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fr 6 May

The Red Rose Chain come indoors for a change to present Richard III at the Avenue Theatre Ipswich starting tonight and running for the best part of a month.

su 1 May
International Dawn Chorus Day

Country mice at the Alde Valley Spring FestivalLast Saturday at the opening of the Alde Valley Spring Festival in Great Glemham Maggi Hambling was just as funny as last year, there was someone off the telly we couldn't put a name to, Ipswich MP Ben Gummer with baby son and Alex Johnson being violent towards a dead tree but for us the stars were the country mice.

th 14 Apr

♫ Chanteuse Polly Gibbons grew up at the other end of Victoria Mill Road Framlingham, this Sunday with the James Pearson Trio she plays the Ipswich Jazz Club.

sa 2 Apr

Mitch Benn and Neil Innes - pic contributed♫ Don't know what we make of musical parodist Mitch Benn, he's a permanent on Radio 4's The Now Show and seems to be a chum of near the coast's own gentle and brilliant parodist Neil Innes.  You can make your own mind up tomorrow when he closes the show at Ipswich's Jokers.

mo 14 Mar

♫ Charlie is a guitarist with access to an Ipswich rehearsal space with drum kit.  He wants to form an Ipswich/Framlingham rock/alternative band.

sa 12 Mar

Suffolk Roller DerbyTomorrow male roller derby in Ipswich.  A Brit Champs double bouter with hosts Suffolk playing Nottingham and Bristol playing from Stamford Brawls of Steel.  Tickets eight quid on the door or six online from Suffolk Roller Derby.

tu 8 Mar

Lucy Smith16 year old Lucy Smith was reported missing from Ipswich last night and there is concern for her well being.  She may now be in the Lowestoft area. 

LATER: Lucy returned to where she's staying this afternoon.

we 17 Feb

Scary looking two car crash - pic contributedA tragic irony in two road crashes around Ipswich last week.  Serious but not life threatening injuries from the scary looking crash in Foxhall Road Saturday night whilst a twenty month baby girl died in hospital after a Thursday lunchtime Martlesham crash that following drivers may have thought not serious.

sa 6 Feb

The St Elizabeth Hospice Ipswich are looking for supporters to open their gardens this summer or/and provide plants for pop up plant stalls.

tu 19 Jan

Crikey!  The constabulary certainly stuck with this one, an Ipswich and a Felixstowe man are due to be charged with a Melton shop robbery in 2014.

th 21 Jan

Smilies at Suffolk Roller Derby Suffolk Roller Derby held their first fresh meat of 2016 earlier this month at the Inspire centre Ipswich.  We reckon there were 14 newbs ranging from ready to go to never been on skates before.  New male and female faces always welcome Fridays but to ensure there's enough loan equipment it helps to contact them first.

sa 16 Jan

David Bowie's 1971 album Hunky DorySometime in the 1960s Bowie was our solo support act and even then he was visibly creative.  Despite this slight association we were soon bored by news people suddenly having an opinion about him.  We seem to be alone in boredom so you'll probably be interested that Pump and Grind Ipswich will be playing non-stop Bowie this weekend and DK's Saturday Sessions Norwich is a Bowie tribute.

mo 4 Jan

(Lto R) Alice Mottram, Matt Jopling and Julian HarriesDespite the filthy weather (and our word wasn't it windy on the Aldeburgh front last night) a very decent house in the Jubilee Hall for Justin and the Argonauts.  The five handed cast tackle a multiplicity of characters (our favourites were the Scottish hand maidens) and musical numbers.  Common Ground's tour continues tomorrow at the New Wolsey Studio Ipswich.

