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mo 24 Oct

Gridiron UKAlthough there wasn't the promised thunder storm yesterday in ... more here

tu 23 Jul

Gridiron UKDespite that there Facepack making it increasingly difficult to curate a photo collection we now have a flag football album.

su 17 Jul

Gridiron UKThe tragedy of yesterday's four team women's american football in Norwich was that the beer van broke down on the way and never made it.

mo 20 Jun

Gridiron UKThe rain Saturday in Peterborough didn't ruin the second round of the Women's Central Division but it did dampen it a bit.  Fortunately the ... more here

sa 21 May

Ipswich Cardinals 13-32 Norwich DevilsPoignant last Sunday as the Ipswich Cardinals v Norwich Devils home game was the first without the management of Ralph and Jan ... more here

tu 17 May

In Cambridge Saturday's Varsity game for the first three quarters looked like anCambridge Pythons suporters Oxford Lancers win if not a repeat of last year's 36-00 Pythons whitewash.  In Q4 two Python break away running touchdowns and converted points after led to a 14-12 copiously supported win.  In the third quarter if the Lancers on fourth and goal had attempted and completed a field goal they would have won but they didn't know that at the time.

Our journey to the game was hindered by a 30 minute tail back at the Cambridge end of the M11.  It was still there the next day and now the A14 was closed by an accident east bound between junctions 31-35, four junctions?  Confusingly eastbound at Cambridge junction numbers jump from 26 to 31.

tu 26 Apr

Ipswich Cardinals 00-10 Colchester GladiatorsSunday at a new and military looking sports facility on the Mersea side of Colchester the Ipswich Cardinals played the Colchester Gladiators. ... more here

tu 12 Apr

Gridiron UKFor one day only Sunday the Ipswich Cardinals moved round the corner to train amongst the dog walkers on the Dumbarton Road Rec.  Two ... more here

fr 8 Apr

Norwich Devils Women's Rookie DayThe Norwich Devils Women start their season next month at the Sandwell Steelers (that's Birmingham).

sa 5 Mar

Norwich Devils WomenCrikey!  The Norwich Devils Women have bought us a whole handful of coffeesBuy us a coffee, how very kind.  Their season starts in May and they host a four team tournament in Norwich and July.

mo 21 Feb

Norwich Devils Women's Rookie DaySaturday an impressive number of new faces at the Norwich Devils Women second rookies day plus enough coaches to make a Top ... more here

su 6 Feb

Very windy for UEA Pirates 08-28 Birmingham Lions today the Pirates' last home game of the season.  More than enough injuries and as noted by the ... more here

tu 14 Dec

In Norwich Sunday the first quarter of Pirates v Cardiff Cobra's whizzed past with no injuries and very possibly no officials timeouts.  After three years since ... more here

mo 22 Nov
St Cecilia's Day patron saint of music

Our first return to the Pirates for over a year.  On our short way through suburban Norwich at least two new housing estates and more in progress but that's how it is all over East Anglia.  The Pirates now have a water boy (water man) and ... more here

mo 20 Sep

Yesterday somewhere between Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge both ways there was very heavy rain but none to speak of at Cardinals 08-57 Cambridge ... more here

sa 16 Oct

In a probably futile attempt to control our continuingly sprawling Facebook albums we've merged Bury Saints 2017-2016.

mo 30 Aug

Norwich Devil with an injured ankleThe second three teamer of the Women's Central East Conference Saturday was held at the Peterborough Lions Rugby Club.  Despite helpful directions from the Royals' #27 finding the ground confused both us and the satnav.  Committed play from all three teams but perhaps most impressive was the Leicester Falcons finishing the day with just nine players for seven a side contact and still grinding it out.  New to us an offensive penalty in your own end zone is a safety, make sense, how can you give a yardage penalty.

tu 29 Jun

Fumbling the ball out of your opponent's end zone is a touchback for the other team, who knew?  The refs on Sunday did.

fr 2 Apr

In american football the NFL for the coming season have dropped one pre-season game and added a seventeenth regular season game.  Looking at the schedule it seems teams play an opponent from the other conference ...

sa 6 Mar

International Women's DayPerhaps fortuitously with International Women's Day on Monday the NFL has appointed their second woman official and the first African-American woman official Maia Chaka.

th 18 Feb

A perfect hook and ladderFor quite a long time we vaguely thought it was called a hook and ladder because it was something to do with firefighting equipment.  Then we learnt that hook is a receiver route hooking towards the pitch centre and the ladder is a lateral (a sideways pass) ... generally known as a hook and ladder.

tu 16 Feb

Thoughtful american football pundit Mike Carlson became Michael Carlson on Radio 4's arts prog Front Row last night.

sa 23 Jan

Last year Sarah Thomas became the first woman to officiate a Super Bowl playoff game.  She managed the measuring chain and the down marker the NFL havingRef Alisha Darkins in Norwich and lighter mood renamed the role from Head Linesman to the gender independent Down Judge ... she's doing it again tomorrow fortnight at this year's Super Bowl.

