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su 26 fe 17

Artful Dodgers junior roller derbyQuite a wait for roller derby to arrive in Suffolk, now we're watching out for junior derby in East Anglia.  There's been mutterings at Norfolk Roller Derby and it's reached Kent.

sa 25 fe 17

 JOBS  Chef/cook/pizza chef/bar and kitchen staff WANTED in Framlingham.

fr 24 fe 17

Jane Bloom recalls Framlingham railway station and Simon Blackburn recalls the shop in Dennington.

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Well howsaboutthat!  At the end of June (a ways off we know) Hollywood meets Heritage are showing Monty Python and the Holy Grail in Framlingham Castle!

th 23 fe 17

Dainty Dolly MitchellThere was a period mid last century when with variety and the wireless you could make a living from whistling and playing the harmonica.  As we've pointed out before earlier in that century you could make a living from rolling ... just l♥ve Dainty Dolly Mitchell.

Gift shop in Bridge Street Framlingham Outside in has closed.

we 22 fe 17

High winds from storm Doris (we had a great-aunt Doris ... well, she was alright) may close the Orwell Bridge tomorrow.

th16 fe 17

Tom LehrerWe're great fans of Tom Lehrer here and still treasure his gentle put down of Roy Plomley I think you're confusing arithmetic with mathematics.  Tribute The Remains of Tom Lehrer at the Ipswich Wolsey tonight. ♫

That's a pity, the Women's Tour stage race having visited East Anglia for the last two years is giving us a miss in 2017.

All things will pass ...Throwback Thursday:  Nine years ago today we saw the Goldmaster Allstars and Ska Cubano at Easton farm park.  What a pity those Peppery concerts went away, so nice to have a good night out near the coast. ♫

we 15 fe 17

 JOB  Framlingham College are recruiting a full time computer techie.

tu 14 fe 17Valentine's Day

PC TipsWindows XPYesterday we did a clean install of XP Pro plus Service Pack 3 on a desktop.  Went well except it didn't want to talk to Windows Update.  As we have a netbook here happily ... more here

Practical Woodland Conservation this Thursday for 10-16 year olds and half term at Foxburrow Farm Melton.

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mo 13 fe 17

Daddy Christmas at the Snape Maltings in 2011Daddy Christmas arriving at the Snape Maltings on the river Alde in 2011 is popular on Flickr, 2,000+ views and 10+ favourites.

A large town near Chelmsford in 2014 and 2013.

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su 12 fe 17

Jo Caulfield - The Customer Is Always WrongWe think it was Jo Caulfield on tv (before she changed her hair style) who dealt with two bloke hecklers by Where are your girl friends?  Outside grazing?  Her current tour The Customer Is Always Wrong is at the John Peel Centre Stowmarket this Friday.

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sa 11 fe 17

The Hill SnapeSnape exile now Sidmouth resident Roger Horton emailed with some kind words and help with the recent Snape postcards on our Facebook page.  Thank you Roger.

Early Warning: Shrove Tuesday is comparatively late this year, last day of the month.

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fr 10 fe 17

4 Girls 4 Harps appearing at Halesworth Arts Festival♫ The sixth Halesworth Arts Festival Sunday concerts start Sunday when 2014 BBC Young Musician of the Year pianist Martin James Bartlett presents a programme including Bach, Granados and Schuman.  The festival ends three concerts later in March with the Kanneh-Mason Trio but we are intrigued by an earlier 4 Girls 4 Harps recital .. looks like they do what it says in the name.

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