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we 28 Nov

♫ Friday night at Easton Farm Park the Maverick Thanksgiving Party hadDon Gallardo at Maverick's Thanksgiving Party sufficient eating and drinking that the Earl Soham Vic ran out about three quarters through the evening.  We much enjoyed the Henry Brothers country arrangement of I Can't Stand Mondays, perhaps Cher's Bang Bang next?  The excellent Don Gallardo closed his The Last Waltz anniversary set with I Shall Be Released and we joined in with the audience singing along on the chorus ... as rewarding as Six Foot From His Tail!.

su 8 Jul

Banjo Jen on the Medicine Show stage at Maverick♫ Magnificent weather for another brilliant Maverick producing some wonderful hats and for us the newbs on the Medicine Show stage perhaps the most rewarding, especially Banjo Jen.  Our ears pricked at a very lateral keyboard solo from the Cordovas closing the Southern Sounds stage Saturday..  When we pointed out that theHannah Rose Platt on the Medicine Show stage lead singer appeared to really fancy himself Rachael's friend asked for my long lens to get a better look and then said If I was that good looking I'd fancy myself.

Sunday a very pleasant conversation with Alan Mutimer and we suggested that Hachfest might return in its original form Hacheston Music Day ... who knows?

tu 3 Jul

Terra Lightfoot at last year's Maverick Thanksgiving partyThis weekend it's the eleventh Maverick Festival at Easton Farm Park and they've all been wonderful and miraculously virtually no rain which looks assured again.  Promoter Paul Spencer is speaking highly of the Cordovas who close the outdoor Southern Sounds stage Saturday.  What really impresses us is rocker Terra Lightfoot with her band will be playing at the after party in the Easton White Horse ... just a hundred tickets and a good chunk already gone ... ♫

su 2 Jul

The Henry Brothers at the 2017 Maverick Festival♫ Like we said as always bands we're yet to know we liked at the tenth Maverick Festival in Easton.  Friday night we rocked out to the rocking Orphan Colours (awkward name) benefitting from the power saw tenor sax of Nik Carter.  Saturday on the undocumented Travelling Medicine Show stage we were charmed by SJ Mortimer and just one Flying Pig (they gave us a cd ... appreciated) and charmed on the Barn stage by the Worry Dolls (excellent name)  ... plus the Henry Brothers replaced our lost They Were Young And Cheery Though Neither One Could Swim badge (also appreciated).

fr 30 Jun

Police Dog Hogan at the Maverick Festival ♫ This weekend is the tenth Maverick Festival at Easton and this will be our eighth.  We know tonight we will enjoy Police Dog Hogan and tomorrow The Henry Brothers plus Albert (not Alvin or Arthur) Lee but the joy is there will be bands and players we don't know we like yet ... looking forward to it.

su 5 Jul

A red tutu for the Dunwich Dynamo at the Gentleman Plumber's pop-up café near Framlingham, more Dun Run pix later but now a flat footing class with Stompin' Dave Allen at Maverick ...

sa 4 Jul
American Independence Day

Sonia Leigh at the Maverick FestivalLast night at the Maverick festival in Easton Sonia Leigh was her rock'n roll self and said she'd sing Bar for us this afternoon; in the Moonshine Bar the gentle voice of Joel Rafael was matched by the steel guitar of Brit CJ Hillman and we're planning to attend Stompin' Dave Allen's flatfooting workshop tomorrow morning. ♫

fr 10 Apr

Mark Olson at Maverick 2008♫ Mark Olson played the first Maverick Festival in Easton, if memory serves he played Saturday night in the barn.  Maverick present him again tonight at the Halesworth Cut.

su 14 Dec

Crown and Anchor Alley Framlingham has picked up it's first Flickr fave and we uploaded Canadian musician Lynne Hanson at Maverick in Easton to Wikipedia but they deleted it ... #dontmakeiteasy eh? ♫

sa 22 Nov
St Cecilia's Day patron saint of music

Meaghan Blanchard♫ It was so packed at last night's Maverick concert in Easton Farm Park that some were watching the show on cctv in the bar.  Being appreciated were local band The Kevin Duffy Band, British banjo annoyer Dan Walsh and the sweetly soprano Canadian voice of red haired Meaghan Blanchard.  Next Maverick show is February at the farm park and promoter Paul Spencer must have dug into his mad money because bill topping is Diana Jones.

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