In East Anglia we're lucky to benefit from ref Alisha Darkins who does not lack attitude when disorder breaks out ... Get off my field!.

mo 4 Jan

Not surprisingly the Colchester Gladiators have postponed their Rookie Day this coming Sunday.

th 31 Dec

There are two Brits in the eleven players on the NFL's very international programme for next season.

tu 1 Dec

At the bottom of the page proposed age groups for under 17 flag american football.

su 29 Nov

Play Like A GirlSarah Fuller eh?  How long before we get a woman in the UK premiership?  Soccer that is.

tu 24 Nov

An Evening with Tom LehrerOh joy, the return of outdoor sport at this lockdown end.  We do miss the socialising as well as the sport of East Anglian american football.  While we wait here's an unnumbered reason to be cheerful ♫ Hurl that spheroid down the field ♫

mo 2 Nov

Iceni Spears v Waveney Wolves in LowestoftSaturday In Lowestoft speedy Waveney Wolves were running through multiple Iceni Spears tackles but with time the Spears started making their tackles.  A Spears trick play along the lines of It's the wrong ball worked beautifully.  We think maybe just three or four flags in all three games which were played with an outstanding spirit though heavy rain inevitably dampened the final match.

mo 5 Oct

At the Ipswich Cardinals new venue in Rushmere despite steady rain with enough wind to make it uncomfortably cold an impressive near fifty players old and new turned out and just one spectator.  Some younger newbs unwisely thought shorts .. more here

mo 28 Sep

Yesterday's UEA Pirates socially distanced rookies had some 15 newbs in the drizzle and a hatful of them could complete a pass.  Chatting with the ... more here

su 16 Aug

American football scholarships avaiable at UEASeems unlikely but UEA in Norwich are offering american football scholarships, you need to apply before the end of the month.

su 9 Aug

Stan on the Ipswich Cardinals chain crewSaddening but not surprisingly the Red Rooster Festival near Thetford has been postponed until next year.  Robert Stan Stamper (seen here on the Ipswich Cardinals chain crew entertaining the visiting Bury Saints sideline) at last year's Maverick Festival before dashing off to dance with his daughter told us the 2018 Roosterfest had been brilliant. ♫

su 26 Jul

What could be sisters at the Ipswich Cardinals last year added to Suffolk Ladies.

th 25 Jun

If you're a Colts supporter or interested in how a NFL team is managed then Sucking for Luck will intrigue you.

fr 29 May

Crikey!  A non-helmet wearing backflip on roller skates in a skate park and the suspension of British american football extended to the beginning of July.

su 17 May

In Suffolk there were 331 coronavirus-related deaths up to the 1 May.  Yesterday 1,350 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Suffolk.  The  forty eighth reason to be cheerful is surely an anthem for all contact sports.

fr 15 May

British american football summer season cancelledYou win some you lose some.  The Martlesham Wickes with new safety measures has re-opened but BAFA have CANCELLED this summer's British contact american football season though there could be friendlies later on.

tu 21 Apr

Pat McAfee at the 2019 NFL draftIt's the NFL virtual draft this week but as it's in the middle of the night we probably won't bother unless Pat McAfee is announcing a Colts' pick of course.

fr 17 Apr

Cambridge Python #36 Jack BradburyOutside line backer for the Cambridge Pythons #36 Jack Bradbury has graduated early to practise immediately as a junior hospital doctor.  We'll be clapping for you next Thursday Jack,

mo 10 Feb
Storm Ciara
Jim Beam

Yesterday's Kent Falcons 00-17 Essex Blades was really worked over by Storm Ciara (our trousers and underpants were still soaked through when we got back to Suffolk) so everyone involved (including us) very noble people.  Surprisingly in the surging side winds the first score was an Essex field goal though a ref observed it was two yards off target before being blown back on target.  Traditionally leaving Essex third years get to share a bottle of Jim Beam ... after the coaches have had a swig.

