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su 9 oc 16

 SOLD  In Grundisburgh a Saab 93 2.0t Vector Sport ... sounds tasty.

th 29 se 16

We've only been to the Bealings once but they are absolutely charming and Saturday there's an extra reason to visit as a Healing, Psychic and Craft Fayre is being held in the village hall.

we 28 se 16

Swervy World are near the coast Wednesday 19 October to Sunday 23rd with their musical tribute to the 1920s Ragtime Pioneers.  They have some availability during the five days and at a smaller fee than usual.

fr 23 se 16

Sunday the Debach Airfield Museum will be open for the last time this year.

su 4 se 16

Living art at Maui Waui ThebertonWe arrived at the Maui Waui festival Theberton yesterday along with the first significant rain for weeks which wasn't that disruptive but OTOH didn't help.  The living art show was part burlesque part catwalk and the combination of electro swing soundtrack, highly effective lighting and a enthusiastic audience made quite an event ... looking forward to next year.

sa 27 au 16

Free wedding open day at Butley Priory today 11am-3pm.and Free (the music not the beer) beer and music (sounds like a good combination) festival at the Hoxne Swan this bank holiday weekend. ♫

tu 23 au 16

Diversion in Victoria Mill Road FramlinghamDiversions seem quite the thing around near the coast at the mo'.  This one is in Victoria Mill Road Framlingham which is closed maybe a hundred yards from the junction with Station Road.

we 3 au 16

Surprisingly three recent house sales in Monk Soham.

fr 15 jl 16

A woman died in a motorcycle accident yesterday evening in Walpole.

th 7 jl 16

House sales near the coast reviewed.

su 26 jn 16

Witnesham End of a RainbowDriving through Witnesham last weekend we thought That PC repair shop has gone, well it was very isolated, looks like a private house now.  Passing today we saw it's End of a Rainbow, they've been there eighteen months but sadly (if appropriately) this weekend was their last.

mo 20 jn 16

Police speed checking in Walpole and Yoxford today.

th 2 jn 16

near the coast in 2014.

fr 27 my 16

Speed cameras today in Eye, Kenton, Melton and Woodbridge.

th 26 my 16

US air crew at Debach in 1944Sunday afternoon the Debach Airfield has an open day with military vehicles, 1940s music, the Eastern Angles and free admission to the museum and car parking.

we 18 my 16

Friends of East Suffolk Performing ArtsOver the past seven years FESPA have awarded more than £38,000 of bursaries to near the coast acting, dancing, music and stage management students.  If you are hoping to start a performing arts course this autumn make an application.

tu 3 my 16

May review of house sales near the coast this spring.

sa 23 ap 16St George's Day

Music Hall MomentsEntertainments around near the coast tonight include the second and last night Music Hall Moments (comedy, songs and sketches) in the Great Glemham village hall or the FRAmlingham residents have a St George's night of tuck and fun (including ♫ from the Broadside Boys) at Tommy Mills.

su 10 ap 16

Bury Saints v Sussex ThunderDespite a pleasant morning here in near the coast we suspect that this year's Paris-Roubaix could be a muddy one.  Either way we won't be chasing it around the Internet because we'll be near Thetford snapping the Bury Saints v Sussex Thunder rematch that was such an outstanding semi-final last year ... it's free admission.

th 7 ap 16

The near the coast April house sales review indicates that not surprisingly the start of the year has been slow.

sa 2 ap 16

Mitch Benn and Neil Innes - pic contributed♫ Don't know what we make of musical parodist Mitch Benn, he's a permanent on Radio 4's The Now Show and seems to be a chum of near the coast's own gentle and brilliant parodist Neil Innes.  You can make your own mind up tomorrow when he closes the show at Ipswich's Jokers.

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