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we 5 no 14Guy Fawkes 1570-1606

The Spar shop in Stradbroke re-opened todayDennington water splash after closing in September last year.  It was open at lunch time, had a good handful of well turned out staff and inside has been majorly made over but we can't show you because a man in a suit decided it was Spar policy not to allow photography.  We can't show you the post office in the library either because that's closed all day Wednesday ... but the water splash near Dennington was fun.

sa 16 au 14

Dennington fete 1:30pm-4:30pm today on the sports field behind the village hall, top prize in the raffle a hundred quid! ... and a kidnapped princess.

sa 19 jl 14

Last weekend a Peugeot in Yoxford suffered envy lines (a Peugeot?) and around 400 gallons of red diesel stolen in Dennington.

we 9 jl 14

Charlie HaylockTonight's speaker at the Dennington WI open meeting is raconteur and very Suffolk person Charlie Haylock.  We saw him some years back at the Framlingham Crown and still enjoy the Hurricane over Basildon ... plus there's cake!

tu 29 ap 14

Jewelry, a laptop and a camera burgled Friday morning in Dennington.

tu 25 mr 14

Daytime burglaries in Dennington and Framlingham yesterday.

tu 17 se 13

We think it safe to conclude that white diesel is not red diesel, ie the ordinary stuff.

mo 16 se 13

Over the weekend a 1,000 litres of white diesel was stolen in Dennington ... white diesel?  Ah, white diesel is not red diesel.

sa 14 se 13

Dennington dog showDog show from 12pm this afternoon at Dennington village hall and 3pm vip opening of the refurbished tennis court ... sometimes these things take a while.

su 9 jn 13
Bastille Day

Framlingham frock shopYes, we were confused about Framlingham frock shop Bird/Boo-Tiki but it's definitely Boo-Tiki and the winner in the prize draw of the £30 gift voucher was Dennington's Andrea Gill.

su 24 mr 13

Michael PearceMichael Pearce is from Dennington and at the age of 70 next month he will be running his fourth marathon the Bungay Black Dog to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.  You can sponsor him at

tu 4 de 12

Kirsty Thompson judging - pic by Anne NichollsGod Damn!  Not only have we just got round to telling you about the Central Suffolk Rabbit and Cavies in Dennington Village Hall back in October but we missed them there last Sunday too.  Never mind they're back in January and with a household pets class.

4tu 23 oc 12

Dennington c1910  Earl Soham Slog  Aldeburgh town steps c1905  Aldeburgh Town Steps 1950s

Dennington when it appeared to have at least two policemen of its own, the Earl Soham Slog which doesn't seem to have much to do with Earl Soham and the Aldeburgh town steps half a century apart.

th 11 oc 12

Dennington WI fashion showLast night for the Dennington WI charity fashion show we had to park in what was the post office as the village hall car park was jammed.  Inside impressive that Dennington has dinner jackets and bow ties to dress a half dozen stewards, indeed one steward told us that as a young man he was always in a DJ at weekends.  The models were dressed from the Framlingham hospice shop so we expected shabby chic but there were £500 shoes and what appeared to be a brand new Christian Dior handbag.

su 2 se 12

An Eastern Counties bus outside the Dennington Queen's Head, CF Channing of

Eastern Counties bus in Dennington The Street Earl Soham Framlingham College hockey team

Double Street Framlingham, Earl Soham when you could walk down the middle of the road and with 1950s big hockey sticks a Framlingham College hockey team.

fr 18 my 12

Venus de Milo?The Dennington tennis court was looking pretty sad when we visited four years ago and now it looks like qualifying for free counselling.  To cheer it up the sports club are having an auction tomorrow in the village hall with viewing tonight.  Opportunities include a brand new pedal tractor, a male? Venus de Milo, old bowls that get antique dealers on tv excited and a big yellow thing.

sa 21 ap 12

Katelyn Potter with her winning pet rabbit ~ pic by Anne NichollsWhile appropriately on the first of this month we were failing to find the mountain biking in Tunstall forest the Central Suffolk Rabbit and Cavy show in Dennington village hall judged best pet to be Katelyn Potter's rabbit (on the left), best rabbit by Rae Fewkes the Sekwef stud, and best cavy by Pig `n` Mix Cavies.

sa 28 ja 12

Sweffling windmillThis postcard of Dennington shows that around 1943 the village didn't go as far as having a garage but the shopDennington around 1943 sold petrol, hand pumped of course and though perhaps we should know where the windmill in Sweffling was we don't.

