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Snape in 2009-07

th 3 Dec

Looks like harassing the Knodishall village shop has moved to the garage on the road to Aldeburgh near Snape.

we 19 Aug

HMS PInafore finale

Very suitably dressedThe concert performance by London Operetta of HMS Pinafore at the Snape Proms last night was cracking fun!  In the first half conductor Ian McMillan rehearsed the audience in both singing and massed bits of business and his hi-energy and polished enthusiasm was an important element driving the whole Ian McMillan thing along.  Much of the audience were suitably dressed and judging by how often harmonies appeared many also clearly choralists.  The second half was a was lively concert performance from the six principals with the audience occasionally dragging but never mucking up ... and then prizes for the volunteer marines and best dressed sailor, sister, cousin and aunt.  Great Stuff!  The whole thing was recorded by a Sky Arts camera crew and it was a proper three man crew plus some youthful trainees.

fr 15 May


Bern:Ballett at the Snape MaltingsIt's always a pleasure to watch dancers up close and we discovered at their Snape Maltings rehearsal this afternoon that Swiss company Bern:Ballett are young and innovative but not so modern as to be scary.  See them tonight or like us tomorrow tonight.

  Bern:Ballett dancer

th 9 Apr
Rubbish Thursday ... the day before Good Friday

Two of the Ukes at last year's Arts FramThe Ukulele Orchestra of GB who in the last couple of years have played Easton, Snape and Arts Framlingham are playing this year's proms in a large town near Chelmsford.

tu 10 Mar

rulers used as percussion

start of the pieceAt yesterday afternoon's rehearsals in the Snape Maltings Halifax Primary from Ipswich were giving it the full monty.  40 odd youngsters all in black and choreographed by someone(s) who know(s) how to do it, backing tracks from Beethoven's Pastoral, Windmills Of Your Mind, some Satie and Music For A Found Harmonium ... but not this version.  Loved it, A Celebration of Schools' Music runs all week, more info at Aldeburgh Music.

so much going on

tu 6 Jan

As you know we're a bit pretentious so delighted that the prog for the excellent English

English Touring Opera at Snape

Touring Opera's spring visit to Snape includes a Mozart we haven't seen ... so just like The Outlaws then, guaranteed entertainment!

fr 19 Dec

Anna MeredithBright young Scottish thing of this year's Last Night of the Proms Anna Meredith has written the music for Tarantula in Petrol Blue to be premiered at the end of February in the Snape Maltings.  There is an open audition call for acting/singing boys aged 14-19 to join the cast of pros and local young people.

tu 9 Dec

36 bales of roof insulation stolen in Snape during the early hours yesterday.

sa 15 Mar

Approaching Snape from Tunstall

Major buildingIf you approach the Snape Maltings in daylight it's obvious something major is happening.  (We've been sliding past in the dark and only vaguely aware something was up.)  What's happening is new rehearsal rooms, small concert room and stuff plus twenty homes grouped round a private courtyard.  Nice.

we 29 Aug

Peter Donegan on banjo and Mark Anderson

Despite taking a photo crib we still didn't really recognise Peter Donegan last nightPete on acoustic when we met him backstage at the Aldeburgh Proms, Snape ... but when he leans back on stage and grins at the Bass player Michael Bailey putting his boots on audience he's undoubtedly Lonnie's son!  Lots of audience engagement, who knew the repertoire well and kept shouting out requests.  Thinking about it Pete is comfortingly a link via his dad and variety back to music hall.  To audience Do you want to sing a song?  YES!!  Off you go then.

No half time dressing room rock'n roll histrionics with some gentle Geordie accents floating about and the house soundman's explanation accepted You know the house better than we do.

Approaching the gig end Rock Island Line♫ got a thunderous reception and we're so pleased we've now shouted Four foot from his tail! with six hundred others (actually we forgetfully inflated it to six feet, silly us).

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