On our way home two people in front of the Aldeburgh cinema were wringing a rug out ...

we 16 Dec

Thanks to Foz Dr Feelgood in Ipswich tomorrow night.

sa 5 Dec

Route of Volvo on cctA bit sinister but police working on Luke Durbin's disappearance in Ipswich nine years ago must be interested that a possible car number was registered under a false name and address.  There's an up to £20,000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction.

su 15 Nov

Ipswich library and one way system reviewed in The Guardian.

we 4 Nov

Empress skating rink IpswichThe Ipswich Empress roller rink was on the corner of Portman Road and Sir Alf Ramsey Way and unlike the BBC Maida Vale studios which started out as the Maida Vale Roller Skating Palace the Empress now seems to be car park.

mo 7 Sep

BMW after a hit and runOne serious fail to stop Saturday morning on the A12 south of Ipswich.

mo 10 Aug

Ipswich Cardinals v Bury SaintsReckon when we saw the Ipswich Cardinals play the Wembley Stallions last month Ipswich were outnumbered two to one.  Yesterday when Ipswich played Bury Saints reckon it was three to one.

fr 7 Aug

Ipswich Comedy ClubWell there's a novelty, instead of the usual Suffolk fatuous justification Jokers Comedy Club in Ipswich apologises for this month's show not being up to their usual standard and explains why.

th 30 Jul

As we've said before you don't have to be young to be bad, a 77 year old Ipswich man has been arrested with three others at a Stonham Aspal cannabis farm.

tu 14 Jul
Bastille Day

Dan BusterSaturday a broken down horse box on a Martlesham roundabout contributed to us missing the first bout at Ipswich's first public roller derby ... more here

tu 7 Jul

Suffolk Roller Derby in IpswichYES Yes yes, roller derby in Ipswich this Saturday ... we might faint ... and Friday and Saturday the second and very organised Stradisphere music festival though from the band list time runs backwards in Stradbroke ...

th 2 Jul

After decades of watching American football on tv saw our first live match Sunday.  Not surprisingly being outnumbered at least two to one the Ipswich ... more here

sa 27 Jun

As part of the Ipswich jazz festival Latin style singer Noemi Nuti and her band in the town hall tonight. ♫

fr 19 Jun

The Clare Teal Trio The Ipswich Jazz Festival starts today with the Clare Teal Trio in the Wolsey Theatre and continues until the 28th with concerts, exhibitions, films and workshops. ♫

tu 16 Jun

Roller derby poster in RumblesGetting  a poke of chips yesterday in Framlingham's chippie Rumbles we saw a poster for next month's Ipswich roller derby and we didn't put it there ... We Are Not Alone!

fr 5 Jun

HMS Pinafore in IpswichA while back we really enjoyed (and so did our sisters and our cousins and our aunts) a sing a long concert performance of HMS Pinafore at the Snape Maltings.  A chance to do something similar at the Ipswich Wolsey tonight.

fr 8 May

Camera locations in IpswichIt will soon be the anniversary of Luke Durbin's disappearance in Ipswich nine years ago.  Police are still looking to identify a silver or white Volvo 440 seen on camera in Orwell Place in the early hours.

th 19 Mar

From the Red Nose day before last Sgt Andy Buck gets a second fave. Red Nose Day in Framlingham

sa 21 Feb

The Norfolk Brawds open co-ed scrimmage last week had places for six (possibly eight) more skaters, expect another open scrimmage next month.  In Ipswich and the adjacent county ... more here

tu 17 Feb

Sexual Assault Referral CentreThe Sexual Assault Referral Centre is on the outskirts of Ipswich and provides a single location to support and investigate particularly child, and young and vulnerable adult victims.  A lump of money from central government has paid £18,000 for a video link so victims can give evidence from the centre and £12,000 on a 3D distraction system.  The distraction system is a large screen over the medical examination couch that shows calming and moving 3D images, a user can blow in to a pipe to apparently make bubbles come out of the screen and if a finger clip is worn software helps the wearer slow their heart rate.  It all makes sense though no doubt as with all computers there'll be a certain amount of Have you tried turning it off and on again?

mo 5 Jan

Suffolk police have seized 400 Superman ecstasy tablets hidden in a public placeSuspect ecstasy table near Norwich Road Ipswich, Norwich Road is a long road.  In the same press release the police report arresting a 19 year old for supplying class B drugs, ecstasy is a class A drug.

