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we 1 Aug

Things to do this weekend include Saturday evening Man in the Hat at the Aldeburgh Railway Inn and Friday and Saturday the Keeper's Daughter company present at Hartismere School Eye (like last year's outstanding Romeo and Juliet) a promenade performance of Looking Glass.

we 23 May

The Black Swan chefThe Homersfield (it's near Diss) Black Swan yesterday was packed with chairmen, facilitators, co-ordinators, mayoral chains, at least one cleric and a slap up cream team to launch Seven Towns In Sound which includes Eye and Halesworth.  The downloadable audio walking guides have been produced by Nick Jenkins of Soundboard Productions who did a similar thing for Framlingham (and an impromptu skatepark opening) a couple of years back.

tu 10 Apr

Last year The Keeper's Daughter put together a brilliant promenade Romeo and Juliet at the high school in Eye.  They're doing it again this summer but this time it's Alice Through The Looking Glass.

sa 6 Aug

Romeo and JulietYou need to know for Romeo and Juliet at Hartismere School Eye it's red for Montague and blue for Capulet ... the audience are Montagues and Capulets too.  This promenade production (the audience move to follow the action) by the Keeper's Daughter is witty, extremely original and the young cast take it on at 100mph (we bet Romeo's mum was annoyed he'd got his shirt so dirty at just the dress rehearsal).  Two shows today, go and see it.  More pix on FB

th 9 Jun

Impressively Eye managed to have their mayor making last Sunday without getting the English Defence League in to decorate the place and the town has a pub again now the Queen's Head has re-opened.

tu 24 May

We thought that Eye didn't have a pub anymore so a reasonable assumption that this trainee chef (including day release) is WANTED at the Stoke Ash White Horse.

fr 8 Oct

Gothic attitude - pic by Gwyn BilbyRunning this month at the Beyond The Image gallery near Eye is a show of images by Gwyn Bilby from the Whitby Goth Weekend earlier this year.

tu 14 Sep

This should brings some goths out.  Next month the Keeper's Daughter are taking Dracula on the road near the coast including Eye, Stradbroke and a double dose in Debenham.

su 25 Jul

Mouth to Mouth's Henry V last night at Eye castle had real archers, big bangs (we were inadvertently standing by one back stage when it went off, ears rang for ages), smoke, flaming brands, a full contact Agincourt, laughs, badminton, yer actual

Henry V at Eye Castle

French and bags of entertainment.  Those traditional British day out accompaniments rain and weak tea in a flimsy plastic cup were missing but there was an intermission queue for the loos but as director, producer and Bardolph James Holloway pointed out to the audience There weren't any toilets at Agincourt!  Henry continues next week.  More pix on Facebook.

sa 14 Aug

Framlingham camera club members Sue and Mike Westgate are showing at the Beyond The Image gallery near Eye all this month.

tu 13 Jul

Henry V at Eye castleTo quote Shania Twain (remember her?) I want bells to ring, a choir to sing, a white dress, guests, the cake, the car, the whole darn thing and that's what you're gonna get next week at Eye castle from Mouth to Mouth's Henry V ... Full Monty!

th 17 Jun

The motorcyclist who died in yesterday's accident on the B1077 was 49 year old Mark Corbyn.

we 16 Jun

1:00pm  The B1077 is closed at the junction with the A140 north of Eye after a fatal road accident involving a Skoda Felica and a Honda motorbike.

sa 12 Jun

There don't seem to be a lot of Eyes in the world, one near Peterborough, but a Sleepy Eye in Minnesota and Blue Eye(s) in Missouri and Arkansas.

th 3 Jun

Learn broadsword and then join in a medieval punch up at Eye castle.

th 19 Nov

Special Graham Durrant holding the tutorOur pic of Special Constable Graham Durrant on duty at a Framlingham Gala so appealed to a picture editor as an example of a British volunteer that it was used in an English language tutor for German speakers published earlier this year.  Nowdays Special Sergeant Durrant is stationed at Eye and Debenham.

we 6 Feb

The Eastern Angles take Cuckoo Teapot out on tour next week starting Wednesday and Thursday in Saxmundham .  Over the next three months venues will include Eye, Brandeston , Bredfield, Westleton, Hacheston, Woodbridge and Orford.  Take them in before the blue meanie Arts Council finish them off.

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