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Stackton Tressel


sa 21 May

The EADT reveals worrying town council recruitment practises.

fr 6 May

At yesterday's monthly Stackton Tressel town council meeting Spike RistbondA tree was appointed wellbeing deliverance officer.  His choice was questioned by STCk (the resident's association) because of his EDL membership and undischarged bankruptcy but tc chairman Dame Celia Baumhugger observed he was the only candidate and he does like trees.

tu 16 Feb

Perpetuity brand trousers in the Stackton museumWhen Pitkin Homes restored the Stackton Tressel Perpetuity trouser factory into studio flats estate agents started calling the town's industrial south the artisan quarter.  This has become so popular with estate agents in all of Suffolk that at this month's town council meeting Major Gervaise DeRoute suggested renaming Stackton's artisan quarter the artisan three eighths.

tu 26 Jan
Australia Day

Skippy the Angeroo vaping on turboTo liven up town council meetings Stackton Tressel council have applied for a lottery grant to buy a smoke machine after trials with Hamish McEdbanguh's e-cigarette were a bit pants.  Chairman Dame Celia Baumhugger commented I'd enjoy making a bit of an entrance especially as I've bought a new pair of trousers, you know the ones with an elastic waistband?

th 11 Jun

At this month's Stackton Tressel town council meeting chairman Dameice bucket challenge Celia Baumhugger said she'd heard there's a thing called the ice bucket challenge? and perhaps the council should participate to raise funds for the trouser museum?  Major DeRoute observed that the shock could damage councillor's pacemakers and after discussion it was agreed the councillors would organise a sponsored cake eating marathon instead.

sa 11 Apr

There are 122 parishes in Mid Suffolk and only nine will bother with an election this May.  Stradbroke looks particularly lively with 18 candidates for the 13 seats.  It's unclear what Stackton Tressel will do as they don't seem to come under either Central or Coastal Suffolk.  Stackton community leader Hamish McEdbanguh commented Sorry, I'm in a hurry.

we 8 Apr

Advanced Walking published by Stackton Tressel TCWe all know that walking consists of putting on your walking clothes, driving to a walking place, changing your shoes and then walking.  Advanced walking is leaving the house in your everyday clothes and instead of driving walking to do your errands.  To make this activity safer Stackton Tressel town council have produce the booklet Advanced Walking covering training, safety, navigation, meeting other advanced walkers, etc.  There is a small charge ... unless they know you of course.

tu 24 Mar

Framlingham town councilThis coming May Stradbroke will have a contested parish council election, around near the coast most places probably won't bother ... don't know about Stackton Tressel yet.  Surprisingly applications to be a parish/town councillor have to be delivered to the district council by hand, in Stradders the parish clerk will deliver it for you.

su 15 Mar

At this month's Stackton Tressel town council meeting PC Thatchpole before making the police report warned that though the the legislation may soon change it is still illegal to have a two minute levitation at the start of the meeting.

fr 5 Sep

The Scottish saltireAt yesterday's Stackton Tressel council meeting Major Gervaise DeRoute demanded that if Scotland votes yes in the upcoming referendum Stackton should untwin from Stoneybridge Clackmannanshire and declare Scotland a terrorist organisation.  Chairman Dame Celia Baumhugger said she'd heard there were trees in Scotland.

mo 4 Aug

The East African is reporting that a Stackton Tressel man was abducted by aliens.

tu 8 Jul

The Little Mutterings phone boxAt last Thursday's Stackton Tressel town council meeting Major Gervaise DeRoute strongly advocated that the the militants who occupied the Little Mutterings' phone box should be declared a terrorist organisation.  Chairman Dame Celia Baumhugger declined the suggestion commenting this is Suffolk there was nothing organised about the protest and what's more she was surprised anybody could get in the telephone box.

fr 20 Jun

That's all we have until ThursdayIn this part of Suffolk you're more likely to be run down by a mobility scooter than an inline skater but we do like its been here forever bumptiousness ... and though unfair to say it's still the 1950s near the coast we have heard that sugar rationing didn't end in Stackton Tressel until 1966 ...

su 18 May

In an open letter to the East African Daily TimesThe Stackton Tressel pillory lifetime president of Stackton Tressel rugby club Major Gervaise DeRoute pointed out to the town council that though trial by ducking is probably illegal under Health and Safety legislation the town council do have the power to enforce an hour in the pillory and indeed the pillory is still stored at the back of the groundsman's hut in the cemetery.  Major DeRoute commented to us Of course we wouldn't be inhuman about this, pelting would be limited to softish foodstuffs, eggs and non-corrosive liquids.

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