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Windows 7

 29 May

Top rightPC TipsIn Windows 7 when looking at a folder's files you can preview pdf and picture files by turning on the preview panel with Alt + P, toggle it off again with Alt + P.  Alternatively you can toggle the preview panel with the middle icon top right by the Help question mark.

th 16 Apr

PC TipsOne of the mysteries of Windows 7 is even if you right click the Windows start button bottom right then click Properties and have the ... recent documents ... check box ticked it still may not show.  You need to click the Customize button, scroll down forever and tick the Recent Items check box ... Microscoft eh?

mo 10 Nov

PC TipsTo give a Windows 7 laptop a little help we put an 8Gig SD card from a camera in to the SD slot and reformatted the card the default FAT32.  When we then configured the card  for ReadyBoost only 4Gig was available.  We unset ReadyBoost, reformatted the card exFAT and now all 8Gig was available for ReadyBoost ... just saying.

su 24 Aug

Windows 7 left and rightPC TipsIn Windows 7 and 8 the shortcut windows key + left arrow will park the current window full height, half width and on the left side of the screen.  Now go windows key + left arrow again and the window is parked on the right, same shortcut again and the window size reduces and floats, shortcut again and the window again parks on the left.  windows key + right arrow will do the same on the right so you can arrange two windows to fill the screen ... but then most windows work better when viewed landscape not portrait.

mo 7 Jul

PC TipsHere in Stately Terrace this am a Win7 desktop couldn't find the Internet, a system rollback past yesterday's Microscoft critical update solved the issue so either the prob was Microscoft perhaps combined with a recent Dreamweaver CS3 install ... just saying.

fr 25 Apr

PC TipsMany thanks ntc – Have now got both ReadyBoost and Back Up on new USB stick with still a third of it's memory left! – So I leave it permanently plugged in and both functions go on automatically with no further input from me!  Brilliant and all for an outlay of £5.80!! - C

fr 24 Apr

PC TipsIn Windows Vista and later there's a clever little go faster tweak ReadyBoost tab using a usb memory stick or similar, plug it in, find it in Windows Explorer, right click on it, click on Properties, select tab ReadyBoost and then click either Dedicate this device ... or Use this device.  Windows now has more fast access cache memory so it will need to access the slower hard disc less.  We've found three gotchas:

1. ReadyBoost won't play with older, slower memory sticks,

2. your memory stick will mostly likely be formatted FAT32 file system limiting how much of the stick can be used by ReadyBoost, reformat it exFAT, and

3. when your pc restarts it may try to boot from the memory stick, change the device boot order by pressing what ever is the magic key at start up on your machine.

th 12 Dec

PC TipsDigital camera RAW files are powerful, they allow you to adjust the camera aperture after you've taken the photo.  For some reason it hadn't occurred to us to check whether Windows 7 can display thumbnails of RAW files ... it can but you have to download a codec from the Microsoft web site which don't seem to be available any more.

fr 25 Oct

PC TipsWorth repeating how useful Toggle Keys is and it's available in Windows 7 as well as XP but the path to Turn on Toggle Keys turn on it in Win7 is different from XP, go Start/Control Panel/Ease of Access Center/Make the keyboard easier to use ... here at ntc we've concluded that Microscoft and that Gill Bates keep changing things just to be annoying.

fr 25 Apr

PC TipsMany thanks ntc – Have now got both ReadyBoost and Back Up on new USB stick with still a third of it's memory left! – So I leave it permanently plugged in and both functions go on automatically with no further input from me!  Brilliant and all for an outlay of £5.80!! - C

su 23 Mar

PC TipsDouble click at the very top of a window completely filling the screenShake n' Vac and the window reduces in size, double click at the very top again and the window will return to full size.  In Windows 7 you can do the same thing by drag and drop, point at the very top, hold the mouse button down and move the mouse vertically ... plus there's the Aero shake, point at the very top, hold the mouse button down and shake the mouse horizontally ... can't say we've noticed it freshening our carpets though.

fr 14 Dec

PC TipsA chum who was IT manager at Tannoy Speakers has posted on Facebook  The fact that I have gone back to Windows 7 might tell you something!  (Windows 8) It's fine on a touch-based computer, but if you are using a conventional, keyboard-based, computer I can't think of any good reason to upgrade.  People do claim performance gains, but I haven't experienced this personally, and the interface issues when touch is not available negate any possible gains anyway.  ... just saying.

th 30 Jul

PC TipsMicroscoft and that there Gill Bates have released Windows 7 to manufacturing but the release candidate can still be downloaded for free.

sa 25 Jul

PC TipsWindows 7 is the next version of Windows and due in October.  V3 list ten reasons why it's a good idea and here The Windows 7 desktopare three reasons why it's not a good idea to try and install the release candidate on an old machine to see what it's like.

1.   On broadband it's a two hour download.

2.   You need to burn a boot DVD greater than two gig ... your version of Nero probably won't do it.

3.   It will almost certainly hate much of your hardware unless it's at least vista capable.

We did manage to install it on an xp capable (just) box but it refused to acknowledge five network adaptors, two modems and didn't think much of two display adaptors so we couldn't really use it in hot blood.

we 4 Mar

PC TipsWindows 7 will be the next flavour of Windows and it looks like it's reaching release candidate stage and may be out before Christmas ... so another reason not to buy Vista.

we 12 Nov

First looks at Windows 7 (maybe due end of next year) report it is more responsive than Vista, seems like a good reason to put off upgrading to Vista even longer.

th 30 Oct

PC TipsMicroscoft and that there Gill Bates are not going to fix all the problems in Vista but in Microscoft's next operating system Windows 7.  All we have to do is wait for it at the end of 2009 ... or 2010.

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