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fr 20 Apr

Claudius at the Alde Valley Spring FestivalI:00pm tomorrow in Great Glemham artist and Rendham resident Maggi Hambling will open the Alde Valley Spring Festival and you can be assured she will amuse.  From 10:00am it's the Makers Market in the Framlingham Unitarian.

th 19 Apr

The BaghdaddiesSilly we know but we rather took against the silyness of the Baghdaddies' name, but Rob after seeing them in Ipswich kept speaking very highly of them.  They are back at the Manor Ballroom tomorrow evening, thank you Peppery Productions. ♫

we 18 Apr

Nearly new sale of clothing, jewellery, handbags, stuff and refreshments by the WI 10:00-12:00pm Saturday in the Coronation Hall, Wilby.

tu 17 Apr

Tonight in Diss an everybody welcome read through of Hobson's Choice by Roughcast Theatre, an event that is often followed by a pub inspection.

mo 16 Apr

Free entry to the lunchtime recital by The Beech Duo in Woodbridge library tomorrow.  Classical duets for guitar and violin by Paganini, Piazzolla, Carulli and others.

su 15 Apr

Ipswich Cardinals 15-14 Essex SpartansAt the end of last season with minutes to go a one point kick would have put the Ipswich Cardinals into overtime against the Essex Spartans ... they went for two and didn't make it.  At the start of this season ... more here

sa 14 Apr

Tomorrow afternoon in Stowmarket professional wrestling including a womens' three way and in the evening Wes Weston's Bluesonics at the California Social Club Ipswich, reckon you could probably take both in. ♫

th 12 Apr

ANORAK ALERT No.25:  The Flèche Wallonne promo English version can't spell metre ... picky? nous?

we 11 Apr

The Man in the HatMan in the Hat nearer to his heartland Friday when he plays the Framlingham Castle Inn (yes, next to that bloody castle on the hill).

Police want to interview this manBooze pinched last month from the Halesworth and Harleston Co-ops, police want to interview this man.

tu 10 Apr

Something large appears to have bumped into the Woodbridge Bell and Steelyard.

Alan Smethurst  1927-2000The twice monthly(ish) digest emails out this afternoon to the 1700 odd nearthecoasters on the list ... click the Singing Postman to go on the list.

Framlingham 2014 Felixstowe 2014 Framlingham 2014

Suffolk Ladies 2013-2018

mo 9 Apr

I advertised with nearthecoast and it fixed our downstairs looOur four advertising slots above and the two on the twice(ish) monthly digest are booked up to June.  You can have a month's worth (starting in June) for £11.95

Paul Chahidi explores Britain's Most Dangerous Bowls Clubs.  In this week's episode he visits Badingham where he discovers the origins of it's name.

su 8 Apr

We have 3,000 plus stock photos on Alamy ... soon to be 4,000 plus. nearthecoast at Alamy

 JOB  In Framlingham a part time (15 hours/week) accounts assistant.

sa 7 Apr

18th Annual Stradbroke Horse Race EveningNext Saturday at Stradbroke Community Centre the eighteenth annual Horse Race Evening to raise funds for the cricket club.  Entrance eight quid which seems very fair as it include a fish and chip supper.

fr 6 Apr

Framlingham College Head Paul Taylor in 2009 JOB  Framlingham College are recruiting a new head teacher.  It seems like only a week ago that the then newly appointed head Paul Taylor turned up at a Brandeston British Legion art show not wearing a tie.  We weren't surprised or shocked but found it interesting that he had ... or perhaps hadn't.

Appreciative and appreciated Facebook comments about Ladies in Framlingham.

Like ♫Norwegian funk♫ it would seem Chinese gridiron is a thing ... and why not?

Cakes, plants, gifts, white elephant, games, draw, tombola, and home made refreshments at the Parham Spring Coffee Morning 10:00am-12:00pm tomorrow.

th 5 Apr

PC TipsWe've pointed out/complained before that if you use RAW files and upgrade your camera be prepared to upgrade your edit software as well.  More recently we found our newer camera had a new to us USB Superspeed 3 connector so no lead to tether it to a laptop, older camera would tether but wouldn't work properly with the new to us flashes ... same old same old.

we 4 Apr

 JOB  Full time paid cafe manager sought at the Corn Hall Diss.

Ladies in Framlingham 2015-2017.

tu 3 Apr

Rive Ore highAround Framlingham the River Ore seems surprisingly high for the rain we've had and the Fen Meadow is sodden.  The Framlingham river monitor (where New Road crosses the river at the far end of the College's sports field) sort of supports our supposition that rain when in bed is less noticed.

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