somewhere else.  Mind you Frau Wotsänamen is a bit of an odd cove, in fact she's an absolute blister ... but there is lashings of ginger beer during the interval!  Oh yes, it's on until the fifth of Jan.

The suitcases to train doors transformation was applauded

we 5 Dec

With the current weather the new Teen Shelter in Halesworth's town park Crowded in the Teen Shelter was getting heavy use even before Rose Baldry for the local Crime Prevention Panel handed it over to the Town Council.  Jointly funded by Awards for All and Suffolk Police the shelter looks a little like an open ended Nissen hut, is hopefully vandal proof, didn't come pre-graffitied (that was arranged locally) and is very handy for both the skate park and a spot of fishing in the River Blyth.

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