fr 2 Jan

Suspect ecstasy tableSuffolk police have released a pic of the 'Superman' ecstasy tablets suspected of killing at least two in Ipswich and possibly others in the UK including Telford Shropshire.

th 1 Jan

roller derby bout A Fistful of RollersHAPPY NEW YEAR!  No doubt in 2015 Andrea Hill will return as County chief executive and sponsorship renames Suffolk as Hopkinshomeshire, it'll be cheapest to park in Essex and use helicopters to travel around ntc, finally roller derby in Ipswich and perhaps we get a record 20,000 visitors in a month, we abandon VeganB46 but still drop a dress size and despite the continual house building and bureaucratic BS near the coast remains a pleasant place to live ...

Suffolk Constabulary WARNING  Over the Christmas period in Ipswich three men have died and a fourth hospitalised in a serious condition in drug related incidents.  Police suspect a bad batch of ecstasy.

tu 7 Oct

From 9:30 this morning a large boat will be moving along the A14 boundary of near the coast from Cambridgeshire to Ipswich marina.

mo 6 Oct

Cecil Martin played for four years as a Philadelphia Eagle in the NFL.  Though there may be an element of professional bonhomie in his manner it was a ... more here

we 10 Sep

One of those Suffolk Sport twenty quid four week beginner golf courses starts on the outskirts of Ipswich at Fynn Valley today.

su 17 Aug

♫ Tonight's Ipswich jazz club show is first timer Don Weller and trio.  Don played in many of the late Stan Tracey's bands and his own jazz-rock band Major Surgery.

fr 25 Jul

♫ Here are the Rainbow Girls busking the Top Gear theme in Zurich, don't know

The Rainbow Girls ... they're from that there California

what's the most surprising, covering the Allman Brothers or busking in Switzerland, either way they play the Cult Cafe Bar Ipswich tonight.

th 5 Jun

Moto-x at Blaxhall in 2007Moto-x at Blaxhall this Sunday which will include the fifth round of the eastern centre expert and junior championships.  Further if different two wheeled competition starts Wednesday with six weeks of nocturne cycle races we think at Trinity Park near Ipswich, as so often in Suffolk their web site seems to assume you know where.

♫ New landlords at muso pub the Ipswich Steamboat ... only ever been there once.

sa 24 May

Suffolk Pride Live fundraiser tonight at the Ipswich Steamboat and tomorrow at the delightful Helmingham Hall  a free plant to the first 800 visitors to Plant Heritage's Spring Plant Fair.

th 8 May

Beauty's LegacyThe Keeper's Daughter's show Beauty's Legacy (what a bunch of possessive apostrophes) travels way out of East Anglia this spring but is in Ipswich tomorrow and Stradbroke Saturday.

we 25 Mar

Suffolk Pride ShakesRaRa's who hosted what seems to be the now still born Ipswich Roller Derby are hosting Suffolk Pride Shakes Friday evening.

th 6 Mar

Son Yambu - pic contributedFeaturing a new generation of Cuban musicians Son Yambu play a fusion of Spanish and African rhythms that is the root of all salsa music.  Presented by the very excellent Peppery Productions Son Yambu play the Ipswich Town Hall tomorrow night Friday 7th March.

we 12 Mar

 WANTED  The other side of Ipswich on the Shotley peninsular the Royal Hospital School is looking for an organist. ♫

mo 3 Feb

Suffolk Pride is back this year Saturday 21 June and this time on Ipswich Waterfront.

th 30 Jan

Sunday's Jokers comedy gig in the Ipswich Manor Ballroom is CANCELLED.

fr 6 Dec

♫ The Oysterband tonight at the Ipswich Regent .. thank you Peppery.

