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tu 16 Oct

Common Ground Theatre - The MarinerThis month Common Ground Theatre tour The Mariner (A musical adaptation of ...) around East Anglia, they are in Southwold next Wednesday.  For this tour East Anglia takes in Chipping Ongar once one end of the Central Line.  CG follow on with The Scarlet Pipistrelle for Christmas.

In historic Stamford charity shop DVDs are typically 99p ... a lesson for us all eh?

mo 15 Oct

Today in that odd canal thingy that runs through the car park of the Bury St Edmunds Tesco's there was a little egret and in the store a queue of men (makes a change) for the disabled toilet as the gents were closed ... all part of life's rich pageant eh?

sa 13 Oct

Tonight at Ipswich Library Morganway (with the very excellent SJ Mortimer), Hanna Haas plus Helen and the Neighbourhood Dogs (resisting the the temptation to comment they can bury a bone ... oh, we haven't).

fr 12 Oct

Hank Wangford - pic contributed♫ Tonight Peppery Productions present (we think for possibly the second time) Hank Wangford and the Lost Cowboys (including BJ Cole and Spanner Robinson) at the Manor Ballroom Ipswich.

East Anglian american football in 2016,2015 and 2014.

bloody Christmas ... eh?If you need to post pressies by surface mail/International Economy to the USA, Canada or some other non-European destinations they need to be posted by tomorrow the 13th.

Bonkers Conkers is happening this Sunday in or near(ish?) to Swainsthorpe near Norwich but that's all we know.

th 11 Oct

The Rupa Ensemble at St Michaels Framlingham 27 Oct♫ Very happy to welcome new advertiser the Rupa Ensemble an octet of outstanding, stylistically agile singers especially adept in singing founder Julian Marshall's compositions.  They will be singing in concert at St Michael's Framlingham Saturday 27 October.

The clocks go back at the end of October  The clocks go back at the end of the month.

FolkEast Blaxhall Concerts♫ The Blaxhall Ship has a very honorable folk music history.  FolkEast are continuing the tradition with Friday night concerts in the village hall.  The second concert of the season is tomorrow the 12th with the Melrose Quartet.

we 10 Oct

A to Z of Villages and Towns near the coastOur A to Z of ntc helps you find your town or village but unlike a satnav it kills 99% of all known germs, doesn't have a patronising voice and has never knowing undersold.

Some changes at the Iceni Spears in Norwich; Vicki Ware is training with the GB national team and Craig Thompson is the new head coach moonlighting from Norwich Devils' offensive coordinator.  Last weekend on a surprisingly ... more here

tu 9 Oct

Halesworth Arts Festival 2018The Halesworth Arts Festival returns for the 17th time in Saturday and as always the programme is intriguingly entertaining.  Opera-lele delight again, silent film The Cat and the Canary with live drums and piano, poet Roger McGough and closes with a James Bond concert hosted by the divine Madeline Smith.

If yours is a local event for local people then you won't need How to promote your event on nearthcoast.

mo 8 Oct

Bentwaters Cold War MuseumSunday week 21 October will be the last opening this year of the Bentwaters Cold War Museum.

Hollesley gets its own page, and why not?

su 7 Oct

The cafe in a Norwich Sainsburys has a Customer Self Clear Station ... it's a rack where you put your tray having eaten a £3 cheese sandwich.

sa 6 Oct

nearthecoast on AlamyLife Skills 22: We've noticed increasingly people see small change as an annoyance, especially non-drivers who don't need it for parking.  If so then next time you are in a supermarket with self-service checkouts use one, put all your change in and pay the balance with a card.  (Thanks to Big Al for this one.)

♫ Tonight the Suffolk Singers present A Harvest of Song at St Michael's Framlingham.

fr 5 Oct

Private view of Immerse: printmakers explore H20 this Sunday at the Sweffling printroom.

Framlingham chanteuse Polly Gibbons at the Halesworth Cut tonight.

Those bigger garden wheelie bins (they're green) we were going to get in August?  Delivery is now October/November.

th 4 Oct

Alan Smethurst  1927-2000The twice monthly(ish) digest is emailing out this afternoon to the 1900+ nearthecoasters on the list ... click the Singing Postman to go on the list.

Earl Soham BreweryCongrats to Earl Soham Brewery whose Albert a traditional best bitter with delicate bitterness from the British Fuggles hops and a delicious balance of malt and hop character won gold twice at the SIBA East Independent Beer Awards.  ESB's Sir Roger's Porter did well too winning double silvers.

we 3 Oct

I advertised with nearthecoast and it fixed our downstairs looThe next available advertising slot above and in the twice(ish) monthly digest is Monday 29th of this month.  Help yourself by telling near the coast about yourself with a month's worth for £11.95

tu 2 Oct

Lowestoft had a fishing village known as The Grit, and Poetry People are presently The Grit on tour near the coasttouring a words, music and film show about the lost village.  You've missed it in Halesworth but there are shows this week in Ipswich, Leiston and yes Lowestoft.

PC TipsThe recent iPhone operating system update like before turned the Bluetooth back on.

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