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earlier in Sizewell

th 12 Jun

British Energy are holding a half dozen public meetings near the coast at the beginning of next month about a possible Sizewell C.

su 8 Jun

Russian GAZ army truck

Early East German WartburgLot's of exotic East European machinery at the back of The Framlingham Crown this morning including a Russian GAZ army truck which was also used by the East German army, so in context for this lady to be wearing East German uniform.  The convoy set off for Sizewell where Wartburgs and sexy V8 Tatras flaunted themselves in the much welcome sun.  The lady had been joined by an East German flag and her boyfriend now in uniform.  They told us they had a rubber Kalashnikov but had thought it best not to bring it, which was just as well as there are now armed police patrols around Armed police now patrol around Sizewell power station the power station.  This nice bunch of people then went on to the Bentwaters Open Day and we're glad they got one good day out of the weekend (14mm of rain yesterday).

we 30 Jan

If you don't mind the the gentle hum of a nuclear reactor Sizewell beach is a very agreeable spot, well thought out car park that never seems to be full, pleasant

Dogs on Sizewell beach Christmas day 2006

little café, plenty of beach and acres of sky.  So a pity vandalism has occurred.

tu 28 Aug

Great sound samples on her record company's siteEmma Kirkby's voice first interested us in sopranos but it was Felicity Lott and Ann Murray 's cd On Wings of Song that showed us you can float on the sound of sopranos.  Dame Ann Murray is giving a concert (and when we've seen her live she does actually sparkle with real bling) at the Warden's Centre for Disabled People, Sizewell this Saturday and though tickets (from Elspeth Gimson  01728 830007) are £20 they do include a preceding champagne tea.

tu 26 Dec

Two Alsations deciding whether they really need that stick

It was cold enough on Sizewell beach yesterday morning that even the dogs were thinking about it but not this stunt canoeist.

Stunt canoeist enjoying the freezing water

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