th 26 ja 12Australia Day

Kingston and passing small boyThis fluff of incredibly soft white fur is Kingston; Holeigh his teenage owner likes to give her rabbits names with royal connections.  Last Sunday in Dennington village hall Kingston came second in the Netherland Dwarf Red Eye White U5(months) class, Holeigh said she hadn't expected him to do any better as he's still very young.  The Central Suffolk Rabbit and Cavy Fancy are back in Dennington Sunday 1st April.

mo 9 ja 12

Fitness classes start this Thursday at the Dennington village hall with a £2 taster session, the similar is happening in Peasenhall village hall on Saturday mornings.

sa 17 de 11

Winning cavie at Debenham ~ pic contributedNow wish we'd made it to Dennington earlier this month because not only were there rabbits and cavies but Christmas dinners and presents too.

su 4 de 11

Rabbit and cavy pen show at Dennington village hall today.

we 23 no 11

Mobiles, tvs, laptops and jewellery stolen in Great Glemham Thursday morning and three Woodbridge men arrested for offences including Dennington burglaries.

th 6 oc 11

Three burglaries and an attempted one in Dennington Monday night.

th 31 mr 11world backup day

Tribute to Buddy HollyThis Sunday morning you could listen to Radio Stradbroke's Sunday Best with your mummy then take her to see the bunnies in Dennington in the afternoon and polish off a perfect day at Leiston cinema with Tribute to Buddy Holly.

mo 24 ja 11

Boxes at a box showIt was the Central Suffolk rabbit and cavy box show at Dennington yesterday afternoon.  A box show is where the competitors really only leave their box for the judging but still an enjoyable affair with theJudging animals being surprisingly patient.  The open class for family pets included an attractively marked tortoise which we were told enjoyed a swim and a giant snail but the snake had been asked not to attend.  The club is back in the village hall in April with a pen show and an expected over the hundred entrants.

mo 8 no 10

Poppy AppealThe British Legion needs a poppy organiser to cover Brundish, Brandeston and Dennington next year.

mo 25 oc 10

In January at the Dennington village hall the Central Suffolk Rabbit and Cavy club are holding a box and pet show, everyone welcome but no cats, ferrets, presumably foxes and definitely no dogs.  More info on the board soon.

tu 12 oc 10

Saxtead MillJon Sullivan talks about Saxtead Mill tomorrow night at the everybody welcome WI meeting in Dennington.

mo 2 au 10

The Badingham church collection box was broken into some time last week and three cars were scratched in Dennington Saturday night.

fr 9 jl 10

Pilates at Dennington VHall Tuesday nights ... alright, if you like foreign food.

su 13 jn 10

The annual Inter-village Bloodsports have started, hosted this year by Dennington.

we 12 my 10

Maid of the Mill DenningtonThe ladies of Dennington testing their antiperspirant at the beginning of last century.

mo 01 mr 10

DiscardFarctum/Grethic didn't go as far as lipstick and earrings but she did give quite a makeover to her lane's ditch in the rarely visited Dennington-Saxtead Triangle (it's like the Ambridge-Penny Hassett Triangle, the phones only occasionally work as the residents keep making bangles out of the wires).  Not surprisingly her net on a stick turned up a lot of discard but four (yes 4) brandy bottles?

th 14 ja 10

Intriguing if expensive C19th Dennington ephemera on ebaY.

tu 1 se 09

There's a reward for a missing kitten in Dennington.

su 23 au 09

Here at ntc central we've always liked the idea that Dennington has a business section.

tu 16 jn 09

Can you lend Dennington sports club some bunting for their expo Saturday?

we 3 jn 09

Dennington expo

we 27 my 09

Last year in DenningtonThe theme next month for this year's Dennington Expo is Time, so an excuse to dress up and/or show off your snaps.  Oh yes, mid-teens players needed for the football team.

th 21 my 09

Can you lend next month's Dennington Expo a skittle set?

sa 25 ap 09

Plants, art, refreshments and tower visits in Dennington church today and The Fighter Pilot's Tale at the Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge tonight.

th 23 ap 09St George's Day

Ride on lawnmower stolen in Dennington, smashed noticeboard glass in Benhall and a stolen tax disc in Framlingham.

we 8 ap 09

Mark MitchelsAt tonight's Dennington WI open to all evening Mark Mitchels will be speaking on Characters of East Anglia, a rich seam to hew there we would venture.

tu 17 mr 09

Broody hen needed for abandoned mallard egg in Dennington.

th 12 mr 09

 WARNING  Trailer thefts in the Dennington, Easton and Sweffling areas.

we 21 ja 09

The B1116 at DenningtonA rather disturbing incident involving indecent exposure that must have been upsetting and frightening for a lady driver on the B1116 at Dennington yesterday.

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