mo 3 Feb

Cambridge Pythons 0-0 ARU RhinosYesterday in Cambridge visitors the Cambs Pythons failed a field goal and the ARU Rhinos ran in a td but it was called back, probably for holding ... it's always holding, and so a nil nil result.  Lots of penalties including the unlikely defensive delay of game, slippery balls, a limping ball boy and an essentially good tempered match with thankfully just two game pausing non-serious injuries.

mo 20 Jan

Regrettably we didn't make it to Brunel Burners at Essex Blades in Colchester yesterday.  The Blades won 18-15 which sounds close enough to have been exciting and involving.

mo 13 Jan

Offensive end Eric Fisher NOT driniking beerYesterday in the NFL playoffs Kansas City Chiefs tackle 72 Eric Fisher at 13:38 on YouTube celebrated a touchdown by pinching some spectators' beers and then not drinking them ... American beer so understandable:)

mo 23 Dec

Poignant visiting the Ipswich Cardinals yesterday for the first time since owner Ralph Alexander passed away.  Despite early rain, Christmas and a very ... more here

mo 25 Nov

On a miserable yesterday the UEA Pirates had their first premiership win beating Hertfordshire Hurricanes 24-00.  It could have been at least 30-00 but a ... more here

su 17 Nov

The UEA Pirates knew that promotion to the premiership was going to be a leap and last Sunday for their first home game of this season they were shut out ... more here

th 17 Oct

Saturday Great Britain v Russia american football live streamed on the BBC web site.

we 16 Oct

It's the Ipswich Cardinals american football second come and try rookies day Sunday.

mo 30 Sep

UEA Prospects Saturday in Norwich had an impressive turnout of some 60 rookies including a woman player.  (Last season several visitors had one or ... more here

sa 31 Aug

Similarly to previously cyclocross and roller derby tomorrow the Beeb is showing the Under 19s and Premiership Britbowl american football finals on their web site only.

th 15 Aug

We were surprised and much saddened to learn that Ipswich Cardinals owner and general manager Ralph Alexander has passed away, it seemed to ... more here

tu 30 Jul

Sunday it looked like it was going to be an Ipswich Cardinals walkover with two early touch downs against an outnumbered East Kent Mavericks.  Approaching the end of the first half the Mavericks recovered their own dropped ball to run it in a ... more here

su 14 Jul

Norwich Devil #25 Joe Jacobs scoring the winning touch down last weekend has prompted comment.

mo 1 Jul
Canada Day

Nice to have the refs back yesterday for Ipswich Cardinals 21-07 East Essex Sabres.  The Cards' 21 was done the hard way with two failed point after kicks but one safety.  The Cards are away to the Norwich Devils next weekend.

fr 28 Jun

Ref Alisha Darkins at UEA Pirates v Queen Mary VipersIf you become an american football referee in the UK you get paid, get expenses, have a buddy/mentor when starting, there are at least two women refs in East Anglia, and you get called sir (or sometimes ma'am).  More info on the BAFRA web site.

mo 24 Jun

Annoyingly the diversion for the closed Westerfield level crossing is NOT signed but we still made it to Ipswich Cardinals v Maidstone Pumas yesterday. ... more here

tu 11 Jun

Sunday the Red Lodge Pavilion car park was more then overflowing because there was a kid's soccer tournament as well as the season rematch of hosts Bury Saints and visitors the Cambridge Cats.  Despite the Cats' difficult to stop ... more here

mo 3 Jun

#5 John RodgersThe last three plays of Norwich Devils 31-31 Ipswich Cardinals yesterday seemed to confuse some of the players as much as it did us.  In the event a draw was a fair result  though unfortunate penalties badly hurt the Cards in the second half.  As always at the Cards a good day out with a steady queue for refreshing, soprano Sarah Gallop and a good size crowd including Marney from the Bury Saints.

we 3 Apr

Made a nice change Sunday to snap american football without rain and/or hail.

we 2 Apr

It was pleasant Sunday to be snapping the Essex Blades v Royal Holloway BearsEssex Blade 28-06 Royal Holloway Bears final without having a plastic bag over the camera unlike the last couple of weeks.  A decent turn out of supporters  and spectators including a good handful from the Ipswich Cardinals and impressively on the visitor's sideline too.  A 28-06 win for the Blades helped again by the scrambling of quarterback Will Molyneux.  When the two teams lined up at the end it became clear the Bears had been outnumbered by some two to one ... couldn't have helped.