fr 29 Nov

... Christmas eh?The HumdingersTomorrow it's a Christmas market in the afternoon and Brundish village hall whilst the circus at Stonham Barns has four shows throughout the day.  Sunday evening the free Slice of Life show at FAYAP in Framlingham is fully booked so good thing The Humdingers will be engaging in some of that rockabilly stuff at the Spread Eagle Ipswich. ♫

fr 8 Nov

Ipswich RD fundraiserReally sorry to hear that Ipswich Roller Derby would seem to be still born but it may not be the end of roller derby near the coast ...

sa 22 Jun

Dark LoveTonight it's Dark Love story telling for grown ups in Ipswich and 3pm tomorrow at Aldeburgh cinema for one showing only Stanley Kubrick's 2001 ... a film that really should be seen at the cinema ... I'm sorry, Dave.  I'm afraid I can't do that.

fr 14 Jun

Expect disruption in Ipswich city centre TODAY because of the bike racing.

tu 4 Jun

Author Louis de BernieresThis Sunday night at the John Mills Theatre in Ipswich Eastern Angles artistic director Ivan Cutting will be in conversation with Louis de Bernieres author of Captain Corelli's Mandolin.  Joint plank spanking is promised and questions taken from the floor to raise funds for the theatre.

su 2 Jun

♫Tonight Peppery present award winning French band Lo'Jo in the Jerwood Dance House on Ipswich's waterfront.

th 30 May

Pearl Isumi tour seriesThe constabulary point out that the Suffolk show will have its usual effect upon the Seven Hills junction of the A12/A14 today and as it isn't in Suffolk they haven't pointed out that Colchester town centre will be problematical this afternoon and tonight because of the criterium ... that's a bike race, it visits Ipswich Friday 14th next month.

su 17 Mar
St Patricks's Day

Sgt Andy BuckFor Friday's Red Nose day Kesgrave's Cafe 66 had a cardinal cooking lunch and the local police pursued a comedy burglar through a Tesco Metro, boarded a number 66 bus to further pursue the miscreant through the grounds of police headquarters before capture in a Martlesham car park.

mo 11 Mar

I Was A Rat! runs at the Ipswich Wolsey from tomorrow until Saturday and must be a theatrical treat ... if you like theatrical treats that is ... do like the music though, very Orkestra del Sol ... still Love Miss Olga Miss Olga.♫

we 6 Mar

Siren Hard CorrOur first problem Saturday night was thinking the Ipswich Spread Eagle is the Falcon ... which hasn't been the Falcon for some time apparently.  In the wilderness of an Ipswich Sunday night finding someone to solve our confusion we discovered the Giles family statue has moved to the other side of the road and the Cromwell SquareThe Humdingers car park has gained a statue of Prince Obolensky playing rugby, bare chested for some reason.  In the new to us and very pleasant Spread Eagle we saw great hair and red Gretsch guitars swimming in echo being played in rockabilly bands The Hepmasters and The Humdingers who sandwiched burlesquer Siren Hard Corr trouping on despite an erratic sound system.  All this raised £320 which will more than cover the insurance so Ipswich Roller Derby can start training hopefully later this month.♫

we 20 Feb

♫ When we visited a Rabble Chorus rehearsal in Easton three years ago we were impressed by Kirsty Logan's arrangements but there wasn't that many of them.  Now there's enough for a flash mob in the Ipswich John Lewis with Barbara Ann Spencer taking lead.  PS: This song and choir on the cd of last year's Maverick Festival.♫

th 14 Feb
Valentine's Day

Konkoma♫Nice to see Peppery Prods still bringing world music to near the coast, upcoming is the Ghanaian founded nine piece Konkoma Friday 8th March at the Manor Ballroom Ipswich.♫

th 24 Jan

Ipswich Roller Derby in RaRa'sRaRa's is a new to us 50s themed ice cream parlour in Northgate Street Ipswich and they stayed open later last night for the first get together of the still provisionally named Ipswich Roller Derby.  A little slow getting ... more roller derby

su 20 Jan

Scott Hamilton - pic contributed♫Tonight's Scott Hamilton Quartet gig at the Ipswich jazz club is cancelled because of the weather but the club have them pencilled in for Sunday 7th April.

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