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su 9 Dec

House sales around near the coastHouse sales lively in Framlingham and bubbling under in Woodbridge.

tu 4 Dec

In Woodbridge and two incidents three bikes stolen.

sa 1 Dec

Charlie ♫Pilot of the Airwaves♫ Dore with the Easton Rabble Chorus in Woodbridge tomorrow week ... she was in The Ploughman's Lunch ... think our chum Steph Busby rather fancied her.

fr 30 Nov

In Woodbridge tomorrow night EP Productions If you're not embarrassing your children you're not having fun!

we 26 Sep

The rings found in the Woodbridge Budgens reunited with their owner.

mo 24 Sep

Posh gardening tools pinched from a Snape gardening shed last week and in Woodbridge two rings found.

we 22 Aug

Marc Everett with some bloke♫ It didn't surprise us that Marc Everett won the Woodbridge Steelyard's six month long talent contest Saturday but it did surprise that he'd grown a beard since a Framlingham Castle Inn open mike ... the Steelyard's contest starts again this autumn.

mo 6 Aug

In Woodbridge an eleven year old boy has a bottle thrown at him from a passing car ... don't these knobheads have any self respect?

we 1 Aug

People are still finding lost stuff in the Woodbridge area, this time it's an iPhone in Martlesham Heath.

th 19 Jul

People seem to keep loosing jewellery in Woodbridge, this time it's a silver bangle in the Budgens car park.

fr 13 Jul
Friday the 13th

Ipswich cycle speedwayIt's Cycle Day in Woodbridge this Sunday on Kingston Field with BMX, grass track, speedway, FREE cycle coding, security advice and a quiz for youngsters with some decent prizes.

th 7 Jun

Have you LOST a tortoise in Aldeburgh or a gold necklace in Woodbridge?

mo 28 May

We appear to have a result for the Woodbridge bypass and it's much earlier than you would think.

tu 22 May

Deano wants to know when Woodbridge was bypassed.

mo 5 Mar

House sales around near the coastAt least house sales nearthecoast have perked up in Woodbridge, on the board Summertime Girl is looking for non-ballet dance classes for a five year old, and puppy lovers will definitely be interested in the pix of the Outlaws' gig Saturday in Thurston ... Thurston?  That's in Norfolk isn't it?  Well it should be!

tu 28 Feb

Surprised we hadn't heard about this nasty sounding road accident in Hacheston last Thursday, a Cateye Strada wireless cycle computer found in Woodbridge and dodgy £20 notes have been popping up all over nearthecoast including Aldeburgh, Saxmundham, Snape and Walberswick.

we 15 Feb

The Rabble Chorus who rehearse Thursday evenings in Easton village hall now have a second daylight chorus who rehearse Tuesday mornings in the St Johns Hall WoodbridgeKirsty Logan kirsty@therabblechorus.co.uk

fr 20 Jan

James TomlinsonJames Tomlinson is the son of actor the late David Tomlinson of Bedknobs and Broomsticks and for the past 18 years James has been the posh Woodbridge furniture shop James Adam.  Since 2001 the shop has been by the traffic lights at the back of Budgens, but East Green Energy made an un-refusable offer for the premises and James Adam will close next Friday.  It was lively in there today with customers taking fulsome advantage of the everything must go policy.

we 23 Nov

Mobiles, tvs, laptops and jewellery stolen in Great Glemham Thursday morning and three Woodbridge men arrested for offences including Dennington burglaries.

we 16 Nov

PCSO Sallyanna Chatten-BerryLast night the cops and community safety partnership were raising alcohol awareness with freeby kit bags, pens, packets of mints, the inevitable leaflets and intriguingly reusable and chemically powered hand warmers.  Though it was mostly parents being usefully informed (one mum came back for more pens) the streets of Woodbridge weren't thronging ... but there should be a lot more customers tonight at Rendlesham youth club.

