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fr 6 Dec

Fanny Craddock was a hoarse voiced tv chef cooking overblown and pretentious food.Fanny Cooks for Christmas  It would unsettle us the way she mauled the food about.  Johnnie one of her four (two bigamous) husbands and whilst wearing a cravat and monocle would advise on the wine.  When lunching at Buck's Wine Bar Brantham near Manningtree (barman Simon was a chum of ours), Fanny to read the menu just grabbed Johnnie's monocle ribbon and yanked.  Fanny Cooks for Christmas is on iPlayer.

th 5 Dec

bloody Christmas ... eh?Tomorrow in the Woodbridge library one man show A Christmas Carol with complimentary mince pie and beverage... bah humbug eh?

bloody Christmas ... eh?Next event in the Brundish festive diary is the Christmas Coffee Morning today 10:00am in the village hall, probably involves mince pies.

we 4 Dec

Last posting for Christmasbloody Christmas ... eh?You've already missed last Christmas posting world international economy and operational military.  The next deadline is Monday for Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central and South America, and the Far and Middle East.

ArtDog are poppIng up this week in the Framlingham Art and Frame Shop and offering porcelain bling, jewellery, prints and ceramics from £15.

mo 2 Dec

 JOB   A practice manager wanted by Framlingham Vets, managerial experience essential but not necessarily veterinary.

In Norwich yesterday UEA Pirates v Birmingham Lions was abandoned in the third quarter.

su 1 Dec

Impressive lighting effects for Peter PanWe were pleased to see the dress rehearsal Framlingham's Off-Ice Skating Club's Christmas show Peter Pan.  Like last year's show this year's is charming and has lots of impressive lighting effect.  More info and tickets from pippatigerlove@talktalk.net.

sa 30 Nov
St Andrew's day

Beth Keys-Holloway, Polly Gibbons and the Kicks♫ Vix was unwell from something unpleasant in the ENT dept (get well soon V) so Beth Keys-Holloway and Polly Gibbons depped with the Kicks at the Halesworth Cut last night.  They certainly made the effort and as cousins blended beautifully with classic RnB, soul and Motown ... l♥ved it.

Perhaps overly forward planning but then it is December tomorrow so Wilby is having a New Year's party.

th 28 Nov

Now would be a good time to make us your home page. Make us your home page

we 27 Nov

Triple Sword Roller Girls first practiceIn our childhood we read from the public library an autobiography of a Canadian sports promoter working in 1950s London.  Not surprisingly he promoted ice hockey but perhaps more surprising also bank track roller derby,  The long term result of our reading was when ... more here

Saturday morning Hoxne Produce & Craft Market in the village hall ... been a while.

tu 26 Nov

Vix of Vix and the Kix♫ Like we've said before Vix of Vix and the Kicks does make the effort.  This Friday Vix will be making the effort on stage at the Halesworth Cut.

mo 25 Nov

On a miserable yesterday the UEA Pirates had their first premiership win beating Hertfordshire Hurricanes 24-00.  It could have been at least 30-00 but a ... more here

su 24 Nov

Sherlock Holmes & The Warlock of WhitechapelOur first Eastern Angles show was Sherlock Holmes & The Mummy's Tomb.  It was written by Julian Harries so hardly plagiarism that Common Ground's Christmas show debuting next month is Sherlock Holmes & The Warlock of Whitechapel.

sa 23 Nov

David Stannard at the Norfolk ShowSaturday week 7 December it's Singing Postman night in Hacheston village hall with half time refreshments, David Clarke, Jon Lowe and the very excellent David Stannard, tickets on the door.

fr 22 Nov
St Cecilia's Day patron saint of music

A to Z of ntcDon't know your way round nearthecoast?  You need the A to Z, it's FREE, it kills 99% of known germs plus you don't have to pay and display or walk through the gift shop to get out.

Didn't know there's a winery in Monk Soham, they are open 11:00am-04:00pm weekend after next for Christmas shopping.

th 21 Nov

Alan Smethurst  1927-2000The twice monthly(ish) digest emailed out today to the 1800+ nearthecoasters on the list ... click the Singing Postman to go on the list.

George Brooke Keer brewery in 1832What's now flats on the corner of Crown and Anchor Alley and Fore Street Framlingham was a brewery.  Brewer and elder George Brooke Kerr declared bankruptcy in February 1832.  This card shows George owned a surprising amount of property and two roads have since changed their name.

10:00am-12:00pm Saturday morning it's Parham's Christmas coffee morning.

we 20 Nov

Stick holder not getting out of the wayStanding on a sideline in Red Lodge watching american football with a Bury Saint either side of us.  A closely pursued running back approached and we were gratified that the players either side started to move before us, we'd always felt a bit soppy running away:)  Having seen this we will now start running sooner.

Sunday a charity fair in the Hasketon Victory Hall, a quid to get in but that does include refreshments.

tu 19 Nov

I advertised with nearthecoast and it unblocked our downstairs looVery pleased to welcome back Man in the Hat who has taken the 13 December ad slot, next available 27 December.  Tell near the coast about yourself for a mere £11.95 and two months ... explained here.

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