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mo 6 Nov

 JOBS  In Framlingham a recruitment consultant wanted and a deputy shop manager for the EACH charity shops in Fram and Leiston.

fr 3 Nov

The road closure near the allotments in New Road Framlingham should re-open sometime today and this footpath diversion by Fairfield Road (the map doesn't make much sense) may not be popular with dog walkers.

th 2 Nov

Good value sunset around Framlingham last night.

we 1 Nov

 JOBS  Wanted a Groundcare and Hire Salesperson in Framlingham and in Woodbridge a Workshop Manager for  Bronzework a small firm making bespoke metalwork.

mo 30 Oct

 FOR SALE  In Framlingham a Chicco Echo twin buggy.

su 29 Oct

 JOB  Electrician and mate wanted in Framlingham.

sa 28 Oct

Enterprising Hippy Jo Crampton Do you remember Hippy Jo who sold Fairtrade clothing on Framlingham Market?  Some five years ago she left to open her shop Banyan in the Thoroughfare Halesworth.  We made an impromptu social visit last week to discover she wasn't there because these days she has staff ... now that is an Enterprising Hippy.

tu 24 Oct

The Suffolk Singers♫ Don't trust us for a sure thing, Sunday's Suffolk Singers' workshop (below) was in the Framlingham College chapel not theatre with the advantage that a fine performance was helped by the chapel's organ.

su 22 Oct

♫ Free choral concert by the Suffolk Singers and friends of John Rutters' Gloria 4:30pm today at Framlingham College, safe bet it's in the Headmaster Porter Theatre.

th 19 Oct

Edith Peck tells us that there's been at least three weddings at St Michael's Framlingham this year and that she played at two of them.

mo 16 Oct

Thomas Mills show at the Sweffling Print RoomFriday and Saturday there was a fund raising show at the Print Room Sweffling of art works by Thomas Mills Framlingham pupils and staff to improve the art room equipment.  We visited Saturday and were told Friday had been packed for the raffle and the many gaps on the walls are sales ... steady selling was still happening Saturday pm.

fr 13 Oct

 JOB  Part or full time leisure duty manager wanted at Framlingham college, you've got just a week to get your application in.

th 12 Oct

Public meeting about Framlingham community centreLast night's public(ish) meeting about the proposed Framlingham community centre was open to those members of the public prepared to give their name and postcode because of the fire regs ... mmm.  Despite this a full house of maybe 200 turned out in the college theatre, we don't know what happened next because after a few minutes we could feel our brain start to atrophy and left.  We did clarify that James Tanner has resigned from the town council not just as chairman and the proposed community centre so far is just proposed.

mo 9 Oct

 JOB  An assistant accountant being recruited in Framlingham.

tu 3 Oct

 Annette Lee Ottoway and David ClarkeSo far this year we've noticed just one Framlingham church wedding so we're interpreting Framlingham Weddings as Framlingham brides but not necessarily in Fram.  Somewhat after the fact we've added the wedding reception of Annette Lee Ottoway and David Clarke (hopefully got the surnames right) at Ufford Park.  (Very decent Adnams was being served.)

fr 29 Sep

Framlingham's Little Helper experiences copyright issues.

su 24 Sep

Jas' last day on Framlingham MarketYesterday was Jas' last at Over the Moon on Framlingham market.  So that's another generation of Gosia's young ladies who have grown up dealing with the adult world in a coffee van.  Jas(mine) will read architecture at Cambridge (we were told which college) but expect Hatty to be around for another year of Saturdays.

sa 23 Sep

Ah, that's what happened to Framlingham's Little Helper.

th 21 Sep

 JOB  Wanted near Framlingham a Production Logistics Executive ... blimey!.

mo 18 Sep

We've added Detectorist Mackenzie Crook to peeps in Suffolk.

sa 9 Sep

As predicted the Tour of Britain flashed through near the coast yesterday but perhaps the helicopter got lost?  It only seemed to turn up as the peloton was leaving Framlingham.

fr 8 Sep

Here's someone using his given name of Kevin you might remember from the Framlingham Crown.

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