mo 7 Nov

Two shotguns burgled in Southwold, last night in Woodbridge several hundred pounds of cash burgled, and this morning a ladies ring found in a toilet.  In Melton and Tunstall bags of clothing for the charity Sense pinched last week.

fr 7 Oct

Not surprisingly house sales quiet nearthecoast except for Woodbridge. House sales around near the coast

fr 22 Jul

Something is happening (colourfully) at the back of the Woodbridge Budgens, what was Viccy Wine in The Thoroughfare for at least two decades is now Cafe Nero and the fake old pub on the Ipswich Road that was the Seal is now the Duke of York.

th 21 Jul

Jo CramptonDeparting advertiser Jo Crampton the enterprising hippy was on the Saxmundham market yesterday, Woodbridge today and Framlingham Saturday with possibly a fourth day being added to her weekly round and welcome to newbs the Framlingham Castle Inn who have a Caribbean Beach Party coming up next week.

th 23 Jun

All found in or near Woodbridge a ladies pink coat, a ladies ring with blue and white stones and six female garments in the middle of the road.

we 1 Jun

Hub caps stolen in Woodbridge Thursday night.

th 19 May

Road closures in Woodbridge town centre today for a military parade.

th 28 Apr

The Keeper's Daughter's were to perform in Woodbridge library last night so we were disconcerted to discover it's a pile of bricks ... but the new library in a converted

Hamlet in Woodbridge

Victorian school more or less opposite is light and spacious.  KD presented a witty Hamlet with disco lights and their usual tight all out performance, you can still see them including in Debenham.

fr 1 Apr
April Fool

Jewellery and euros stolen in Woodbridge (again) Tuesday morning and police want to contact a Wangford good Samaritan in a black 4x4 ... and now more dubious goings on in Wangford.

tu 22 Mar

Jewellery and euros stolen in Woodbridge, a Fabergé egg burgled in Wickham Market and what could be dogknapping in Badingham.

mo 14 Mar

A Woodbridge man has been arrested for drunken driving after a house was made unsafe when a Volkswagen collided with it and Eat Anglia in Earl Soham is up FOR SALE.

we 9 Mar

Van stolen from Woodbridge found in Melton containing property burgled in Campsea Ashe.

fr 25 Feb

A laptop, camera and camcorder burgled in Woodbridge last night and two Beatrix Potter money boxes stolen Wednesday night in Yoxford.

sa 8 Jan

House sales around near the coastSuperficially house sales lively in Saxmundham and Woodbridge.

sa 18 Dec

7pm:  The Harwich Electric Palace have cancelled tonight's film show because the projectionist can't get in and we've just experienced quite heavy snow between Woodbridge and the A14.

th 9 Dec

Yet ANOTHER ring found in Woodbridge and a full time gardening job going in Halesworth.

mo 26 Apr

In Woodbridge this afternoon near the A12 Coastal Suffolk Lib-Dem candidateDaisy Cooper in Woodbridge Daisy Cooper in between doors was trying to find out on the mobile when Radio Suffolk were going to turn up.  On the doorstep she was finding that people are concerned about housing, downsizing Ipswich hospital, and two passing Farlingaye students didn't want the Euro because they quite liked the pound We grew up with it.

Daisy Cooper is local (brought up in Walberswick) and committed enough to coastal Suffolk she would vote against the whip if it was in the best interests of the constituency.  More pix on Facebook

su 25 Apr

Perhaps we were either too late or too early yesterday morning but no sign of UKIP in the Woodbridge Thoroughfare.  The busker (the girlie with the guitar not theWoodbridge yesterday morning very young lad cranking out Hey Jude and Greensleeves on his clarinet) said she hadn't seen any canvassing ... maybe the British Heart ladies had scared them away.

sa 6 Feb

Fire crews from Framlingham and Woodbridge attended a man trapped in his crashed car on the northbound A12 near Wickham Market last night.

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