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mo 6 Jul

The Iceni Spears contact team are now Norwich Devils Women's American Football ... we would have gone with the Norwich Devillettes but then what do we know?

th 25 Jun

If you're Colts supporter or interested in how a NFL team is managed then Sucking for Luck will intrigue you.

fr 29 May

Crikey!  A non-helmet wearing backflip on roller skates in a skate park and the suspension of British american football extended to the beginning of July.

su 17 May

In Suffolk there were 331 coronavirus-related deaths up to the 1 May.  Yesterday 1,350 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Suffolk.  The  forty eighth reason to be cheerful is surely an anthem for all contact sports.

fr 15 May

British american football summer season cancelledYou win some you lose some.  The Martlesham Wickes with new safety measures has re-opened but BAFA have CANCELLED this summer's British contact american football season though there could be friendlies later on.

mo 27 Apr

Last week Mark Kermode on coming of age pix included French film Girlhood.

tu 21 Apr

Pat McAfee at the 2019 NFL draftIt's the NFL virtual draft this week but as it's in the middle of the night we probably won't bother unless Pat McAfee is announcing a Colts' pick of course.

fr 17 Apr

Cambridge Python #36 Jack BradburyOutside line backer for the Cambridge Pythons #36 Jack Bradbury has graduated early to practise immediately as a junior hospital doctor.  We'll be clapping for you next Thursday Jack,

th 5 Mar

Alisha Darkins reffing in NorwichCongratulations to East Anglian Alisha Darkins who will be wearing the white hat this Sunday for Britball's first all women referee team.  As Sunday is International Women's Day perhaps Down Judge might be a better job title for Leanne Spencer than Head Linesman:)

mo 10 Feb

Yesterday's Kent Falcons 00-17 Essex Blades was really worked over by Storm Ciara (our trousers and underpants were still soaked through when we got back to Suffolk) so everyone involved (including us) very noble people.  Surprisingly in the surging side winds the first score was an Essex field goal though a ref observed it was two yards off target before being blown in.  Traditionally leaving Essex third years get to share a bottle of Jim Beam ... after the coaches have had a swig.

th 6 Feb

A biting East Anglian wind Sunday at Bury Saints' practice Sunday but still a very decent turn out including half a dozen spectators.  The Red Lodge pitch ... more here

mo 3 Feb

Cambridge Pythons 0-0 ARU RhinosYesterday in Cambridge visitors the Cambs Pythons failed a field goal and the ARU Rhinos ran in a td but it was called back, probably for holding ... it's always holding, and so a nil nil result.  Lots of penalties including the unlikely defensive delay of game, slippery balls, a limping ball boy and an essentially good tempered match with thankfully just two game pausing non-serious injuries.

fr 31 Jan

At the Bury Saintsa visiting player is sitting opposite and eating pasta in tomato sauce.  Us: Is that the vegetarian option?  Him: I hope not, I hate vegetables.

mo 20 Jan

Regrettably we didn't make it to Brunel Burners at Essex Blades in Colchester yesterday.  The Blades won 18-15 which sounds close enough to have been exciting and involving.

mo 13 Jan

Offensive end Eric Fisher NOT driniking beerYesterday in the NFL playoffs Kansas City Chiefs tackle 72 Eric Fisher at 13:38 on YouTube celebrated a touchdown by pinching some spectators' beers and then not drinking them ... understandable.

mo 23 Dec

Poignant visiting the Ipswich Cardinals yesterday for the first time since owner Ralph Alexander passed away.  Despite early rain, Christmas and a very ... more here

mo 9 Dec

Early start in Colney Lane Norwich yesterday for visitors Swansea Titans.  A perishing side wind so unsurprisingly no place kicking from either team, lots of daft penalties and both teams recovered onside kicks.  Swansea's quarterback #7 was ....more here

mo 2 Dec

In Norwich yesterday UEA Pirates v Birmingham Lions was abandoned in the third quarter.

mo 25 Nov

On a miserable yesterday the UEA Pirates had their first premiership win beating Hertfordshire Hurricanes 24-00.  It could have been at least 30-00 but a ... more here

we 20 Nov

Stick holder not getting out of the wayStanding on a sideline in Red Lodge watching american football with a Bury Saint either side of us.  A closely pursued running back approached and we were gratified that the players either side started to move before us, we'd always felt a bit soppy running away:)  Having seen this we will now start running sooner.

su 17 Nov

The UEA Pirates knew that promotion to the premiership was going to be a leap and last Sunday for their first home game of this season they were shut out ... more here

th 14 Nov

Hyde Park Renegades v Black WidowsSaturday in Norwich was women's flag american football Opal series round four.  Hosted by the Iceni Spears we were very pleased to see their numbers have grown to offence and defence plus players over but not GB defensive end Victoria Ware as she'd injured her ankle playing netball.  In contrast the Hyde Park Renegades (in white) had the just the minimal five and were devastating.

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