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fr 10 Apr

Yesterday 314 confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk and to our eternal shame we napped through last night's eight o'clock appreciation.  The eighteenth reason to be cheerful.

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th 9 Apr
Rubbish Thursday ... the day before Good Friday

Ruth Moody at the 2013 Maverick FestivalYesterday 302 confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk, 39 the biggest step increase so far.  Here's the seventeenth reason to be cheerful ... a magic moment hearing this floating out from the Barn Stage at the 2013 Maverick Festival ... she was wearing that dress. ♫

we 8 Apr

Yesterday 263 confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk and the East Anglian Air Ambulance is appealing for support to finance personal protective equipment.  Here's the sixteenth reason to be cheerful ... we really liked the He's no son of mine joke.

Understandably a BBC journo thinks Luke Rowe is the story not Chris Boardman ... times winged chariot eh?

tu 7 Apr

Pip Pyle's BashYesterday 243 confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk and here's the fifteenth reason to be cheerful ... in similar style we recall the late Pip Pyle's Cambridge hipster circle in the late 1960s all speaking really quietly. ♫

The day cheered by licensing on Alamy a pic taken in March 2016 to celebrate the return of ginger nuts after the flooding in Cumbria.

mo 6 Apr

PC TipsWhen Windows 10 fired up this morning it offered to make our life betterLink your phone and PC by selling us Office 365 for eighty quid a year and linking our mobile to the pc.  We thought it could make our life better by leaving us alone but despite this perhaps foolishly gave it our mobile number for linking.  After texts/passwords/verifications we now have Microsoft's Edge browser on our iPhone ... we'll let you know if our life gets any better.

Yesterday unsurprisingly the total of confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk went over over 200 confirmed cases.  If like us you're suffering from sport deprivation here's a fourteenth reason to be cheerful ... they're going for two. ♫

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Life Skills 31:  In the UK contactless card transactions begin in 2007 with a £10 limit.  Last Wednesday prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic the limit went up from £30 to £45 though it will take time for some retailers to catch up.

su 5 Apr

Sophie Willan as AlmaThe tiny dip in Suffolk confirmed C-19 cases Friday was just that, a tiny dip.  Yesterday 191 in total confirmed cases.  Thirteenth reason to be cheerful is Sophie Willan will be making Tuesdays great again on BBC2 and iPlayer.

Framlingham at this difficult time.

Radio Stradbroke's Home ServiceFor the duration of this difficult time Radio Stradbroke are broadcasting daily 10:00am-02:00pm, it's Owen Hargrave today.

sa 4 Apr

Brown Wheelie Bin RemovalThe paid green garden waste wheelies arrived in October 2018.  At this difficult time East Suffolk district council are suspending garden waste collections but subscriptions will be extended when the collections restart.

Yesterday just four more confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk.  Twelfth reason to be cheerful ... looks like our auntie playing air guitar.

fr 3 Apr

Walking and clapping on the Market Hill Framlingham 8pm last night we could hear saucepans being banged, a siren and clapping but it could easily do with more clappers next Thursday.

A witch ducking this year?Planning a witch ducking at this difficult time?  Only the witch and witchfinder can be present but your still welcome to promote the ducking with us.

Yesterday 157 confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk the largest increase so far of 32.  Eleventh reason to be cheerful is Sindhu Vee's beautifully relaxed pacing.

th 2 Apr

Suffolk ConstabularyYesterday afternoon a body was found in an Aldeburgh house and in the evening there was an armed robbery at the Fressingfield Mace Store.

Alan Smethurst  1927-2000The turning into weekly(ish) digest (it is a difficult time) will email out this afternoon to the 1800+ nearthecoasters on the list ... click the Singing Postman to go on the list.

At this difficult time we have thought and prayed and decided to keep this website open but we ask visitors to observe social distancing and remain at least two metres from the screen.

Yesterday 125 confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk just an increase of nine but there's been a big jump nationally.  Eleventh reason to be cheerful ... l♥ve the hats. ♫

we 1 Apr

Eddy Merckx at last year's Tour de FranceThe NFL will still have the annual draft (it's so American) this month but virtually, and the teams have voted to extend the playoffs.  The French minister for sport is considering a spectator free Tour de France ... To a Frenchman the Tour de France is more important than sex ... but not as important as lunch.

April Fool

Last year's Lady Di lookalike winner ... well it is SuffolkAt this difficult time Stackton Tressel town council have reluctantly moved the annual Lady Di Lookalike competition to the fireworks display November in Gayla Park.  Hamish McEdbanguh commented The Coy Look You’d Most Like To Take Home Award won’t be the same in the dark.

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