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Fram the racehorse

22 jn 2005

10 year old grey gelding by Out Of Hand - Sugar HallI have a grey racehorse called Framlingham who I rescued from a farmer's field in the Welsh mountains two years ago.  Framlingham was breed local by M Braggs in Suffolk and may have been competing cross country.  He is ten years old and was sold as a six year old at the Doncaster Sales.  When we bought him two years later he was in an appalling condition, injured and was almost put down by the vet.  With lots of TLC he is now well and in a racing stables with Roger Curtis in Lambourn and has potential for the up and coming jump season.

I am writing this email to see if anyone has any information on the horse's history before it went to the Doncaster Sales?

Thank you - Bethan

10 no 2005

Hello.  I'm writing to tell you that Framlingham is due to run in a hurdle race at Uttoxeter on the 12th November.  It's his first race this season and will need the run.  Keep you updated and will send some pictures.


12 no 2005

Sorry I did not give you much notice of Framlingham racing, I did not know till the last minute that he had got into the race.  He wasn't as fit as the other horses and it was his first run in some 200 days, he ran well then Framlingham (on the left) on the gallops pulled up.  Frammy is quite a character and decided to run off at the start and had to be led to the starting line.  He held the race up by five minutes having a tantrum with his jockey.  He was very excited and can be extremely naughty.  The young conditional Charlie Studd had a very hard time as the horse pulled very hard with him.  Frammy wouldn't settle but the jockey did a brilliant job and pulled him up when he was tired and brought him home safe with no injuries.  Frammy should be a lot fitter next time he runs and hopefully a bit calmer. He should suit a 3 mile chase, however the next race will be a hurdle race to give him more confidence and to try and settle him better.  He is due to run in approx two weeks.


05 de 2005

Hi.  Bad news I'm afraid, Framingham is being retired from racing as he is not interested and does not enjoy his work.  He gets very stressed in the races and has not completely got over his back injuries. We think he may enjoy show jumping or cross country better.  However he will not be sold, just loaned out to a capable rider who will look after him.  We are getting a nice younger horse shortly and we're thinking of calling it Frammy Two.  Keep you updated.


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