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tu 9 Jun

PC TipsWe've always found it irritating that when you delete (or move) a link in the Chrome browser bookmarks pulldown it closes the pullldown.  To do more than one change open the Bookmark manager with Ctrl + Shift + O (that's Oh not zero).  In what seems like some slightly mad recursion you can save the Bookmark manager as a bookmark ...

th 3 May

Thunderbird email appThunderbird is the free multiple Operating System email app that's particularly useful if you're running an older OS.  It's moved from thePC Tips Mozilla web site to its own domain ... hopefully we don't have to have a bad feeling about this.

tu 27 Jun

Firefox a free web browserWe have a couple of laptops here still running Windows XP.  We've given up trying to persuade no longer updatedPC Tips browsers Explore and Chrome and email client Outlook Express to run and replaced them with the still maintained and free Firefox and Thunderbird respectively.

th 9 Mar
recycled tip

PC TipsGoogle pops up what you're looking for, you click the hyperlink and a vast sprawling page of text appears, rather than endless scrolling to find what brought youGoogle Chrome find box there go Ctrl + F (F for Find) and your browser will open up something like Google Chrome's find box on the right or Internet Explorer's box.  Your entered text will be highlighted and you can click through the occurrences on the page.  Ctrl + F works with Word, Excel and loads of other apps too.

fr 16 Dec

nearthecoast PC TipsIf you're Chrome browser has been playing up so has ours, it appears to be Google not getting on with Microsoft ... though at the moment they seem to be playing nicely.

mo 5 Sep

Clear browsing dataPC TipsIncreasingly in the Chrome browser the ebay Enlarge picture wasn't.  At first we put this down to dodgy ebayers uploading small pix but no, it's the browser.  Fix by keyboard shortcut Ctr+Shift+Delete to open the Clear browsing data window and ensure Cookies etc is ticked before Clear browsing data.  Does the trick but the price you pay is having to re-enter some of your passwords.

we 13 May

PC TipsHere's one we should have found useful sooner.  In your web browser (Chrome, Explorer, FireFox) with more than one tab open point at a tab and drag and drop it.  A second occurrence of the browser opens, if it's full screen Windows key + ← or → and the window size will reduce so you can see both instances of the browser.  It's even easier with two monitors, just drag and drop to the other monitor.

fr 20 Jun

PC TipsPicked up a browser unpleasantness this week; added unwanted pages at start up, hi-jacked the search engine, Microscoft Security Essentials hadn't noticed but Malwarebytes sorted it out ... just saying.

mo 10 Mar

PC TipsIf you click on the Google ad to the left and then find it keeps presenting the same ad to you when you revisit click on either the big blue X top right or the blue AdChoices triangle to do something about it.  Yes, we'd rather not have the Google ads but it does help to pay for this website.

th 4 Jul
American Independence Day

If you find your browser getting unresponsive (a bit like us after Friday night at the Framlingham Station) try clearing the cache; in Chrome Ctrl+H then Clear browsing data ..., in Internet Explorer Tools/Internet Options/Delete ... and afterwards perhaps a defrag even though the defragger says you don't need to.

fr 28 Sep

PC TipsGoogle ChromeThe telly ads telling you how brilliant Internet Explorer 9 is don't tell you it won't run on Windows XP the flavour of Windows used by 1 in 4 users on the planet ... and suddenly Microsoft have learnt how to write tight, stable code?  Google Chrome still has to be the best web browser.

sa 7 Jul

PC TipsIf you find YouTube vids are showing as a missing picture in Internet Explorer you may need to upgrade Adobe Flash player.

sa 31 mr 12
world backup day

PC Tips No flash playerMost video on the net is displayed by Adobe's Flash Player (which doesn't work on an iPad yah boo sucks) and you can usually click on something to zoom it up full screen.  If you then Alt+Tab (press Tab whilst holding down the Alt key) to get back where you came from you get this, you need to press the Escape key to zoom it back down.

fr 27 Jan

PC Tips Google Chrome history listGoogle Chrome is unquestionably the best web browser but we miss in IE the pull down by the Back and Forward buttons that shows where you've been and lets you to jump a whole load of clicks ... but no, in Chrome if you click AND HOLD or right click on a Back or Forward button you can do the same thing.

we 11 Jan

PC TipsIf you don't like the new to some font on here you can change the default font size in your browser.  In Google Chrome click on Text Size Internet Explorerthe spanner icon and then go Options/Under The Bonnet and the font settings are in the second group down Web Content.  A teensy bit easier in Internet Explorer, go Page on the Command bar and then Text Size.

we 24 Aug

PC TipsNtc, I've just taken your advice and installed GoogleGoogle Chrome Chrome on this circa 2000 original Tiny (SOL freebie) and yes, you are right.  It's much, much faster.  I hardly have to wait after typing in I P 13 9DH Punch and Judy and it's there!  That's the way to do it!  Pat

tu 23 Aug

PC TipsThe logs show half our visitors (and we cherish every single one of Google Chromeyou) are still using Internet Explorer and only one in four Google Chrome.  What's the matter with you?  Not being the usual bloated Microsoft code Chrome is fast, virtually never falls over and even downloads and installs fast ... go on, improve your life!

mo 31 Jan

PC TipsChrome's spell checker... and another nice thing about the Google Chrome web browser is it has a built in spell checker; just the job for bulletin boards, Face Book and Twitter.

we 22 Dec

Chrome and IEThough Google Chrome is easily the best web browser (until the bean counters cock it up) there's no reason why you can't have twoPC Tips or more different browsers open making it easier to locate stuff.  I do everything in Chrome except BBC iPlayer so I always know where Lucy Holloway, Mark Lamarr or rad7 are coming from.

sa 15 May

PC TipsAs it's a very stripped down web Google Chromebrowser Google Chrome is blisteringly fast compared with FireFox and limping along should be in a care home Internet Explorer.  Google Chrome even downloads and installs fast.  In fact all we have against it so far is it handles favourites/bookmarks in a slightly clunky manner, there's no print preview and ironically there's no Google Toolbar for it.

th 10 Dec

PC TipsIn both Internet Explorer and FireFox pressing user key f11 (keyboard top row towards the right) makes the toolbars and all the other crud go away, pressing it again brings them back.

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