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ABR ( b her) - Auxiliary Bass Radiator, ie a speaker built without a magnet on purpose.

AC ( s) - abbreviation for Alternating Current, ie when current flows alternately in opposite directions.

ADC ( d s) - Analogue to Digital Converter, the gizmo that converts a voltage to digital zeros and ones (see DAC).

AfAR (fher) - Apologies for Absence Received.

bridleway (brid'lw) - a place people drive their cars along with a dog in the back so the dog can shit on a footpath.

DAC (dæk) - Digital to Analogue Converter, the omzig that converts digital zeros and ones to an analogue voltage (see ADC).

flatlining (flætlinih) - when a NaTKiT response test shows as a flat line along the bottom of the frame.  Usually caused by a loss of output or input.  See Flow Chart.

FoN (fn) - Friend of NaTCH.

footpath (futpag) - a place people take their dog to shit (see bridleway).

SinewaveHz (hherts) - abbreviation for hertz the SI unit of frequency.  One hertz is when one cycle of something periodic, like a sine wave, takes one second.  Named after the German physicist Heinrich Rudolph Hertz (1857 - 1894).

kHz (kilhherts) - abbreviation for kilohertz, one thousand hertz.

KoTNs (kQtnQs) - Keeper of The NaTKiTs, ie a person expected to sort out any production test problems in seconds but who is never allowed to do routine maintenance in case it interferes with production.

millisecond (miliseknd) - one thousandth of a second, ie 0.001 seconds.

PCB (p s b) - Printed Circuit Board, the base on which most electronics is built.

PotM (pQtm) - Person on the Move, ie someone changing jobs and not, as you might expect, someone with a regular bowel function (see bridleway and footpath). Soft dome tweeter on a Tannoy Eclipse

rms (her em es) - abbreviation for root mean square, ie the effective voltage or current of an AC wave.

SI (es i) - abbreviation for International System of Units.

tweeter (twremainteher) - a (usually) small speaker designed to specifically handle high frequencies.

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