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mo 16 Oct

Thomas Mills show at the Sweffling Print RoomFriday and Saturday there was a fund raising show at the Print Room Sweffling of art works by Thomas Mills Framlingham pupils and staff to improve the art room equipment.  We visited Saturday and were told Friday had been packed for the raffle and the many gaps on the walls are sales ... steady selling was still happening Saturday pm.

A witch ducking this year? Planning a witch ducking?  Promote your event with us.

su 15 Oct

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Now that's picky, the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi at Aldeburgh Cinema is 12:01am Thursday 14 December ... we wonder maybe they mean Friday 15?  You can book now (about halfway down the page and it's slow to load).

sa 14 Oct

Tomorrow is the last day the Cold War Museum Rendlesham will be open this year.

fr 13 Oct
Friday the 13th

A to Z of ntcDon't know your way round nearthecoast?  You need the A to Z of ntc, it's FREE and you don't have to pay and display or walk through the gift shop to get out.

 JOB  Part or full time leisure duty manager wanted at Framlingham college, you've got just a week to get your application in.

♫ Sunday's Ipswich jazz club is the return of Gilad Atzmon as Gilad Atzmon and the Orient House Ensemble and the Ipswich Cardinals have a second come and try American football for both juniors (14 and upwards) and seniors.

The clocks go back at the end of the month. The clocks go back at the end of October

th 12 Oct

Public meeting about Framlingham community centreLast night's public(ish) meeting about the proposed Framlingham community centre was open to those members of the public prepared to give their name and postcode because of the fire regs ... mmm.  Despite this a full house of maybe 200 turned out in the college theatre, we don't know what happened next because after ... more here

Unfolding Enlightenment in WoodbridgeVery pleased to welcome back supporter Unfolding Enlightenment who have another Mind Body and Soul in Woodbridge Community Centre the Saturday after next.  If you would like to join the happy band of our advertisers £9.95 gets you two months, email us or more info here.

Viceroy's House starring Hugh Bonnevile and Gillian AndersonFlicks in the Sticks (not to be confused with Vix and the Kicks) in Brundish starts up tonight for the 2017-18 season with Viceroy's House.

we 11 Oct

Again nothing has happened in Little Mutterings for over a year ... so no change there then.

tu 10 Oct

The 2017 Halesworth Arts FestivalThe 16th Halesworth Arts Festival kicked off Saturday with a sold out Chris Barber Big Band but shows still to come over the next two weeks include singer Stacey Kent, witty Kathy Lette, the Pasadena Roof Orchestra, and silent film Chicago with live accompaniment. ♫

mo 9 Oct

Balthazar and Samuel Gaulier at the Slate Barn SwefflingSaturday night the Slate Barn Sweffling was transformed into a slightly improvised (the foyer was a tent) but fully functioning theatre.  Essential components were a stage, lighting (including a glitter ball), sound system, catering and if a bit awkward to access a sizeable dressing room.  An invited full house that slightly strained the car park were musically and theatrically entertained by the debut of Slate Barn Arts, what a lovely and local venue for future shows.

 JOB  An assistant accountant being recruited in Framlingham.

th 5 Oct

In Halesworth last week a hungry burglar.

we 4 Oct

Suffolk ConstabularyA fifteen year old boy with poor English has been missing from Lowestoft since yesterday evening.

House sales continued to sparkle in Woodbridge during the summer ... or maybe it's just a large town by the standards of near the coast.

tu 3 Oct

get the digest FREEThis afternoon the twice(ish) a month digest will email out to the 1800 odd ntcers on the list ... click Jaques Tati to go on the list.

 Annette Lee Ottoway and David ClarkeSo far this year we've noticed just one Framlingham church wedding so we're interpreting Framlingham Weddings as Framlingham brides but not necessarily in Fram.  Somewhat after the fact we've added the wedding reception of Annette Lee Ottoway and David Clarke (hopefully got the surnames right) at Ufford Park.  (Very decent Adnams was being served.)

th 28 Sep

PC TipsIt's taken three attempts for BT to actually dispatch a router/hub, hopefully it will arrive today.  Worth tracking online and complaining sooner rather than later, we complain via the online chat.

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