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earlier in Thorpeness

tu 3 May

Best junior Zac Wright ~ pic contributedThankfully rather better weather at Thorpeness for this Best dog Suki with Corrina Smith and Peter Turner ~ pic contributed year's Heritage Coast jobbie than last.  700 people turned out to run or walk one of three distances with 10 year old Framlingham Flyer Zac Wright best junior and Suki best dog.

mo 19 Jul

Some 700 litres of red diesel stolen in Thorpeness last week.

fr 28 May

Two jobs going in Huntingfield, the desk on the board SOLD, tomorrow night the newly formed Framlingham Rotary Club will celebrate gaining their charter at Thorpeness Country Club and Sunday at that most lovely of venues Helmingham Hall it's Plant Heritage's spring sale.

mo 3 May

The Thorpeness Dolphin is looking for a chef.

su 2 May

Pinkness at the Thorpeness Heritage Coast Run/WalkOnly the burger van on the field for the Stratford St Andrew boot sale when we passed this morning.  Arriving at Thorpeness in forceful wind and icy rain for the Heritage Coast Walk/Run the pa was playing ELO's Mr Blue Sky ... not surprisingly no tutus, only Runners starting at Thorpenessone pink wig we saw and the ninja look was popular though much pinkness in the Suffolk Breakthrough tent.  There were three different starts and we heard shouted at the departing second group That's the half marathon you donut!  Total respect to everyone who turned out.  More pix on Facebook

th 8 Oct

Smiles at Walk on the Wildside 2009

Bunny EarsIt certainly was VERY PINK in Thorpeness and Aldeburgh this morning for a Walk On The Wildside 2009 with lots of doggies getting double helpings of walkies, some tutus (it's as near as we're going to get to roller derby for a bit), bunny ears and the traders in Aldeburgh joining in the spirit with balloons ... but the carnival moves on and because rules is rules and councils is councils (what would we do without them?) the pink ribbon way markers have to be collected.

Collecting the ribbons afterwards

sa 30 May

Coward Curiostities at ThorpenessWe noticed last night on the way back from Coward Curiosities in Thorpeness that what ended up as The Emporium opposite the mere has had a coat of paint, a name change to The Beach Hut and is a cafe again, seems like a sound idea.

fr 29 May

Coward CuriositiesRemember Coward Curiosities at the Framlingham Crown?  Mouth to Mouth are presenting this quirky collection of short Noel Coward pieces in Thorpeness tonight, and Lowestoft early next month.

su 3 May
International Dawn Chorus Day

Smoke from fire at Thorpeness - pic by DeanoHeath fire this afternoon near Thorpeness, hope  it didn't disrupt the charity run/walk.  (thanks Deano)

th 12 Feb

The Brasserie and Emporium at Thorpeness is now just an emporium but with the walls still papered wittily (yeah, right) with covers from Private Eye.

th 1 May

Antiques Fair this weekend in Thorpeness ...

tu 11 Mar

... and the Thorpeness village sign gets unwanted attention.

tu 12 Feb

Thorpeness Brasserie and Emporium

The Emporium bit of the Thorpeness Brasserie and Emporium is looking for collectors and antique traders to use their market stalls.

tu 22 Jan

Here's a bit of solid gold, a 1950s train journey on the Saxmundham-Aldeburgh branch calling at Thorpe Halt ... accompanied by Flanders and Swan ... and we've just worked out that the boy standing seemingly dangerously on the track is holding up the single track token for the driver.

su 18 Nov

Brasserie & EmporiumLast time we went to Thorpeness to be mugged by the swans the brick cafe had become a restaurant and was only open in the evenings so we went in the wooden hut for a pot of Earl Gray instead.  The restaurant is now a Brasserie & Emporium and was open in the afternoon, but we still went in the wooden hut ...

tu 14 Aug

Small boy and swans

Massed swans Swans doing what they should be doing The swans on Thorpeness Mere have worked out you get more bits of sandwich if you don't break a man's arm but en masse they still look like they should be hanging round a floating bus shelter.  What's that cartoon We have cats like other people have mice?  James Thurber?

Swan hoping that's a crisp in her hand

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