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tu 22 Aug

Unfolding Enlightenment in WoodbridgeVery pleased to welcome back supporter Unfolding Enlightenment who have another Mind Body and Soul in Woodbridge Community Centre Saturday 21 October.  If you would like to join the happy band of our advertisers £9.95 gets you two months, email us or more info here.

We've collected past astonishers to their own page.

su 20 Aug

BP logoLife Skills 16: When giving your pump number to a petrol station cashier it might help to gesture towards or look at the pump in the hope that you won't be charged for somebody else's fuel like we did on the A14 a while back.  Yesterday at the same station when we told the female cashier that the gent's toilet stalls were about to overflow we got Mmm ... lovely.

fr 18 Aug

Zombie Evacuation in CambridgeZombie Evacuation (last seen near Cambridge) returns next month this time to Hockwood Hall near Thetford Norfolk ... well it would be wouldn't it.

Worried too many people might turn up at your coffee morning?  Garden fete?  Swingers' party?  Don't do promotion on nearthecoast then.

th 17 Aug

Technology in the Framlingham Station last night.

we 16 Aug

Not wearing socks is enough to cause comment in Suffolk ... eh?

tu 15 Aug

Bubble Rush in Christchurch Park IpswichJust so many happy faces engaging in the faintly subversive activity of getting covered in coloured foam on a Sunday in Christchurch Park Ispwich.  Bubble Rush organised by St Elizabeth Hospice was supported by hundreds of multi-coloured runners, walkers and foam divers.  We got to visit charming corners of the park for the first time and the Disney princesses made one little girl's day ... next year eh? 

We've licensed a pic via Alamy to a French publisher ... feeling quite cosmo. nearthecoast at Alamy

Messing with PageSpeed again today, we might wobble a bit.

mo 14 Aug

In Yoxford nice to see that Hopkins Homes don't always win and Thursday morning a boot scraper was stolen.

su 13 Aug

Surrey Roller Girls v Norfolk Brawds in ChelmsfordSaturday the Riverside Centre Chelmsford didn't have a functioning car park but it does have decent coffee and in the sports hall we enjoyed ref Blaster Chief's very clear penalty signals and a Surrey skater fleeing during the first half because she was needed elsewhere as a bridesmaid.  A Norfolk Brawds 473-065 whitewash .. more here

The village doesn't support you?  Promote your event on nearthecoast.

th 10 Aug

The Framlingham post office closed all day TODAY for IT upgrades.

tu 8 Aug

get the digest FREEThis afternoon the twice(ish) a month digest will email out to the 1800 odd ntcers on the list ... click Jaques Tati to go on the list.

St Elizabeth Hospice Bubble Rush 2016 - pic contributedThe St Elizabeth Hospice is bringing back it’s highly popular family event Bubble Rush next Sunday.  Bubble Rush is a 5k walk or run that will see people of all ages getting covered in safe colourful bubbles from four bubble canons in Christchurch Park Ipswich.  To sign up visit stelizabethhospice.org.uk/bubblerush or phone 01473 723600.

mo 7 Aug

Ipswich Cardinals v Essex Spartans seniorsAt yesterday's juniors and seniors Ipswich Cardinals v Essex Spartans games we learnt juniors are under 19 and reminded that in college rules kicking directly out of bounds is not a penalty.  The Three Chordettes entertained at half times with classy 40s style close harmony that prompted dancing ... limited ... more here

The closed Ipswich-Halesworth rail service should re-open today.

su 6 Aug

The clocks go back at the end of October At the end of October the clocks will go back ... there's no stopping time's process.

sa 5 Aug

Polly Williams - Southwold Beach detailFriday week Polly Williams' solo show at Studio 90 Rendham starts and then runs for three weeks.  With titles including Things That Are Not OK To Eat In The Cinema and Hipsters Sur L'Herbe we'll be giving it a visit.

fr 4 Aug

Sunday afternoon Man in the Hat in the Framlingham Castle Inn courtyard.

th 3 Aug

Saturday the Hasketon village fete on the green.

we 2 Aug

The road closure for a sewer diversion(?) in New Road Framlingham at what was the officers' club, more recently a vets and now Tudor Gardens is going to be there all month ... mind you it should be a peaceful walk the other side of it.

tu 1 Aug

FreeviewAlthough there's no mention of it on their websitePC Tips Freeviews's channel on Freeview (100) says tomorrow the children's, news, text and streamed channels are moving.  If like us you ... more here

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