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bungee jump

fr 22 Sep

PC Jeff Burt with Roy from The Crown and his staff started fencing off the Market Hill at three in the afternoon and the crane was due at 4:30pm.

Clearing the Market Hill

The bungee jump is twice as high as St Mike's tower

The crowd got a lot bigger later on

Frances was just brilliant and sort of made it all possible by being the first jumper and ironically later tripped over a kerb and hurt her arm, Abi was the youngest jumper and equally brilliant ...

Frances going over the edge

Abi almost at the top

Holding on to your harness and praying was a popular position

... Ollie Pascoe jumped three times, a mature gentleman from Dennington who walks with a stick jumped twice, Special Constable Graham Durrant (not in uniform) calmly jumped and clearly impressed his on duty colleagues, a priest from Solar and a human cheese jumped, the Scotsman was au naturel but because the harness went over the kilt all you got to see was his rather pert bottom, Cilla on the mike kept it going and people were signing up all over the place to jump.  At the last count over £2,500 was raised for the skate park and other local youth thingies.

Ollie Pascoe on the right jumped three times

We couldn't do it but obviously lots of you could

How did he keep his hat on?

Polly Handy from The Crown

Catherine wasn't going to be outdone by her children

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