su10 Feb

After the ARU Rhinos (that's Cambridge) lost 33 to 2 against the Essex Blades at the season start we were expecting more of the sameEssex Blades quarteback Will Molyneux today in Colchester but on the very first play the Blades offensive centre snapped so enthusiastically that the ball went straight through the end zone for a two point safety.  Shortly after (possibly the next play) the Rhinos intercepted and ran in a touch down but normality returned with a comfortable 32-14 Blades win assisted by impressive scrambling from the Blades quarterback Will Molyneux.  Despite a penetrating wind and repetitive rain there were supporters and encouragingly at least three women players.  Congrats to the Blades for winning their division.

th 7 Feb

Women's american football gets its own Facebook album.

we 26 Dec

We've created the new Facebook albums Uni Gridiron 2017-18 and Uni Gridiron 2018-19 to reflect that university american football has a winter season.

we 12 Dec

CORRECTION: We originally reported that the CCU Chargers' honoury captain last Sunday was Ken Matcham.  The honoury captain was in fact Joe Waller who is being treated for cancer, our apologies to both gentlemen.

tu 11 Dec

UEA Pirates v CCU ChargersSunday we arrived in Norwich too late for the shaking of hands at UEA Pirates v CCU Chargers but not too late for a Charger to be ejected for illegal use of the helmet.  Erin Jones 51 (one the Chargers' two women players) left injured in the first half and we think we saw she'd taken her pads off but she returned later to play offensive guard and was getting close up and personal ... impressive.  A Pirates 37-00 Chargers whitewash but the Chargers stuck at it cheerfully in support of their player and honourary captain for the day Joe Waller who is being treated for cancer.

mo 3 Dec

Yesterday we arrived untypically early in Cambridge for Anglia Ruskin Uni Rhinos vARU Rhinos 02-33 Essex Blades Essex Blades to be told it would be a late start as the key to unlock the game equipment was still on it's way.  In the event as is the way recently the medic arrived fashionably ten minutes late and the game started 20 mins late.  ARU were stalling getting their run game going and being intercepted on the pass.  Towards the match end ARU got to first and goal but penalties and finally a snap fumble ended the drive. An impressive Blades 33-02 win and perhaps disheartening for the so many Rhinos first timers but they will get better.

we 23 May

Major rule changes for NFL kickoffs and Sunday the Ipswich Cardinals won the re-scheduled away match against the East Essex Sabres 54-48.

fr 6 Apr

Like ♫Norwegian funk♫ it would seem Chinese gridiron is a thing ... and why not?

th 28 Dec

Dorsey Levens played eight seasons for Green Bay - pic contributedThe comedy Gridiron UK about the formation of the Crewe Railroaders american football team in 1985 includes ex-NFL running back Dorsey Levens as the coach.  It was clearly made with a minimal budget reflected in the lengthy thank yous in the credits with rather nicely the Norwich Devils thanked for the equipment loan.

we 24 May

After three years of watching UK gridiron we've finally realised it's college rules not NFL ... thought some of those decisions were a bit odd.

mo 22 May

It was the London Warriors' high completion passing game that did for the Bury Saints yesterday in Thetford ... we had a sweet jerk sauce on our chicken wings.

th 23 Mar

Men's American football team Iceni Daggers has merged with the Norwich Devils who expect to be playing league football next year.

su 14 Aug

Bury Saints 39-13 Colchester GladiatorsLast month we saw the Saints beat the Colchester Gladiators to win home field advantage.  On the adjacent pitch there was a motor bike show and such a scorcher that the visiting bench briefly run out of water.

Three weeks laterBury Saints 42-13 Sandwell Saints we saw Bury beat the Yorkshire Rams 35-00 in the quarter-finals on another roasting day but this time a black van was serving chicken wings and fries.

Today we saw the Bury Saints beat the Sandwell Stealers 42-13 achieving promotion to the Premiership and progression to the Division One final in Leeds on the 28th.

tu 7 Jun

Very young starter at Colchester GladiatorsSix hours of British American football at Colchester Rugby Club Sunday.  A very rewarding tuck stall, a scoreboard (we do find it hard keeping up with the score especially when it's not clear whether a point after at the other end was good or not) and half time entertainment from twirlers carrying as many injuries as a roller derby league.  Hosts Colchester Gladiator's defence started strongly but the very short handed team faded to a 40-00 whitewash from the Bury Saints.  In the second game Kent Exiles came from behind for a 28-14 win over Herts Cheetahs.  Enjoyed it all and thankfully no overtime.

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