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mo 1 Mar
St David's Day
EACH The Best Pub Quiz EverEast Anglia's Children's Hospices has taken a big financial hit because of the virus.  You can help out this Thursday by entering The Best Pub Quiz Ever with a guest appearance by Grif Rhys Jones.
fr 12 Feb
Chinese New Year of the Ox
Present Police Crime Commisioner Tim Passmore in 2016 2nd rightDelayed from 2020 in the coming May we get to exercise our franchise and vote for


's Police Crime Commissioner ... just three candidates.
th 11 Feb
 WARNING  High winds have stranded poisonous shellfish on


 and Norfolk beaches.  Dog walkers are advised to keep them on a lead ... dogs will eat anything ...
Anorak Alert No.31:  Dodie Smith's novel I Capture The Castle is set in


 but the film adaptation has a beach scene that doesn't look like Suffolk to us.
we 3 Feb
Suffolk ConstabularyThe


 Constabulary have tweeted that what looks like a RSPCA van has been stopping dog walkers.  Seems unlikely but then a couple of years back waiting to cross Station Road Framlingham an estate car stopped and the driver tried to sell us carpet ...
mo 25 Jan
Burns Night
Emily Winter and Anna Brinkley in A Midsummer Night's DreamInevitably because of the lockdown no spring show from RoughCast this year but hopefully a summer tour of The TempestThe itinerary around

East Suffolk

 includes outdoor venues which is very promising as we much enjoyed the company's A Midsummer's Night Dream in the Laxfield Low House garden and 2019.
th 14 Jan
Yesterday's Suffolkness digest is being surprisingly active in Germany ... didn't know there was a European


 diaspora eh?
we 13 Jan
... Suffolkness before the Castle Keep estate was built on it eh?Stackton Tressel town council's Suffolkness committee has issued new guidelines.  To be authentic


 you should have a Co-op loyalty card, drink beer (meaning mild) not lager, know what squit is, who the manager of ITFC is and where Benhall and Little Mutterings are, and not use 'do' and 'does' the right way round like those la di da townies from that there London does ... owning a tractor helps ...
sa 2 Jan
Le Flâneur by Paul Gavarni 1842We had to look up flâneur, apparently it means a man who saunters around observing society.  So same problem in Suffolk as with street photography.
th 24 Dec

bloody Christmas ... eh?Advent window in Double Street FramlinghamSo Suffolk in Tier 4 from Boxing Day so even less of a Christmas than was anticipated but festive Framlingham is looking rather glamorous and lovely especially in Double Street where the advent windows are raising money for St Elizabeth Hospice and the Lebanon Appeal ... see you on the other side.

mo 7 Dec

Roughcast Theatre's reading of A Christmas CarolSaturday night's A Christmas Carol reading at the Fisher Theatre Bungay was much more produced than we anticipated for a reading; costumes, music and effects both sound and stage.  We were much impressed by the theatre's courage to gut the seating to ensure social distancing.

we 25 Nov

A vintage gold saddle ring found in Beccles Monday.

tu 24 Nov

Suffolk ConstabularyPCs Green and Yeldham are reporting 82 vehicle offences in East Suffolk since 1 September with thefts targeting keyless entry high value cars.  They recommend key fob blockers to prevent hacking.

tu 17 Nov

Confirmed Covid-19 cases in East SuffolkConcerningly despite this second lock down confirmed Covid-19 cases in East Suffolk continue to rise ... seventy third reason to be cheerful is Wes Anderson's eccentric world view.

su 25 Oct

Maggi Hambling: Making Love with the PaintIt is a truth universally acknowledged that In Suffolk you are never more than five yards from an artist.  Last night a BBC 2 doc about nearthecoast's very significant paint botherer Maggi Hambling, more than once the non-surgical mask was pulled down.

tu 15 Sep

Daisy Cooper in Aldeburgh and 2010Born in Suffolk Daisy Cooper went to Framlingham College, was Suffolk Coastal prospective parliamentary candidate in 2010 and in 2014 looked like a shoo in for the Lib Dem presidency.  Daisy is now MP for St Albans and this week was elected deputy leader of her party ... we need more politicians called Daisy.

mo 7Sep

Really like Scott Mortimer's Suffolk Noir cards set in Woodbridge.  Packs of nine cards available at Browsers Bookshop in the Woodbridge Thoroughfare.

sa 8 Aug

Multiple power tools recovered by Suffolk ConstabularyAn arrest early last month in Ipswich has led to the recovery of multiple power tools from multiple burglaries and thefts across Suffolk.  The constabulary web site has pictures and the police are asking potential owners to come forward.

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