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Link to larger picThe bar at the BBC training school Woodnorton, Evesham late summer 1982.  The mooner is Dr Andy Harvey.  To his left, holding a pint and his crutch, is Les Blain.  It's Doug Neill just visible to Andy's right, Tim Mountain in the white shirt and the middle, and on the far right is Howie McCulloch, at the time Chief Engineer for the Caribbean Broadcasting Company.  We heard some years ago that Howie is now the Chief Engineer of a radio station in the west country.  A bit startling to note the number of glasses on the table and the "relaxed" atmosphere and it's only 9:30, or even possibly 8:50!

Link to larger picThanks to Station Tone, now resident in Australia, and Ollie Pemberton, now resident in Los Angeles for their help with the names and to Ollie for this photie.  Left to right Big Ted who was/is Sir Geoffrey Howe's son-in-law, NaTCH, Dr Andy Harvey, Station Tone, Andy Cater, and some more glasses!

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