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sa 19 Oct

Freedriding at Hogtoberfest 2019Sunday we arrived at Hogtoberfest on the outskirts of London in time for the presentations but there was freeriding afterwards.  Hogg Hill continues to develop with new to us dance and street luge.  We were particularly impressed with a very young woman who despite a dressing on her right leg and struggling to slow in the first right hander was still buckboarding.

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fr 18 Oct

Framlingham AmDram's autumn show is Abandonment by Kate Atkinson.  The show runs Wednesday 30 October to Saturday 2 November at the College theatre, get tickets at www.fadsweb.co.uk/tickets.

th 17 Oct

Paul Merton is at this year's Aldeburgh DocFestBlimey!  Next month's Aldeburgh Documentary Festival has some impressive guests: him off the telly Paul Merton, her off the wireless Martha Kearney and him off the page Anthony Horowitz (we did read somewhere Horowitz has a weekend cottage in Orford).

Alan Smethurst  1927-2000The twice monthly(ish) digest emailed out today to the 1800+ nearthecoasters on the list ... click the Singing Postman to go on the list.

Over the Moon coffee stall on Framlingham MarketStanding by the Over the Moon coffee stall on Framlingham market a tiny grabbed hold of our trouser leg to help him get up on the step.  When you're that small it must be difficult to tell the difference between people and furniture.

Saturday Great Britain v Russia american football live streamed on the BBC website.

we 16 Oct

We shall be visiting ArtDog London's next show at the Campsea Ashe Station House partly because we've been told the venue's makeover is impressive.

It's the Ipswich Cardinals american football second come and try rookies day Sunday.

tu 15 Oct

bloody Christmas ... eh?Chrissie on Framlingham Market in 2017Tragedy!  Long term Framlingham.market trader Chrissie will now only be attending at Christmas and other special days.  We recall one absolutely freezing Saturday she came into The Crown and removed three anoraks ... we will be missing her superior eggs.

mo 14 Oct

Moistness didn't disrupt yesterday's Framlingham sausage festival, loads of people and plenty of catering alternatives to a piece of sausage on a stick.

Do remember this website is not available in the shops.

su 13 Oct

Chips with chips at the Angry FlyThe Stackton Tressel Angry Fly couldn't serve it's signature dish chips with chips last night because the deep fat fryer had self destructed.  Landlord Steph (he's originally from Little Mutterings) Crackedpole commented It was chaos for a while, we tried serving  roasties with roasties but it wasn't the same ... but then nobody friedThankfully that there Ed Sheraton wasn't in as there was nothing marinated in tomato ketchup on the menu.

It's the Cratfield Turkey Trot this afternoon at Whitehouse Farm.

sa 12 Oct

bloody Christmas ... eh?Last posting for ChristmasOutrageous to be thinking about Christmas but you've already missed last posting international economy for Australia and lots of other countries.  TODAY is last posting for Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa and the USA.

fr 11 Oct

What was the wedding dress shop Lavender and Jude in Stradbroke is now the Poppies & Daisies tea rooms.  What was Co-op chemist by the Co-op supermarket car park in Long Stratton is now a Well Pharmacy ... seems significant but we're not sure of what.

th 10 Oct

Usual lazy media patronising shite that anything not metropolitan is cutesy, this time Woodbridge and Framlingham ,.. mind you they managed to show Fram Castle without the sound of recorders and lutes.

we 9 Oct

I advertised with nearthecoast and it unblocked our downstairs looAdvert slots above and in the twice(ish) monthly digest available NOW.  Tell near the coast about yourself with £11.95 but BTGOF, that's three months for the price of two ... first come first served.

tu 8 Oct

Suffolk ConstabularyVictoria Hall was murdered 20 years ago after a night out in Felixstowe.  Suffolk Police have two videos and other new information.

Extinction Rebellion protest in Stately Terrace Framlingham.

su 6 Oct

nearthecoast at Alamy  We have 4,500 plus stock images available on Alamy.

sa 5 Oct

Megan Delaney Cheshire Bears DLAn insight into women's american football from Cheshire Bears defensive lineperson Megan Delaney.(a one time roller derbyist)  It's a safety (around 2:58) because the QB threw the ball out the back of the end zone.  We've seen a player panic in a uni game and do the same ... we've done similar playing rugby.

fr 4 Oct

A Sidecar Named Despair - Roughcast TheatreCommon Ground Theatre is touring comedy A Sidecar Named Despair! around near the coast, Syleham and Wingfield village hall Thursday.  Take a ride up the comedy freeway with a tale of mobsters, missing gems and a mashed-up motorbike."

Some house sales over the summer around near the coast.

th 3 Oct

Gibbons & Gaulier present comedy The AffairTheatre company Gibbons & Gaulier are touring their three handed vaudeville style comedy The Affair around near the coast and elsewhere this month.  Theatre of the absurd, clowns, French farce, slapstick... a generous helping of stage comedy.

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