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Woodbridge in 2013


mo 30 Dec

We've noticed before that people are frequently losing rings in Woodbridge ... or maybe honest enough to hand them in, the most recent was found near the council offices on Melton Hill.

we 18 Dec

House sales around near the coastHouse sales active in Aldeburgh, Saxmundham and Woodbridge but virtually moribund in Framlingham.

mo 16 Dec

Suffolk police want taxi drivers to be aware of this incident in Woodbridge Friday.

tu 29 Oct

For Sunday's Framlingham Flyers annual cross country we turned up too early and

Framlingham Flyers x country 2013 Framlingham Flyers x country 2013 Framlingham Flyers x country 2013 Framlingham Flyers x country 2013

to a virtually personless field but it soon so filled up there was shouting to clear the course for the children's one lap of the Castle Meadow.  Enormous turn out for the adult event ... don't know who won but possibly a Woodbridge Shuffler?

su 20 Oct

This is what we love about near the coast, a fence panel in Woodbridge damaged possibly by someone sitting on it is a recorded and reported crime ...

mo 7 Oct

At last night's Suffolk Coastal community awards the Framlingham Flyers beat out Felixstowe hockey club and Woodbridge rugby club for Club of the Year and Leiston police are appealing again about a camera found in Aldeburgh and August containing over a 1,000 family photos including a graduation.

fr 4 Oct

Framlingham's finest The Outlaws are on stage quarter to ten tonight at the Roberts Club Colchester and 7 for 7:30pm tomorrow night at the Seckford Theatre (that's the one hidden in Woodbridge School) the East Anglian Belly Dance Superstars will be superstarring in a charity event ... the live performance will be in the correct aspect ratio.

tu 1 Oct

Missing person Kaylem ReidWoodbridge teenager Kaylem Reid has been missing since last Thursday after saying he was going to the Woodbridge skate park.  It's thought he may be in the Ipswich area, if you can help please phone Suffolk police on 101.


The part time gardener has been acquired in a village between Wickham Market and Woodbridge, kind words about the Framlingham White Horse and interesting times at the Stonham Barns heavy horse day.

we 11 Sep

Tomorrow at Woodbridge cinema it's Kenya night with African food, a pop up shop and a film ... well it is a cinema.

fr 2 Aug

Handed in house and car keys, and a cordless drill at Woodbridge nick.

sa 6 Jul

Police appeal about a navy blue Pentax camera lost on the Kingston Field Woodbridge ... that's right, photos of sentimental value still on the camera.

fr 28 Jun

When we visited the Woodbridge cycling festival the weekend before lastWoodbridge cycling festival stall holders were complaining that the district council hadn't done enough to promote the festival and indeed punters were thin on the ground but a sprinkling of youngsters were enjoying themselves.  Heavy rain started and we sheltered under the police's pergola and then Radio Deben's before going home pleased to have discovered the Kingston Field which has an attractive looking cafe.

mo 17 Jun

Skateboarding in WoodbridgeWe do like from our not broad experience of skate parks how kids still in single figures mix in with young adults and Woodbridge seems no different, though choosing your moment and dodging as anywhere are desirable skills.  Impressed to see how small wheel scooters are being giving serious regard these days.

sa 15 Jun

WANTED  The East Coast Diner in Woodbridge needs an assistant chef.

fr 14 Jun

A young samba school in FramlinghamBlimey!  Tomorrow's Wickham Market Primary School Summer Extravaganza includes a samba school, belly dancing, cricket and henna tattoos!  We'll be there early snapping before moving on to do the same at the cycling festival on the Kingston Field in Woodbridge.

tu 14 May

The large police presence today at the Wyevale Garden Centre Woodbridge was newly hatched PCSOs about to be set free in Chief Constable Douglas Paxtonthe wild and an opportunity for us to meet new Suffolk Chief Constable Douglas Paxton, had no idea he's a Scot until he spoke.  The PCSOs were clearly pleased and flattered by the Chief Constable attending their event and he arrived on time ... looking good.

PS:  We completely failed to recognise Sergeant Andy Buck without his comedy moustache and red nose.

sa 4 May

House sales around near the coastThough Woodbridge and Aldeburgh the usual house sales hot spots have been quiet it's been encouragingly busy in the near the coast heartland.

th 25 Apr

A happy ending for the Woodbridge Rotary watch but not so happy for the gold watch stolen in a Benhall burglary yesterday afternoon.

tu 23 Apr
St George's Day

Last week a Charsfield garage was broken into and petrol pinched, four chainsaws stolen in Brandeston but just one in Stratford St Andrew; two disc cutters burgled in Melton over the weekend, worryingly three shotguns, two rifles and ammo stolen in Otley yesterday but the good news is a man's Rotary watch was handed in to Woodbridge police station Saturday.

fr 19 Apr

Pagan Portals - Zen DruidryJoanna van der Hoeven was born a Canuck but moved to near the coast last century, so like us still a blowin.  Now living near Woodbridge her book Pagan Portals - Zen Druidry was published this month.  Though it could do with a little editing we like Don't go with the flow.  Be the flow itself.

th 18 Apr

WARNING The police are going to be stricter about parking in Woodbridge.

tu 2 Apr

Saturday 11am-1pm local police officers will be in Woodbridge library to sell shed locks, uv pens and the like and to listen to you moan.

we 27 Mar

This must have been scary, a woman was threatened in Woodbridge late yesterday afternoon whilst still daylight.

mo 18 Mar

Found on a Melton bench a cordless drill has been handed into the Woodbridge police station.

th 21 Feb

Just £7.50 from the Woodbridge cop shop for an alarmed padlock to go on your central heating oil tank.

mo 11 Feb

Maybe somebody's seen The Apostle or maybe just plain weirdness but food abandoned in Friston and Aldeburgh plus maybe somebody didn't mean to donate earphones and memory sticks to the Woodbridge Red Cross shop.

sa 2 Feb

Is there a ley line or something running through Woodbridge?  Another lost ring.

th 31 Jan

In the early 90s the Woodbridge Old Mariner was the Tap and Spile landlorded by Huggy and we once heard this Huggy/Rising DampWoodbridge Old Mariner dialogue:

RD: Large brandy please Huggy.

Huggy: Budgens Rising Damp, eat something.

RD: Of course Huggy, Budgens this afternoon, large brandy please.

Huggy: OK but Budgens?

RD: Yes yes Budgens this afternoon.

Though there were multiple and continual guest beers Huggy much favoured Charles Wells Bombardier ... didn't think much of Charles Wells Bombardier at the time.  The pub is now looking for a landlord.

we 23 Jan

Newly fledged PCSOsThere were two reasons for yesterday's crime reduction event in Woodbridge, to hand out advice and freemans (we were particularly taken with the handbag bells that ting-a-ling when the bag's picked up) and to let new CPSOs deal with the public for the first time.  A senior CPSO told us she'd never had a newbie get stage fright and decide they couldn't do it, a credit to the interview process.

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