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mo 16 Sep

Zoe Rubens 'Lost in Maze'Over the weekend at Artdog's second Art in the Barn (the Barn is in Easton Farm Park) we were very taken with Zoë Rubens objet trouvé type pieces.  We had a nostalgic flash of pleasure recognising a Brooks bicycle cone spanner in one sculpture:).  ArtDog will be showing early next month at ArtSpace Woodbridge.

Saturday week in St Michael's Framlingham the East Anglian Academy present A Bavarian Festival: sparkling polychoral music by Lassus, Gabrielli and Hassler.

Gibbons & Gaulier present comedy The AffairTheatre company Gibbons & Gaulier will be touring their three handed vaudeville style comedy The Affair around near the coast and elsewhere in October.  Theatre of the absurd, clowns, French farce, slapstick... a generous helping of stage comedy.

su 15 Sep

Paul Merton is at the Aldeburgh DocFestBlimey!  This year's Aldeburgh Documentary Festival has some impressive guests: him of the telly Paul Merton, her off the wireless Martha Kearney and him off the page Anthony Horowitz (we did read somewhere Horowitz he has a weekend cottage in Orford).

♫ Next month at Debenham Leisure Centre the fifth Rotary Club Ceilidh! comes with a two course supper and raises funds for charity Village Water.

sa 14 Sep

Rural Myth 80:  Honest Suffolk folk call Stackton Tressel The Gateway to Eaven, (Eaven is a village rumoured to be even smaller and odder than Little Mutterings.)

nearthecoast at Alamy  We have over 4,500 stock images available on Alamy.

Rural Myth 80:  People in East Anglia call Stackton Tressel The Gateway to Eaven, (Eaven is a village rumoured to be even smaller and odder than Little Mutterings.)

♫ Tonight a trio recital at St Lawrence's Brundish in aid of the church funds.

fr 13 Sep
Friday the 13th

Harry Becker (1865–1928)The grand (is there any other kind) opening of the inaugural Plomesgate Fair is tomorrow in Great Glemham.  There will be complimentary ale, High House apple juice, cordials, a pop up tea room, concerts in the evening and the lithographs of Harry Becker (1865–1928).

In the Aldeburgh Jubilee Hall the five day world premiere run of LIT's ends tomorrow, an east-midlands girl looking for love in all the wrong places.

We're 10 days away from the autumnal equinox. Autumnal Equinox

th 12 Sep

Art in the Barn at Easton Farm ParkOne of the contradictions of the art world is that private views rarely are private.  Art Dog with some honesty have called theirs a launch party tomorrow evening at Easton Farm Park.  Work from Suffolk artists and further afield ... even Norfolk.

That there Ed Sheraton in YesterdayNice to see film alive away from commercial cinema, tomorrow Debenham library is showing Evita and Friday 15 November with local interest including the ubiquitous Ed Sheraton Yesterday.

we 11 Sep

bloody Christmas ... eh?Outrageous to be thinking about Christmas in September but if you need to post pressies by surface mail/International Economy to Australia, New Zealand or lots of other non-European destinations last year they need to be posted by the 28th of this month... good luck finding out the dates this year.

I advertised with nearthecoast and it unblocked our downstairs looAdvert slots above and in the twice(ish) monthly digest available NOW.  Tell near the coast about yourself with £11.95 but BTGOF, that's three months for the price of two ... first come first served.

tu 10 Sep
World Suicide Prevention Day

Kenny Howard harness maker c1961John Bridges sent us a pic of the wooden building in Fore Street Framlingham which was the Christian Science reading room for at least two decades.  John's pic shows in the early 1960s it was harness maker Kenny Howard's workshop.

To link to one of our internal header pages the syntax is always all lower case with no dashes or underscores so Framlingham is www.nearthecoast.com/framlingham

mo 9 Sep

The Suffolk Singers present Autumn Interlude♫ Next month the Suffolk Singers directed by Claire Weston will present their concert Autumn Interlude at St Mary's Woodbridge.  The programme will include works by Macmillan, Rutter and Stainer.

The Church of England is so concerned about Brexit that they've issued a prophet warning.

su 8 Sep

Skin Safety CentreThe Framlingham Pageant Field has temporary toilets.  When we visited the gents it was impressively clean, a choice of four hand dispensers (we chose restore), no paper towels in the dispenser and if you stood still long enough the lights went out.

sa 7 Sep

Julie Andrews in roller derby uniformDidn't know that wholesome (and no doubt fragrant) Julie Andrews skated bank track roller derby ... she didn't mention it amongst her favourite things.

th 5 Sep

Alan Smethurst  1927-2000The twice monthly(ish) digest emailed out today to the 1800+ nearthecoasters on the list ... click the Singing Postman to go on the list.

A Folk & Beer Hootenanny in Woodbridge this weekend though it's not clear whether it's Saturday or Sunday.

mo 2 Sep

A Sidecar Named Despair - Roughcast TheatreStarting Friday week Common Ground Theatre will be touring comedy A Sidecar Named Despair! around near the coast ... and other places.  Take a ride up the comedy freeway with a tale of mobsters, missing gems and a mashed-up motorbike."

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