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earlier in Worly

fr 6 Feb

Either a nasty bit of vandalism or somebody with a serious grudge?  Either way a man in his late teens to 20s tried to set light to a car in Worlingworth at the end of last month.

we 3 Dec

Tuesday last week a 17 year old on a moped in Worlingworth was assaulted by a jogger.

we 15 Oct

Good news about the Worlingworth Swan.

tu 14 Oct

What a very great pity, it would appear the Worlingworth Swan is going to close and this week.

su 17 Aug

Bride and groom Matt and Yo

Yolande is the Worlingworth Swan's landlady's daughter so ... more at Wilby

su 26 Aug

Friendly Misunderstood RabbitsThere were a lot good times being had in a tent at the back of the Worlingworth Swan last night.  Friendly Misunderstood Rabbits (who seemed to have suddenly grown up since MSM) had a depping drummer but still gave the high energy (11.2 on a Marshall) performance you'd expect from young Turks whilst acknowledging their antecedents with a couple of Hendrix tunes, and even synchronised behind the neck guitar playing ... or maybe they're just big Joe Brown fans.

The Outlaws recreating a near Chelmsford particular

The O's came on to the theme from the Big Country, or possibly the Magnificent Seven or even Appalachian Major dancer Spring (we can never sort them out) and two smoke machines.  Though this looked great it did slow the rush of people entering the tent as they couldn't see where they were going:)  The O's have got even tighter and the micro Chico and CookieEddie Cochran set went particularly well (maybe add Three Steps to Heaven fellas?) and as the evening progressed the struttings (and occasional falling overs) at the front of the stage got more and more charged.  Like they say guaranteed entertainment.

Massed strutting

... and oh yes, the lady in red did get to hear I Predict a Riot.

Lady in red and friends

tu 3 Jul

Dennington 1668 half penny tokenSupport band wanted for The Outlaws gig in a tent at Worlingworth next month and we spotted this 1668 Dennington half-penny token on ebaY, it went for £80.

we 13 Mar

Worlingworth Swan  des' dinners 24

On a rather grey, blowy day NaTCH collected John B from the Vic for a pleasant toddle through the lanes to where Hugh, recently released from Norwich prison, was waiting for us.  The barrels are kept behind the bar at the Swan and one had a rubber tubing and an empty Jack Daniels bottle attached - giving the bar the ambience of an illicit still.  Conversation included how sloppy the food is in Norwich Prison and why two out of three lunchers just can't see what's so great about James Brown.  AfARs from Spadge (just got his bank statement) and Andy (will rejoin us when his present contract ends in December).  (last visit ↓  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

we 10 Jan

Worlingworth Swan  des' dinners 10

The Worlingworth SwanYet another ominous start to a lunch with apologies received from Hugh and  Spadge (pressure of work), new chum Mark, and Andy (Worlingworth too far) but NaTCH was readily included in the conversation at the bar of the Worlingworth Swan and, a little late, the attendees were John B, John FH and Malcolm.  The Swan is very pleasant: Adnams from the wood at £1.70 a pint, open fire, sensible menu (including liver and bacon) and the food is served hot, AND a water jug on the bar!  Conversation  included "Are the lyrics to 'Jailhouse Rock' about a homosexual relationship".  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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