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sa 19 jl 14

Last weekend a Peugeot in Yoxford suffered envy lines (a Peugeot?) or possibly just being annoying lines and around 400 gallons of red diesel stolen in Dennington.

we 9 jl 14

Charlie HaylockTonight's speaker at the Dennington WI open meeting is raconteur and very Suffolk person Charlie Haylock.  We saw him some years back at the Framlingham Crown and still enjoy the Hurricane over Basildon ... plus there's cake!

fr 4 jl 14American Independence Day

Some recent house sales in Framlingham and Dennington.

tu 29 ap 14

Jewelry, a laptop and a camera burgled Friday morning in Dennington.

tu 25 mr 14

Daytime burglaries in Dennington and Framlingham yesterday.

tu 17 se 13

We think it safe to conclude that white diesel is not red diesel, ie the ordinary stuff.

mo 16 se 13

Over the weekend a 1,000 litres of white diesel was stolen in Dennington ... white diesel?

sa 14 se 13

Dennington dog showDog show from 12pm this afternoon at Dennington village hall and 3pm vip opening of the refurbished tennis court ... sometimes these things take a while.

su 9 jn 13
Bastille Day

Framlingham frock shopYes, we were confused about Framlingham frock shop Bird/Boo-Tiki but it's definitely Boo-Tiki and the winner in the prize draw of the 30 gift voucher was Dennington's Andrea Gill.

su 24 mr 13

Michael PearceMichael Pearce is from Dennington and at the age of 70 next month he will be running his fourth marathon the Bungay Black Dog to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.  You can sponsor him at justgiving.com.

tu 4 de 12

Kirsty Thompson judging - pic by Anne NichollsGod Damn!  Not only have we just got round to telling you about the Central Suffolk Rabbit and Cavies in Dennington Village Hall back in October but we missed them there last Sunday too.  Never mind they're back in January and with a household pets class.

4tu 23 oc 12

Dennington c1910  Earl Soham Slog  Aldeburgh town steps c1905  Aldeburgh Town Steps 1950s

Dennington when it appeared to have at least two policemen of its own, the Earl Soham Slog which doesn't seem to have much to do with Earl Soham and the Aldeburgh town steps half a century apart.

th 11 oc 12

Dennington WI fashion showLast night for the Dennington WI charity fashion show we had to park in what was the post office as the village hall car park was jammed.  Inside impressive that Dennington has dinner jackets and bow ties to dress a half dozen stewards, indeed one steward told us that as a young man he was always in a DJ at weekends.  The models were dressed from the Framlingham hospice shop so we expected shabby chic but there were 500 shoes and what appeared to be a brand new Christian Dior handbag.

su 2 se 12

An Eastern Counties bus outside the Dennington Queen's Head, CF Channing of

Eastern Counties bus in Dennington CF Dowsing ~ Framlingham The Street Earl Soham Framlingham College hockey team

Double Street Framlingham, Earl Soham when you could walk down the middle of the road and with 1950s big hockey sticks a Framlingham College hockey team.

sa 14 jl 12

Junior Imperial League Framlingham 1962 British Rail leaflet Wickham Market post office Queen's Head Dennington

Christmas 1931 in Framlingham, rambling near the coast in 1963, the Wickham Market post office from a time when the post arrived in the morning and the Queen's Head Dennington.

fr 18 my 12

Venus de Milo?The Dennington tennis court was looking pretty sad when we visited four years ago and now it looks like qualifying for free counselling.  To cheer it up the sports club are having an auction tomorrow in the village hall with viewing tonight.  Opportunities include a brand new pedal tractor, a male? Venus de Milo, old bowls that get antique dealers on tv excited and a big yellow thing.

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