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sa 20 Jan

♫ The Suffolk Singers fifth fundraising concert tonight in Woodbridge is in aid of  the Teenage Cancer Trust.  Directed by the vivacious Claire Weston a varied programme of easy-listening with informal table seating and a ploughman’s supper it unusually as of Tuesday hadn't sold out.

th 18 Jan
Winnie the Pooh Day - AA Milne's birthday

Magic Beanz a MK Concrete Cow in 2012 Usual slightly off journalism associated with derby but Sunday 4th February the Beeb is streaming this year's roller derby world cup from Manchester.  Spotted in a vid on the Beeb page ex Concrete Cow and Grid City skater Magic Beanz is now a London Roller Girl ... every girl's dream to wear the pink:)

The road closure in College Road Framlingham has been replaced with traffic lights.

A bit windy last night ... eh?

we 17 Jan

Alan Smethurst  1927-2000The twice monthly(ish) digest emails out this afternoon to the 1700 odd nearthecoasters on the list ... click the Singing Postman to go on the list.

You can see our our Alamy stock photography by clicking on nearthecoast at Alamy

Ipswich SEVEN 2-0 Ipswich EastWho would have thought it?  There are two hockey teams in Ipswich, SEVEN and East.  Sunday the ladies second teams were derbying next to the Ipswich Cardinals practice.  SEVEN won two nil and it was preceded by something that involved loud(ish) pop music but we couldn't give it much attention as we needed to avoid being flattened by american footballers.

tu 16 Jan

nearthecoast on Facebook Things keep changing, our Facebook page is now at facebook.com/nearthecoast

mo 15 Jan

The new team bibs were a bit of a struggleYesterday's Ipswich Cardinals second 2018 practice was very encouraging, an excellent turn out of both juniors and seniors and to end the day a full contact scrimmage that was just that.  We learnt that a reversing defensive back should try to keep their feet near parallel so it's easy to cut the same way as the receiver they're covering,  Optimistic about the approaching season where the Cards will certainly meet the newly returned to the league Norwich Devils.

Funeral service for Brian Caven 11:30am tomorrow at St Michael's Framlingham.

 JOBS  Dennington village hall is looking paid part-time managers for the hall and bar.

su 14 Jan

PC TipsIf you right click/Save Image as... on a small pic in a Twitter feed you nearthecoast on Twitterwill save the source usually bigger pic.  If you click on the small pic to see the source pic then Save Image as... comes up with the unhelpful file extension jpg_large and with multiple pix Save Image as... goes away completely.

sa 13 Jan

National Cyclocross Championships in IpswichSometime in the early nineties we went to the National Cyclocross Championships in the woods by Ipswich's speedway track ... it was a low key event.  In 1983 we went to the World Cyclocross Championships in Birmingham ... it was a low key event.  The 2018 national championships are in Sunderland and being streamed by the BBC live tomorrow ... perhaps not so low key.

Ah, when the College Road Framlingham closure hopefully finishes at the end of next week it'll be followed by five to six weeks of traffic lights but it's alright because Persimmon Homes sent out some letters ... we didn't get one.

Norfolk Brawd #74 GRIMbolinaLet the world know about your roller derby league, self help or self harming group by emailing ntc@nearthecoast.com or text 07970 865730

fr 12 Jan

Upcoming two month road closure in Fairfield Road FramlinghamAnother bloody road closure in Framlingham!  To improve Fairfield Road it will be closed for two months starting ominously on Friday 13th February.  It's not the Framlingham we used to know ... mind you Fore Street used to be a popular road closure to cause general disorder and distress.

Greener Fram have a Swap, Mend and Food Share in the Unitarian Framlingham tomorrow morning.

th 11 Jan

Leighton Page first responding in 2008All things will pass ...Throwback Thursday:  Ten years ago today we saw Leighton Page first responding in Fairfield Road Framlingham.  Despite not actually being on duty he got there eight minutes before the ambulance.

we 10 Jan

 JOB  A slinger/signaller (it's the person on the ground who works with a crane) needed in Framlingham ... has to be one the multiple building sites eh?

tu 9 Jan

The Framlingham Crown has a ladies night with cocktails next month, the last ladies night we recall was ten years ago and a bit of an event ...

mo 8 Jan

There are temporary traffic lights in Victoria Mill Road Framlingham, so far for noCollege Road closure by Mount Pleasant apparent reason.  The two week road closure of College Road by Mount Pleasant for sewer works has not surprisingly caused traffic in Brook Lane but the school crossing lady is still turning out, as she says there are still vehicles that haven't noticed that the road is closed.  Thankfully the temporary lights in Station Road/Fairfield Road/Woodbridge Road don't arrive until the end of the month.

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