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tu 19 ja 16

Crikey!  The constabulary certainly stuck with this one, an Ipswich and a Felixstowe man are due to be charged with a Melton shop robbery in 2014.

mo 7 de 15

An unpleasant fail to stop in Melton last week.

tu 24 mr 15

If you hit a stationary police car on the A12 at Melton and then engage in assaulting a police officer you're probably not helping yourself avoid being remanded in custody.

fr 30 ja 15

 JOBS  An assistant manager wanted at the Framlingham Sue Ryder, the ad is saying it's too late to apply but the interview's not until 17 February ...  Deben Inns whose pubs include the Melton Coach and Horses and the Westerfield Swan are looking for bar, waiting and kitchen staff including chefs, send your cv to rachel@debeninns.co.uk

tu 9 se 14

A generator and power tools stolen from a Halesworth building site last week and an unemployed man has been charged for two burglaries in Melton Sunday night.

mo 12 my 14

A carrier bag of cannabis found in a Mercedes stopped in Melton yesterday.

sa 8 fe 14

Surprisingly (to us at least) two arrested when cannabis found in Melton Thursday.

mo 13 my 13/td>

Police warn they will issue fixed penalty parking fines at the Melton primary school dropoff/pickup.

tu 23 ap 13St George's Day

Last week a Charsfield garage was broken into and petrol pinched, four chainsaws stolen in Brandeston but just one in Stratford St Andrew; two disc cutters burgled in Melton over the weekend, worryingly three shotguns, two rifles and ammo stolen in Otley yesterday but the good news is a man's Rotary watch was handed in to Woodbridge police station Saturday.

mo 18 mr 13

Found on a Melton bench a cordless drill has been handed into the Woodbridge police station.

we 13 mr 13

A thousand pounds worth of heating oil stolen last night in Melton, don't know if it was locked?

tu 8 ja 13

Cash found in Church Street Woodbridge and Sunday night what we're guessing is the other golf club in Melton/Ufford was broken into.

th 3 my 12

Police Direct reporting flooded roads around Bredfield, Debenham, Helmingham, Melton, Otley, Stowmarket and Woodbridge ... bad enough that Victoria from the Framlingham Bookshop gave up try to get from Stowupland to Fram this morning.

sa 28 ap 12

Eighteen stitches from a punch in Melton Tuesday night.

tu 27 mr 12

A house in Yarmouth Road Melton was burgled over the weekend.

we 14 mr 12

A digital camera, silverware and six bottles of booze burgled in Melton sometime Monday.

mo 19 de 11

There was a particularly potentially dangerous arson in Melton Friday evening.

mo 7 no 11

Two shotguns burgled in Southwold, last night in Woodbridge several hundred pounds of cash burgled and this morning a ladies ring found in a toilet.  In Melton and Tunstall bags of clothing for the charity Sense pinched last week.

fr 01 jl 11

Deben Inns whose pubs include the Snape Plough and Sail and the Pin Mill Butt and Oyster are re-opening the Melton Coach and Horses (no, not all their pubs have and in the name) and all staff WANTED.

we 9 mr 11

Van stolen from Woodbridge found in Melton containing property burgled in Campsea Ashe.

tu 4 ja 11

Saturday in the early hours and Melton a Citroen driver collided with the level crossing lights and then did a runner ... wonder why?

mo 29 no 10

After a walk in burglary in Melton during the early hours of Saturday the police point out you do need to lock up to stop them.

mo 18 oc 10

Friday night a teenager was robbed at knife point in Melton.

tu 1 jn 10

Melton Horse and GroomLike Ivan said the Melton Horse and Groom is boarded up, or was when we passed a few weeks back.  There's no pavement outside the pub and to get this pic we had to keep dodging traffic swooping round the corner, leaving the pub in the dark and with a bellyful must be interesting.

sa 06 mr 10

Let that be a lesson to us all, a satnav stolen in Melton.

th 4 fe 10

Now that's interesting, it would seem that in Melton when a vacancy occurs on the parish council the residents can force an election rather than just have the councillors invite someone else from the care home.

tu 29 de 09

Ah, things are getting back to normal ... a burglary in Melton.

tu 1 de 09

Last Thursday in locations including Orford, Melton, Campsea Ashe and Ufford Woodbridge SNT handed out 15 warnings and 10 fixed penalties for speeding, and seized a vehicle.

we 21 oc 09

Melton parish council have worked out how to send group emails.

we 17 jn 09

The missing Melton girl has been found safe and well in Cambridge.

tu 16 jn 09

Missing girl Louise PenniallThere is increasing concern for 12 year Louise Penniall who has been missing from Melton since Saturday.

mo 8 de 08

Remember the humane killer stolen from the vets in Melton?  It's one of over 180 offences four young males from Ipswich have been charged with.

th 27 no 08

The Horse and Groom, that's the one on the corner in Melton, looks grimly closed but it does have a You could run this business board.

th 13 no 08

Part time job going as an assistant parish clerk in Melton.

th 14 au 081936  Rainey Bethea was the last person to be publicly executed in the USA

Dodgy goings on in Melton during the early hours of today.

sa 10 my 081937  The first frozen food went on sale in the UK - it was asparagus

Plant Sale in aid of Suffolk Wildlife Trust tomorrow in Melton.

tu 6 my 081626  Peter Minuit bought Manhattan Island for $24

A gun (well sort of) stolen in Swilland and swords stolen in Melton.

th 17 ap 081969  At 21 Bernadette Devlin became Britain's youngest ever woman MP

Vet of the Year ~ Brian FaulknerPrinciple of Melton Vets Brian Faulkner was recently awarded UK Veterinary Surgeon of the Year.  Melton Vets must be the dudes who had an humane killer pinched at the beginning of the month.

th 3 ap 081882  Jesse James was shot in the back by a member of his own gang

In Melton a humane killer was stolen in the early hours of this morning ... a bit like the Castle Vets break in then.

we 20 fe 081985  The Irish parliament legalised the sale of contraceptives

More fishing gear pinched, this time in Melton and whilst being used.

we 16 ja 081969  As a political protest Czech student Jan Palach set fire to himself, he died three days later

A Melton shop was burgled Saturday night and three charity boxes taken.

su 16 de 071809  Napoleon divorced Josephine

Be warned, Friday night the police were stopping motorists in Melton and breath testing them.

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