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th 28 Sep

PC TipsIt's taken three attempts for BT to actually dispatch a router/hub, hopefully it will arrive today.  Worth tracking online and complaining sooner rather than later, we complain via the online chat.

th 30 Oct

PC TipsIf you pull hard enough on an Ethernet network lead it will comeEthernet plugs out but you've probably broken off the bit on the socket that keeps the plug in place.  What you should do is press the 'tongue' down to release the plug.  Whilst we're here the 'tongue' has a satanic need to catch on things and snaps off when you pull so it's worth getting plugs with a protective shroud on them like the blue one on the right.

mo 9 Jun

PC TipsThe bundled in with broadband BT router became very unreliableNetgear router and the man on the phone agreed it was a hardware problem and guess what out of warranty so we replaced it with an old Netgear router still in a drawer.  The Netgear like the BT router gets hot so using significant power but unlike the BT router doesn't go standby at night ... so we turn it off at night.

th 28 Mar
Rubbish Thursday ... the day before Good Friday

PC TipsThe BT £1.30 go faster wall socket plug in arrived just a BT Broadband Acceleratorfew days after we ordered it but it's taken us until now to fit it - the master socket was buried behind stuff.  Fitting should be straight forward, undo the two screws holding the front socket in, pull it out, plug in the gofaster jobbie, plug the front socket back in and use the supplied longer screws to hold it in.

We did some wired and wireless before and after measurements and to be honest no real improvement though in a house with loads of electrical running it could make a difference.  What did make a difference was disconnecting the wiring running to wall sockets in three other rooms, speeded up the download by 10%, that'll stay disconnected now all the phones are cordless.

fr 20 Jul

PC TipsNetgear router rear panelBefore going on holiday unplug the telephone line side of your router to stop you coming home to find all your bandwidth has been stolen or a thunderstorm has damaged the router, and while you're at it turn the router off to stop it being hacked while you're away ... no that's alright, we'll look at the snaps of you on a camel on Facebook if that's ok.

we 24 Dec

PC TipsIt's always been an attractive idea to use the power wiring in your house as a network because it's already there, indeed we had an intercom system that did just that and worked some of the time.  There's a new standard promising 200Mbits/second on the power lines, if it delivers could be very interesting.

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