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sa 28 Apr

493rd Bomb Group MuseumThe airfield museum at Debach opens during summer opens on the last Sunday of the month so that'll be tomorrow then plus also tomorrow young farmers at Easton Farm Park.

we 28 Feb

Shepherd and Dog in Forward Green - pic by Google EarthThe Shepherd and Dog at Forward Green (it's between the A140 and Stowupland) has a giant TO LET sign outside.  Tripadvisor and someone who told someone else seem to think it's closed and has been for a bit.  We're pretty sure the letting agents are Fleurets who specialise in pubs and shops but we can't find it on their website ... maybe that's why it's got stuck.

fr 16 Feb
Chinese New Year - year of the dog

Common Ground's autumn show The MarinerThrough some oversight or possibly just good old fashioned incompetence last year we didn't make it tobloody Christmas ... eh? Common Ground's Christmas show Sherlock Holmes and the Hooded Lance.  We will try harder for their autumn tour of The Mariner and they have a shiny new website to tell you all about it.

tu 6 Feb

A fine example of enviable near the coast local authority communication skills.

th 18 Jan

A bit windy last night ... eh?

th 28 Dec

The Friston Chequers now seems to be the Friston Old Chequers and has a fresh looking coat of paint.

tu 14 Nov

 FOR SALE  In Bruisyard and on Gumtree a 12 x 8 greenhouse for £150.

th 2 Nov

Sunddenly Last Summer - graphic by Bridget MorleyTonight at the Wingfield Barns Open Space Theatre start a tour around near the coast of Tennessee William's Suddenly Last Summer.  Performance this Saturday at the Huntingfield Hub and the Saturday after at the Halesworth Cut.

th 2 Nov

near the coast house sales October review.House sales around near the coast

we 25 Oct

As you approach Hoxne from Stradbroke on the B1118 there's now traffic calming giving priority to traffic coming the other way.

we 4 Oct

House sales around near the coastHouse sales continued to sparkle in Woodbridge during the summer ... or maybe it's just a large town by the standards of near the coast.

tu 12 Sep

Yesterday a motorist was assaulted and robbed between Metfield and Fressingfield.

sa 9 Sep

As predicted the Tour of Britain flashed through near the coast yesterday but perhaps the helicopter got lost?  It only seemed to turn up as the peloton was leaving Framlingham.

tu 5 Sep

Tour of Britain 2012 in AldeburghThe Tour of Britain will be passing through near the coast Friday round about lunch time.  You will know it's approaching when you hear the helicopter, expect it to flash past and best not to get in the way.  Wednesday the day before there's an individual time trial around Clacton, if you download the start sheet you'll know who's likely to be coming along next and there will be several hours of spectating to do.

tu 29 Aug

Sorry to hear that the Cratfield Poacher closed earlier this year, we had a des' dinner there in 2010.

th 3 Aug

Saturday the Hasketon village fete on the green.

su 23 Jul

Stradbroke T20 four years agoBack to back T20 (limited over) cricket in Stradbroke this afternoon with visitors Rumburgh and Saxmundham.

su 16 Jul

Bentwaters Cold War Museum open today.

we 5 Jul

Dunwich Dynamo 2015Next Saturday/Sunday night the 25th Dunwich Dynamo will be passing through near the coast.  This year the Gentleman Plumber will not be popping up his cafe near the Framlingham water tower but may be back next year.

fr 2 Jun

Mackenzie Crook outside the Framlingham Crown JOBS  Around near the coast The Detectorists have one day's paid work next month for bearded mechanic type aged 40-80, filming in Staverton Park Butley.  Jobs also going for removal/builder types, a milkman and two male mourners in Framlingham and lots more, scroll down here.

we 17 May

Horham Open Village and Fete Saturday afternoon.

fr 12 May

♫ The Maui Waui Pirates Ball weekend at Thorington kicks off tonight with an outdoor showing of Pulp Fiction.

su 30 Apr

The annual Hasketon book and plant sale tomorrow afternoon.

we 26 Apr

The Fighting 493rd BGThe Debach Airfield Museum re-opens for the summer this Sunday the 30th and is then open every last Sunday of the month until the end of September.

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