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TVR Grantura Mk 2

Click for a bigger picTVR Grantura Mk2  Sold  2006

An exciting drum braked Grantura Mk2 SBW 823 chassis 7F182 which originally had a Ford engine but a TR2 engine was fitted many years ago and apparently the car had a modest hill climbing career.  The previous keeper owned it for some 25 years and tried to restore it twice but despite that it is nicely complete.  It was running and driving when he tucked it away in a barn and though the chassis is in nice condition like all cars of this age and with a bonded chassis it will need looking at.  The paint is flaking off the roof  because of a dodgy re-spray 20 years ago.  It has a decent rear screen not shown and though like we said before it is very complete the driver's door handle is missing and it looks like the passenger side never had one.  The driver's window has been broken by a stone flicked up by a strimmer recently (Curse you Red Baron!) but we have a spare.

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1961 TVR Grantura Mk2a Sold   2006

1961 TVR Grantura Mk2a

This car is mechanically complete with a 1622cc MGA engine, a reputed close ratio gearbox and front disc brakes.  Windscreen and Perspex rear screen are present and there's a new road weight bonnet.  (We'll be making lightweight ones later this year.)  The car is very light and rolls very nicely on its wire wheels.  No trim or seats but as we've observed before you won't need the trim if it's going to be a race car.  The paint is partially stripped, the wrong rear lights have been fitted and someone has fitted the side vents from a later TVR.

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