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LinkNaTKiT1 was a loudspeaker production test system.  B&W Loudspeakers have been our biggest user with 22 stations.  Other users include Delta Impact, Goodmans, Hayes (Australia), Harman Pro Audio, Martin Audio, Mission, Mordaunt-Short, Morel (Israel), Tannoy, Tectron (Portugal), TT Audio Plastics, and Turbosound.

The NaTKiT1 User Guide front coverUG1-13ii.zip (1.16M) - is the NaTKiT1 User Guide in Word for Windows version 7 format.  It is particularly useful because of the illustrations.


To give a better fit on some PCsDetail showing NaTKiT1 board modification (Dells have been the main offenders) we have made a small change to the NaTKiT board so the bracket can move more vertically. (See INSTALLING THE NATKIT in the User Guide.)

For some time we have been using a smaller gauge wire from the sockets on the end bracket to the board.  This makes it easier to adjust the end bracket for fit.

Not only do all new boards have both changes but also all re-calibration exchange boards.

WHAT'S was NEW in NaTKiT1 v1.13 - January 1999

  • NaTKiT1 is now millennium compliant.
  • NK1 Xtra, if present, can now be run from the Supervisor menu.
  • The numeric limits when calibrating the power amplifier have been increased to allow for some of those mighty beasts you are using out there!
  • A "division by zero" bug that occurred with some IBM and Cyrix CPUs has been fixed.
  • When creating a "Typical" the source sequence name is dumped to disc for use by NK1 Xtra.

WHAT was NEW in NaTKiT1 v1.12 - January 1998

  • International support has been improved.  Please note: databases written on a PC with one international setting will not necessarily be read correctly on a PC with a different international setting.
  • The y axis positioning of Target and Comp graph printouts when using the script language has been improved.
  • The Target and Comp commands now have an additional but optional argument. It specifies where the plot is positioned on the y axis of the grid.  (See page 37 in the user guide.)

WHAT was NEW in NaTKiT1 v1.08 - April 1997

  • The script has the new command PLOT target.  This plots the response contained in the file specified by the sequence parameter "Compensation file".  (The existing command plots the current test unit's response.)

WHAT was NEW in NaTKiT1 v1.06 - January 1997

  • BE WARNED!  A bug has been fixed in v1.06 that may affect the pass/fail decision with existing sequences.  In v1.05 (and earlier) the bug sometimes occurred if one layer sits within another.  In these circumstances the interior layer will sometimes be ignored.  Now we've fixed this bug, units that previously passed may now fail.  If you want them to continue to pass either delete the interior layer or, adjust its parameters (increase the limit, block size or adjust the check range) until the units pass.

WHAT was NEW in NaTKiT1 v1.05 - November 1996

  • When a compensation file is used with a frequency response the positioning of the display has been further improved.
  • The positioning of the display has been improved when sending a response to a printer via a script file.

WHAT was NEW in NaTKiT1 v1.03 - October 1996

  • There is now a selection parameter associated with the sequence.  If Selection is a non-zero value then any passed unit, that is not identified as a possible standard, is further evaluated.  The unit's averaged difference from the standard is tested to see if it is less or equal to the Selection limit.  If it is then the operator is prompted to mark the unit as Selected.  The idea is to identify the units that are better than average.  As a by product the selected units will be better pair matched than their brethren.
  • When a compensation file is used with a frequency response the positioning of the display has been improved.
  •  If a Sine test has zero volts drive then the response to pass is Y.  This makes the operator's response more logical.

WHAT was NEW in NaTKiT1 v1.02 - February 1996

  • Support for the Digital I/O kit has been extended.  The I/O board now outputs "Test in Progress" and "Fail".
  • The calibration bug associated with some international DOS configurations has been fixed and international support enhanced.
  • Whenever the amplifier scaling factor is changed calibration is forced for all the test sequences.
  • The bug associated with multiple compensation files has been fixed.
    Sorry it took so long Dave!
  • Reading data from the production reporting file nk_prod.dbf has been improved. If there has been increasing delays at programme start up and after selecting a model to be tested they should now go away.
  • There is now a selection parameter associated with the sequence.
  • The calibration time can now be set to zero.  There will still have to be an initial calibration but then re-calibration will not be forced by elapsed time.  Calibration can still be forced though by a relevant response test or sequence parameter change or re-calibration of the power amp.
  • The real time clock now gives the date as well.

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